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  1. There are links to the special episodes for people who can't access viki on the post. You just need to scroll down a little.
  2. Planck Constant is on vimeo with English subs for $5 but it may not be available for all countries.
  3. Ah. This makes more sense. They have it cut to such tiny clips on Viki.
  4. I just checked on Viki and the only thing that clip is missing from the original is little bit at the beginning where KJW introduces himself and the character.
  5. It was something I read on an old KJW tumblr. I doubt I could find it again. I think he also talked about buying his motorcycle and thinking it was probably the only one like it in Korea.
  6. There's a really, really old interview (like 10 years ago) where he says he likes women who suit short hair and I appreciate that so much.
  7. He's getting so many photoshoots since he got back!
  8. I'm the same but it was learning more about KJW, especially his band, that made me totally fall in love.
  9. It's on vimeo with English subs for $5 but I haven't watched it so I can't vouch for the quality of the subs. I've actually been wondering about that.
  10. Yeah, the English is different but the Korean is the same. It's just differences in romanization.
  11. I wouldn't say they left it on a cliffhanger, more just that there are still some unresolved threads that they left open. Supposedly the movie was confirmed and maybe now that KJW and KDW are both done with their dramas, we'll hear something about it soon. I loved The Guest so much.
  12. It's been a while now but I probably got them off this blog. You can't watch the whole musical but there are clips on youtube and bts stuff on The Moment. In the meantime, here's 8 and half minutes of KJW in hot pants and nothing else. Shame I could never find his OST for this though.
  13. I loved The Guest so much. And his acting in it was fantastic too. It's really striking when you see him out of character how different he is from his character. Priest Yoon is so stiff, you can see it even just in the way he sits. His posture is so upright it makes my back hurt lol. The Guest was where I fell in love with KJW.
  14. I lost my mind when I saw that. He a grown richard simmons man but just realized he shouldn't throw his trash in the street. Like I love him but...smh.
  15. If we're talking about top KJW looks, let none of us forget the backstage Hedwig pics and in all their 'up all night at the club, can't tell if I'm drunk or hungover' realness.
  16. He was so hot back in the day. I wish he'd grow his hair out again. I love it when it's longer. Plus then he can do fun things with it like this. And tie it up all cute.
  17. The songs from the first Walrus EP have been translated into English (well, two of them, the third was already in English). They're part of the subs for The Moment.
  18. Oh, I found them. Thank you! http://amy0827.pixnet.net/blog/post/42985474 http://amy0827.pixnet.net/blog/post/43308664
  19. I never said he was. In fact, KJW's sexuality is utterly irrelevant to my comment and I honestly couldn't care less about it. What is relevant is that I don't think we should be out here saying gay actors aren't talented enough to convincingly take straight roles.
  20. Of course a gay actor could. This mindset is one of the reasons why gay actors are afraid of coming out.
  21. I hope we get news about The Guest movie soon. Her Private Life wasn't really my thing but The Guest slayed me.
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