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On 1/30/2020 at 6:29 AM, Biology Lesson said:

Full length preview. Very intense!



This is such a weird thing to be bothered by but that chameleon is not being housed properly. I hope they don't show it too much cos it's gonna drive me crazy everytime I see it. 

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Please do not quote videos! Thanks!
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@Sushimi she need to keep her cool there 4 episodes left  - anger cause wrinkles    that why oppa have  spotless skin  he cool as cucumber       

Our girl improved so much the goat negotiation incident is so far away from my memory      without oppa mentoring  # Miss  nice on action      VS    after opp

The theme of the weak, the defenceless and the disabled continues.  Poor boy... first he's being molested and chased around because he has no voice or means to fight back. Now he's kidnapped by g

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11 hours ago, mylovegyoza said:

I'm thinking of subscribing to Viki or Viu, but may I know if anyone can really confirm Viki is preparing for this drama? 

I saw Viu is promoting this drama and first broadcast with subs will be on the next day of ocn's broadcast date.


VIki page



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New Drama “Tell Me What You Saw” Shares Key Points To Look Forward To Ahead Of Premiere




OCN’s new drama “Tell Me What You Saw” is premiering tonight!


The series tells the story of a genius profiler and a detective with photographic memory who work together to find a serial killer.


With less than a day until the premiere, “Tell Me What You Saw” revealed three key reasons to anticipate the drama:


1. Strong cast & solid characters

The drama has a strong cast lineup that includes Jang Hyuk, who returns to OCN after three years, Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung, who is expanding her acting spectrum through movies and dramas, Jin Seo Yeon, who earned the “scene-stealer” title for her performance in the film “Believer,” Jang Hyun Sung, who shines in each of his projects with his perfect immersion, and Ryu Seung Soo, who skillfully performs his role in various genres.


These trusted actors shared they were “caught up by their three-dimensional characters.” Above all, the explanation that “all characters have secrets” is why viewers are more excited about the charm of each character that these actors will create.


2. The teamwork of Jang Hyuk, Sooyoung, and Jin Seo Yeon

Genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk) disappeared from the world in an explosion caused by a serial killer known as “The Guy.” After five years, mint candy (a signature mark of “The Guy”) reappears, which leads to another chase to get him.


With police officer Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) who has a photographic memory, and team leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon) who designs all the plans, Oh Hyun Jae will hunt down the serial killer and discover the truth. Sooyoung shared, “You can expect a special chemistry from the three.”


3. Absorbing plot & talented crew

The production team described the work as a “high-quality work” created by a trusted group of writers, directors, and actors who worked hard with creativity and paid attention to every detail. Writers Go Young Jae and Han Ki Hyun increased the immersion of the actors with the drama’s absorbing plot. Furthermore, producing director (PD) Kim Sang Hoon improved the drama with his meticulous and sensuous production.


PD Kim Hong Sun, who directed the first season of “Voice” as well as “The Guest,” added perfection to the work as a creator. The drama promised to get the viewers’ hands sweaty with anticipation for every episode.


“Tell Me What You Saw” premieres on February 1 at 10:50 p.m. KST, and will be available on Viki!






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4 hours ago, mylovegyoza said:

I just realized it's a region issue. No wonder I couldn't find it. :sweatingbullets:


I tried using VPN to spoof my location, then the region restriction notification disappeared, but once I clicked the play button, it leads me to never ending buffering. Hvft!!! Will try later or wait until tomorrow on another streaming websites.

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1 hour ago, Batara Aruna said:


I tried using VPN to spoof my location, then the region restriction notification disappeared, but once I clicked the play button, it leads me to never ending buffering. Hvft!!! Will try later or wait until tomorrow on another streaming websites.

I think that’s because it has not aired... there’s nothing to show. :sweatingbullets: maybe try again tomorrow? After the subs are out. 

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Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung And Jin Seo Yeon Have A Tense First Meeting In “Tell Me What You Saw”


OCN’s new weekend drama “Tell Me What You Saw” has released new stills showing Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoungand Jin Seo Yeon having a tense first meeting.


The stills show tension buzzing between local police officer Cha Soo Young (Sooyoung) and investigative team leader Hwang Ha Young (Jin Seo Yeon). Hwang Ha Young has a cold glint in her eye as she brings up an issue with Cha Soo Young, making viewers curious to know what happens to the two people who will be working with genius profiler Oh Hyun Jae (Jang Hyuk).


Cha Soo Young once dreamed of becoming a detective but in reality, she is a police officer in a quiet countryside town. However, a murder occurs in her town, bringing top-level investigative team leader Hwang Ha Young to her neighborhood. Things don’t seem to be going well for the two as Hwang Ha Young presses down on Cha Soo Young’s shoulder with force.



The production staff stated, “Cha Soo Young and Hwang Ha Young’s story begins with a murder case. A key factor in their relationship going forward is the reason why Hwang Ha Young is so angry,” and, “The first episode will kick off with the two characters’ story as a serial killer returns after going silent for five years. We hope that people will anticipate the thrilling story.”


“Tell Me What You Saw” is a suspense thriller that tells the story of Oh Hyun Jae, a genius profiler who has lost everything, Cha Soo Young, who has photographic memory, and Hwang Ha Young, the investigative team leader who works with them to track down a serial killer. The show premieres on February 1 at 10:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.





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3 hours ago, The Reel Life said:

I think that’s because it has not aired... there’s nothing to show. :sweatingbullets: maybe try again tomorrow? After the subs are out. 

I just tried using my friends account who has vpn, and it works. Not all dramas has these restrictions. But I'm glad I solved it before tomorrow. Lol:heart:


Btw Jin Seo Yeon and Sooyoung are so hilarious in Knowing Bros~ Can't wait for full subs

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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2020] Tell Me What You Saw, 본대로 말하라 - Sat & Sun @ 22:50 KST

First episode  was great I couldnt wait to watch it and it was worthy  

I have to say with wheelchair  or not Jang hyuk is hottest  specially with him in dark and serious  character  :heart::blush: 

It look promising so much cant wait for this two to start working together  


CSY also having a deep character  a child of poor and deaf parents, she has so much complex on her to be confident and have the guilt  over her mother death and I think her story has more still hidden ,  I like that they given her a deep back story  not just a cheerful and stupid rookie detective.

And I dont think she stupid or a slow as everyone  see her it just she not used to talk so much or explaining herself in words as she grow with not so much using it and let add her confidence in law stage so she just fear to talk or not used to it so much .


Ofcourse we still didnt see so much of OHJ character but the less even talking as his character descriptions he really was and still so arrogant, rude and cant understand other feeling ( still hot , sorry it not love for bad guys  more than the fact he really rocking with few scenes) 

So  he now in isolated is it by choice or he really had PTSD and cant go out even if he want ??, 

Look for now that CSY  will be his legs, eyes and the doll who make him be in the crime scene while no body knowing so I guess it secret  that he still working it helping the police and that so many in the police  dont know about it that he still helping in the shadow  so it smell like a big  secret that the police had hand too in the murder 5 years ago 



Cant wait to see this  two dynamic as partner he super confident and doesn't  have sympathy and she on other hand  have zero confident and a lot of sympathy   so mixing them together will help them both to grow 


P.s. I just had the feeling I saw this story before or read it  , it a little  similar to the books and movie the bone Collector  but not that I had feeling it more similar to something also but I cant remember for now




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Knetz comments on episode 1


1.    The emergence of fresh characters such as the reclusive genius profiler, the tight development of the storyline, the unique cinematic visual beauty of OCN, and the acting synergies of the main and supporting actors all increased the level of immersion from the first episode. (+88 -5)

2.    Believe in Jang Hyuk. (+51 -5)

3.    The character set-up is interesting, a blind Jang Hyuk relying on Sooyoung’s eyes to solve the cases. (+47 -5)

4.    OCN thrillers are great to watch at night (+27 -2)

5.    The unique character of profiler Jang Hyuk, let’s see today how he became blind. (+27 -3)

6.    It was worth seeing because of ‘Voice’ crew. As expected, the 2nd episode will start to reveal  Jang Hyuk's secret, it seems to be more fun. (+18 -3)

7.    It's interesting. I have to watch the 2nd episode. Jang Hyuk is Dae-gil, I think it's fun (+14 -0)
8.    A trusty OCN drama (+13 -0)

9.    OCN makes thrillers with unique settings. Jang Hyuk is blind. How is he going to solve the cases with Sooyoung and Jin Seo Yeon? (+14 -3)

10.    I feel bad to see fans of other same time-slot dramas making malicious comments. But I heard that it was all praise during yesterday's live broadcast, hehe.. (+13 -2)





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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2020] Tell Me What You Saw, 본대로 말하라

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