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  1. Bravo everyone, so much thorough analysis And thanks much for the pings @bedifferent and @taeunfighting - I've neglected this thread badly! Just a meta-thought over all these intriguing theories and observations. Relating also to what @farawayland mentioned on the complexity of S2. I feel that Stranger 2 inherits as much from Life as it does from Stranger Season 1. When the writer wrote Life, it was clear she wanted to throw a spotlight on mundane issues with Korean society and the healthcare system. She skilfully made some of the issues look like massive conspiracies (murder, money-laundering...), but for some cases there were very ordinary explanations... although no less internally consistent and thought-provoking. With respect to the writer's liking for realism, perhaps amongst some of the Big Scandals and Major Plot Threads, there will also be some cases that don't tie in and are precisely part of the fog that common public servants have to wrestle with. Petty corruption, old school ties, inefficiencies in procedure, and cases that remain unsolved because of negligence and lack of professionalism. Things that really ought to be improved in our world, but require the kind of everyday dedication of legal/justice officers that isn't glamorous. The writer's other theme that I think will recur in Stranger 2 is the idea of 'piggy-backing'. People manipulating smaller actors through their grudges/weaknesses. It may be that JMH or even SDJ's wife fall into this category, as well as CB and WTH on some level. Still, this whole SDJ business is pretty nail-biting *cold sweat* ... I'm leaning to the theories on the thread tying him to Hanjo's LSJ (or one of his underlings). Roll on next episode, and thanks again for excellent posts, All.
  2. Thanks for the twitter links! If we must watch him practising getting bashed in countless ways, then at least the silver lining is greater appreciation for LJH and his acting talent *snicker* In some alternate universe, maybe Hyung-ju could be finding Seo Dong-jae and rescuing him haha
  3. Seriously, LJH is becoming the new Sean Bean When I was watching the eps of Stranger 2 where he had a lot of interactions with Shi-mok, I began getting this weird premonition, and look where we are now
  4. Yeah, unfortunately they seem to have a used a body double for certain parts. Well spotted initially nevertheless. I've been a champion lurker on this thread but keep all those great theories coming. Slightly off-topic - I can't help feeling the product placement of a certain car brand is a little intrusive...
  5. ACE FACTORY Naver Post Thought it was quite hilarious that Ace Factory is raving over LJH scoring 3 civil servant roles this year Is this a hint that Seo Dong-jae is going to develop a bit more integrity?
  6. @triplem Hope I'm not too late for you to see this (and I've bookmarked your twitter in case)... Damn, this is such a ******* gut punch. Triplem, you have been a warm, welcoming and constructive presence throughout my n00bdom. Never said it enough, but I appreciated all the times you tidied up threads, pointed people to resources, and posted cool material! Not to mention kept this niche thread going. Salute. Though I don't look much at other threads, it's clear you're much beloved across the forum and will be missed. A forum is only as good as the people who make it a safe and happy place, after all! Why, why... I don't know the details behind a mass exodus of veterans, but lessons ought to be learnt here.. Anyway, do take care and detox from any sad experiences that have tainted this last chapter on the soompi forums. I wish you the very best and may run into you on twitter, though I'm not a big user of the platform. @gm4queen Thanks for taking over the thread and our little connoisseur circle. Sorry for the negativity and trust this will continue to be a fun place to share on LJH.
  7. Thanks @triplem for the twitter links and for the advice on the new site. The recent theme changes are hurting my eyes, lol There was a post in the SF2 forum about that funny interview with the cast, and LJH being a crybaby and not going out to 'play' with Cho Seung-woo I suppose part of that was fatigue from juggling other projects and the rest was the homebody talking
  8. @triplem @keyta Thanks for all the posts, can't believe how quickly the month went by and how much I missed The excitement building up for SF2 is great, also pleased to know that 365 is running in Japan with appropriate publicity...
  9. @triplem @keyta Great stuff, thanks for all the latest - I watched the vlive and though it wasn't captioned, the fun dynamic came through. I'm afraid my contribution is rather modest I stumbled upon some articles covering the press con. Director Choi Yoon-tae commented on casting and LJH also talked about how the film inspired him to be a better mentor. https://www.mk.co.kr/star/movies/view/2020/06/586847/  Fast and loose translation with help of Google and with reference to more than one article ~ Director Choi Yoon-tae spoke of casting Lee Joo-young and Lee Joo-hyuk. “These two actors were chosen by the roles rather than by me. I had concerns in casting Joo Soo-in [the lead character]. I was hoping for an actor whose image would be a stand out and not just be good at acting. The first actor I thought of was Lee Joo-young Lee..." "... Before meeting him, I was worried that Lee Joon-hyuk would be too good-looking for the role in this movie. But when we met, his personality made me rethink my opinion and we wanted to work together.” LJH on trying to be more inspirational: "Some time ago a young actor asked me for advice. Without really thinking I began telling them stories about how difficult it was. The friend was a newcomer, and Because of 'Baseball Girl', I realised they wanted to hear a hopeful story. So I contacted them again to give support and say they 'could do it'. So with the movie. Coach Choi [LJH's character] had a hard time [in baseball], yet he was a good influence on someone. I wanted to have this positive effect too."
  10. This really has been a year of tears, hasn't it. Stay safe and well, friends.

  11. @triplem @bedifferent Thank you kindly for the pings! I'm rewatching Stranger S1 with my partner at the moment, and it's a joy to take in all the small details I missed in the first sitting. Not least LJH's glowingly smarmy performance, he has such an elastic face Clearly Seo Dong-jae is the most fun when he is in trouble... Echo agreement of @taeunfighting Especially thinking about the police brutality subplot of S1. I appreciate how they weren't gratuitous in depicting the violence, yet Jang Seong-beom (who played the victim) and Bae Doona really brought across the horror of it. It takes so little for ordinary people to become complicit in the miscarriage of justice. It takes so much courage to speak out @Warren429 Thanks too for the article, and welcome! Really great to see all this activity in anticipation of August. In the meantime, hope everyone is keeping safe and happy. The times may be troubled, but we will get through this.
  12. I think there's a press con for Baseball Girl happening on 8 Jun, 2pm KST. So eyes peeled for any vlive or other online coverage
  13. Credit where it is due, that namjihyun_at instagram account is just a treasure trove BTW, there was one clip where they were pressing him and NJH to comment on their chemistry and LJH deflected it by talking about NJH's talent : Granted, damping it down like that might be seen as a missed opportunity to stir up fan excitement. But I think at the heart of it, he's trying to keep things professional, since this drama is meant to showcase his co-star's transition into 'genre' roles. So, props to him for acting like a good senior (in age, if not in length of career ). SF2, SF2... *whoop whoop noises* In the first season it looked like there was a very fun collegiate atmosphere on set, in between those difficult scenes. Really can't wait.
  14. Director's Cut Blu-ray with 6 discs of additional clips - pre-order 12 - 27 May No pressure of course, as not everyone may be as keen about this drama or be in a position to make the purchase. Admittedly, the price is pretty steep at reportedly 245,000 KRW. But in case you are interested, the campaign to get the blu-ray published marches on. http://cafe.daum.net/destiny365/9ucQ/6 Basically they drummed up enough interest to make a Director's Cut blu-ray with 6 discs of additional clips. From 12 May onwards they will see whether actual pre-orders match the initial interest. It's fairly clear that in order to get a Season 2, sales of the S1 blu-ray will be a gauge. Again, purchasing goods is a very personal choice, still, not everyone may have seen these notices. They are catering to overseas fans, by the way, the notice below was posted in English. I quote: "To all the fans of 365 Repeat the Year, Please read our notice thoroughly, it's super important!!! 1. The distribution company has been decided, ENE MEDIA. 2. The only option for us is director's cut "Blu-ray". If we can't reach the target number during the pre-order, we will have to cease the project. It means that we cannot proceed other options such as BTS cut or director's cut DVD. 3. Thanks to the person in charge of ENE MEDIA, pre-order date has been confirmed. Based on the voting result and demand, we will proceed pre-order for the [director's cut Blu-ray] only. -Package: 6 Disc of all episodes + 6 Disc of additional clips. -Cost: KRW 245,000 (Only full payment is available but depends on your credit card, installment payment could be possible.) -Pre-order period: 11 AM on May 12 ~ May 27 (KST) -Purchase link: via yes24, we will provide the link when it's ready. -Coupon: $5 (only available from May 12 ~ May 20) 4. Please check FAQs and all notices as well! http://m.cafe.daum.net/destiny365/9ucQ/3?svc=cafeapp *If we can't reach the pre-order target number, this project will be cancelled.* We kindly ask your active participation, promotion and support! Additionally we, the bluray executive team, are planning to hold our own event, we will announce it before the pre-order period. "
  15. @triplemClearly the drama gods heard you asking about this! @nrllee With you on this one I'm totally fine for her character not to have any romance, since it sounds like a film that emphasises heroism. But if they've got to have one, let's right the wrongs of TLW @keyta Yeah, what an awesome gesture, well done him. Speaking of causes, I see from the official page and Lee Kyu-hyung's instagram that people have been saying thanks to the healthcare workers of Korea. I'm sure the regulars on this thread have already seen this, but you never know which new-minted fan will come here, so...
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