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  1. Thanks a bundle @taeunfighting and Happy New Year all! I thought I saw a translation on an Instagram story the other day, I think it was ljh97184's account (worth a follow)... But in gist: He said he's a homebody and it's been awhile since he was out, only staying at home aside from filming, he's nervous He thanked the director Kim Gyeong-hee and other staff He name-dropped fellow actors Yang Dong-geun, Sung-wook hyung, Ji Soo noona... and called Nam Ji-hyun 'sunbaenim' reliable on set; he really enjoyed working together and hoped to do so again He als
  2. Time sure flies, and it's been very quiet here. Although this news is dated, happy to have heard of 1) LJH picking up an award for his acting: https://www.soompi.com/article/1440713wpp/winners-of-the-2020-asia-artist-awards Although such awards are still largely based on popularity, it still reflects a recognition of his skills in the fanbase. I was kind of amused to see him inch past Lee Min-ho and Lee Joon-ki in this category. Some pics from around the time of the awards, although only recently released: 2) LJH being appointed an
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