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  1. Yes, I'm getting the *suspicious good friend* tingle. Keep them coming! Haha, she's total comic relief Now that we're in Ep 2, I found her and the captain to be much-needed tension dispellers. It would be exhausting to stay in dark mode throughout. I'm actually liking the dynamics of the investigation team, the writer has thrown in enough casual banter and personality tics for them to come across as real people. While they're not the most brilliant officers, they are comfortable with each other, indulge in gallows humour now and then, and get things done. Ep 2 is totally in line with your theory and I favour this too. *But* since this is so early on, I'm also prepared to be thrown a loop. This is proving to be a fascinating watch, I hope the ratings go up as more people get sucked in. @bedifferent Whoa, bravo on that timeline! ========= And can I just rave again, the cinematography and shot angles are just art, and the background music - bellissima
  2. Re: The Lies Within, Episode 2 Hi everyone, you will not be disappointed with this one, there are more flashbacks and his character continues to be a driving force in the mystery. I guess this isn't so much a cameo as it is an uncredited guest role. It could go any direction at the moment, and that's great writing. I'm watching on Netflix and at times the translations seem a little ambiguous so I try not to read too much into them. More characters have revealed they know more than they let on, and the flashbacks are giving us plenty of material to theorise. I find myself pausing and rewinding a lot! For those wondering whether to watch the full episode versus cuts, I think it's worth it. The Lies Within is very macabre in general, so LJH's appearances in Ep 2 are a tough watch at times. But on the bright side, there's a short sequence which is probably as close to fan service as this series will come: There's also a quite humorous and meta reference about LJH being handsome, delivered by one of the more comical characters. Garsh I trust it will happen soon, given his recent career trajectory. People more knowledgeable about the K-entertainment scene please feel free to correct me, but... I was looking at the roster of ACE Factory and it appears to be an agency that really tries to cultivate skilled professional actors rather than 'stars'/'idols'. If career longevity means taking interesting showcase pieces like The Lies Within, and doing more character acting, that'd be cool.
  3. Re: The Lies Within I just watched the first episode and there is much more of LJH than expected... He is certainly pulling out all the stops when he is onscreen I note some Korean fans have already begun posting his cuts on twitter/Instagram but that doesn't do it justice, more fun to watch in context. Also a much faster paced show than anticipated, will not say more for now to avoid spoilers.
  4. Visceral first episode, I'm hooked Won't say too much more so as not to spoil people, but prepare for quite some gore. Loving the electronic soundtrack and the cinematography...
  5. Ahem. We are connoisseurs! Aesthetic gems aside there are some interesting interviews. I'm getting the gist through Google - though the translations are awkward, they are worth a look. Lee Joo-Young is also delightful, but highlights from LJH below: These three links start with the same long preamble, you need to scroll down to get to the meat of the interviews. Chatting over drinks at BIFF, pt 1 - https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20191008130038109 How the role of Choi Jin-Tae in Baseball Girl resonates with LJH's own stage of life How he was the one who actually encouraged Lee Joo-Young (Baseball Girl lead) to join ACE Factory... throughout he comes across as really supporting his junior Chatting over drinks at BIFF, pt 2 - https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20191008130043110 Baseball Girl's theme of "chasing your dreams"; LJH musing that dreams can be ephemeral and early success doesn't always stay with you, so he's more keen to have a good journey as an actor On being a homebody, and he mentions pizza (again) Chatting over drinks at BIFF, pt 3 - https://entertain.v.daum.net/v/20191008130059118 About how LJH is gaining visibility and is a hot topic right now, being praised for his looks, his rather witty reaction That he was quite touched to see so much support for him and the film at BIFF How he wasn't so keen on rom-coms or melos when younger Film recs (think he likes Gattaca) He hints that he's going to pop up unexpectedly in a show. I think he's talking about The Lies Within again, which makes me think all this secrecy means something. Haha, we can wish, anyway. Something cute for the road. Before and after, but always rocking the white clothes: https://twitter.com/littlejeokpe/status/1181786157748633600
  6. Wow, he is front and centre there... I think (hope) his role is actually a bit more prominent. I got my hopes up because in the trailer they revealed he went missing the same day his father-in-law was killed, which in itself seems pretty suspicious They make it look like he's going to be a victim but I doubt it's so simple...! And supposedly the marriage was politically motivated and arranged by the families, so I'd expect flashbacks telling the background. BIFF has been such a pic and media bonanza! And thanks for posting the latest!
  7. Haha, we shall not be deprived of red carpet pics after all! Thanks all for all the posts and news! If fellow threadsters aren't already there , i'm watching red carpet replays here: https://m.vlive.tv/video/153255 Their walk in starts just a hair before the 1h 14min mark! But no doubt some helpful fan will clip the highlight very soon... This is a very w00ty week...
  8. Ah yes, Lee Kyu-Hyung won, hearty congratulations to him. It makes me want to check out Doctor John :) I think @keyta on this thread would be happy too (Link to his award acceptance hidden below, and I'm sure Ace Factory has posted by now too.) Pretty late I found out they were streaming the Korea Drama Award on VLive. Mostly over by the time I was able to tune in, and it doesn't look like they will post the full recording. I did catch when the camera panned across the nominees' seating towards the end; neither Lee Joon-Hyuk or Yoon Se-Ah from Ace Factory were present so I don't anticipate red carpet pics of them. Re Everyone's Lie, thanks @Lawyerh I guess this is the role he was alluding to on radio? For a moment I thought it was a RL pic Would have been nice seeing as he's been quoted in interviews saying he's a bit of a loner and would like to get out more.
  9. Hurrah, the radio station came through in a big way! Cheers for linking. Good that the camera angles are better than in the live stream They edited out some of the interactions with staff during ad breaks, keeping it nice and tight. Inane thoughts on rewatch. He does love covering his face and dipping his head, doesn't he. But I guess anyone would be feeling a bit embarrassed if their fans kept calling them "Milky Vanilla / Milpa"(!) If Google translate hasn't messed me around, they talk a little bit about his stint in 2013 doing a radio show (while in the military?). Think the lady was trying to say he could revisit hosting a radio show but he poured cold water on it. Also not entirely sure about this, but seems there was mention of something else he'd been cast in very recently, didn't elaborate as it was not yet ready for announcement (?). Don't think he was talking about Baseball Girl. Totally off-topic, but... what is it with the random cacti behind the host?! Seems rather dangerous to me, given that people have to pass them quite a bit and at one point the lady careened backwards in her chair towards them! I eagerly anticipate the clips that will drop from the Korea Drama Awards. Whoever wins, it's nice recognition to be nominated given that it's cross-station.
  10. Thanks for the links to the highlights! @triplem @keyta A happy problem awards wise and I just realised LKH was that significant character in Stranger... Just a quick addition to say it looks like a fan uploaded the entire 1hr video of his cool fm appearance. It's a huge file (623MB) and is on Google drive, those interested best check with a virus scanner... I've downloaded it and had a peek, seems legit but please be wary and protect your devices just in case. Happy viewing!
  11. @triplem This is wonderful news , and aye that, so well-deserved. He seems to be the sole nominee from that series. I do feel a little bad for the guy who played Secretary Cha, since he was excellent, but LJH for the win! Also... I tuned into the Cool FM interview. How I wish I'd recorded it *headdesk* because it was flipping delightful to watch. Yes, they streamed the video. Not that I understand any Korean. I do not know a lick. LJH appeared at 7.07 Seoul time and wore white, which seems to be his signature colour these days. There was lots of happy laughter (trademark shy laugh plus occasional from-the-gut guffawing). I think he must have said a few witty and unexpected things because the radio host totally cracked up at a few points. She had to scoot back in her swivel-chair away from the mike so as not to overwhelm the recording. He even sang a bit (very softly, such that they had to make him do it again with proper reverb)! And then they transitioned into Gudaega from I Am Legend (?). Answering my question from some weeks back about his ability to carry a tune live, which is very much confirmed. I think they also played some of his favourite songs and soundtracks and he talked about them - unexpected picks were Lust for Life Trainspotting and Coldplay's The Scientist. Nice serious thoughtful interludes there. Other things I recall - he was really polite to the assistants in the studio, getting up from his chair to talk to them during breaks. Until they encouraged him (I surmise) to sit back down because the camera wasn't capturing his wildly photogenic visage. Of course the staff wanted endless phone pics of him. I sure hope they post the video on Cool FM's YouTube channel, because I would very much like to watch it again, please...
  12. I am so ready for this - thanks for starting this thread @0ly40 Like many posters have mentioned, hoping for good news soon from the Bae Doo Na camp! It would be nice to get character development for everyone, honestly. Would love to know what makes Han Yeo Jin tick, not to mention the creepily elegant widow of Lee Chang Joon... And by all means, bring on the smarm, it was so much fun I do wonder how those two clerks who used to work for Prosecutor Hwang coped with their new boss Roll on 2020
  13. @triplem Yes indeed, AC95 present and accounted for! Thanks @keyta for the links too! What excellent news in the middle of a depressing news week . Though I'll watch it regardless for obvious reasons , I sure hope Bae Doona signs on definitively. The dynamic would not be the same without her... I have been dipping into lots of LJH's past work as mentioned on this thread. Wish I had more time to do a thorough end to end watch of APAD, I've finished Naked Fireman after a few hiccups and it was absolutely hilarious and heart-warming and fan-service gratuitous (again, is this the same person?!)
  14. Thanks @Lawyerh and hello to fellow fresh threadsters! Watched the vlive, was chuckling throughout the conversations about food. On the intellectual front, nice to also know he enjoyed reading Sapiens and that he approaches characters by first looking at the flaws he identifies with. Think there was a comment/request in there about doing sageuk. Guess he's never done one before? Would give the history buffs in here a treat Yes, please... He seems really nervous/uncomfortable from his body language. A lot of auto-contact (ie. self-reassuring touches) which is a little surprising but endearing too. I guess his turn in DS60 won over lots of fans, hurrah!
  15. @triplem Thank you kindly for the welcome and the recs! (Garsh, that pic your post *literally* takes the cake.) On LJH's versatility, I'm glad he's gone down this route because it means he will likely have career longevity in this dog-eat-dog, here-today-thrown-away-tomorrow entertainment business. But of course it comes with risks to your popularity too, hence I was so impressed with his turn as Seo Dong-jae in Stranger. Whoa, that role truly dredged the muck, it wasn't a glamorous bad-guy like Minister Oh in DS60. You'd really have to suppress your ego to look that bad onscreen and let your co-star shine; my stomach turned each time he manhandled the female characters . While there were some BTS clips showing the friendly atmosphere on set, I'm sure it was still traumatic for Shin Hye-sun playing Young Eun-soo in that alleyway scene. But yes, concur with all that more benign roles would be great for us viewers and a few well-deserved acting awards wouldn't hurt also By the way... There seem to be some old YouTube videos of him singing (live?!). Another surprise since he sounds great. Not knowing Korean, I can't tell if it's just a scene from a show and he's lip-syncing? Singing live is bl**dy hard...
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