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  1. I think he will pacify his wife first. I don't think he will shield the kids, because he probably knows how hard it is for the wife to handle 3 kids especially 2 active boys, so he probably sympathizes with her haha, and will slowly pacify her after she's done scolding them. As for his hairstyle, I like the picture that @Prettysup just showed too! It looks closest to his Lee Geon 2.0 hairstyle (the second half of the show). Short hair but nicely styled. Although I must say, his rcent Lala TV promo pictures with his wavy mid-length hair is really growing on me... I also like this one below. If he had a drama with this hairstyle throughout, I think I would end up being distracted and not paying attention to the plot haha. Imagine playing the role of a kind-hearted casanova who lives a carefree life! This would be quite an image flipper for him. He plays mostly characters which are quite melo in nature, so I would love to see him play something cool and carefree!
  2. Yeah I agree with all of you. The editing is so poorly done! This is so sweet of him! Apart from his hair, it’s also funny how we are gushing over how wonderful a husband and father he is haha. We need to start talking about his acting again when Friday/Saturday comes
  3. It's been a lively past few days here! Haha. Let's keep it up As for My Country, I love the (little) scenes he has so far. Super charismatic and as always, he never fails to deliver! But like what others have mentioned here, there were just a few very mind-boggling scenes for me: 1) The part where they suddenly cut to Hee Jae and the stepmom having to fend for themselves. It was totally out of the blue! 2) His hair suddenly going from being in a bun when he escorted them, to being fully loose/disheveled. 3) How QUICKLY the "country" was taken over by Gen YSG (LBW's father), it was like they defeated the current administration but we were barely taken through the journey and could not feel the "battle". There was barely any build-up to it, any reasons given for their battle, and barely the taste of victory felt. (Even for all the battle scenes that happened on Seo Hwi's end, it felt very focused on him only and I couldn't sense the bigger picture of everything). This in particular is very baffling to me. But I understand that YSG only took the throne in 1392, is that right? What happened in this 4 years? I thought they ousted the king already. Can someone shed light? I'm looking forward to how Seo Hwi and Sun Ho will interact with LBW. It was quite a surprise to me that Seo Hwi was asked to steal LBW's heart and attack him later. I just hope that they will form a genuine alliance later, and that the initial alliance we saw at the first episode is not a facade put on by Seo Hwi. I can't bear to see LBW being betrayed by Seo Hwi! The JH fan in me just wants LBW to get everything right even if he is the antagonist in this show. But I suppose we can be optimistic that since in actual history LBW triumphed and ascended the throne, his fate in My Country would be true to historical events right?
  4. This is good to know. They are such a strong and mature couple. Made for each other! Thank you @budgerie for listing all the articles! I shall try to find and read them By the way since not many of us are commenting in the My Country Soompi forum, I suppose it’s ok for us to discuss his performance here? Hehe. Or will it be considered spoilers?
  5. Sorry but I can’t see the article anywhere in your post! Do you mind sharing the link again? Yes I too think that he must be an AMAZING father and husband for the wife to be able to ignore all the comments and also be unfazed (I’m assuming) by all that is happening in the entertainment world in his life. I think it also helps that she doesn’t watch his shows haha. Probably only award shows. In that sense she only sees him as a normal individual, not as a superstar. Also, you know how when something is too good, you just trust fully and nothing will shake the trust? It feels like that. There is no reason for her to feel insecure because Hyukie is that wonderful of a husband and father to them. (Again, just my speculation hahaha)
  6. Oh yes! I love this scene too, in particular how he emoted, his eyes, his slight smirk, his tone... it was so memorable. It was like he was saying “I hate you but being respectful to you won’t anger me because I can’t care less anyway, I have a bigger goal”. So condescending LBW is! Exactly the thoughts in my mind! Haha we are debating on what hairstyle he should have. Poor Hyukie hahahahaha. If he knows what takes place in this forum he will have a good laugh LOL. And yes on your last line hahaha. But he concealed his disdain so well, he did it sarcastically. @budgerie do you remember where you read it? I would love to read it too. And yes, I felt that FTLY showed that he was professional. He didn’t hold back to the point it would affect the impact the scene had on viewers. He just did what he needed to do professionally, but was able to snap out of it easily in that there were no rumors at all between him and JNR. They both respected each other as colleagues and good friends and that was it. Too hilarious! I’m sure the forum will be active and filled with wonderful pictures haha. It’s funny that we are debating about his hairstyle here without a single picture at all. Shows how seriously we take the topic. You’re not in the minority by the way, I love his long hair too, just not the Snape hairstyle in FTLY, and not IRIS2/Bad Papa/WoL. My sentiments too... but I know we have zero control over what roles he gets offered or chooses - so let’s just enjoy whatever ride Hyukie takes us on... he knows what is best for himself and as long as he is happy, we will be happy for him!
  7. If it’s going to be long hair then please let it be a ponytail! With a playfully eccentric personality. But if it’s a dark OCN drama, doubt it can be too attractive Lee Geon (2nd half of the show) or Pil Joo’s hairstyle WITH light stubble would be perfect! As much as I liked KPJ’s hairstyle he felt abit too clean shaven and too “pretty”. I think he looks best with light stubble! Mature like fine wine!
  8. I know there were a lot of comments about this straight long hair at the boxing gym that day (me included hahaha) BUT it’s either the suit or he styled his hair abit or I’m just utterly biased but he still looks SUPER HOT with this long mane of glory at his friend’s wedding!! I guess he can do no wrong, his face is just too handsome haha. Love this look on him! Though... would anyone complain if he sported a tied up neat/disheveled pony tail?
  9. I’m still curious as to whether he has confirmed the series! It’s so quiet lately when it comes to news of JH. Half of me wants him to say yes just so we can see him on screen again ASAP, another half of me just wants him in a different show that is strong on storyline and not so much episodic investigative cases like Voice... ah first world problems indeed
  10. I’m looking forward to his interactions with Nam Jeon tonight. They seem to be pitted as nemesis in the show here and I just love how YBW is subtle but impactful in his disdain for him, rather than mere straightforward anger! Always loving the nuances our Hyukie brings to his roles!
  11. I noticed apart from the "cut" there is a thinly razored part on the eyebrow as well... so interesting and oddly attractive! Wonder if it is part of his character and the plot... I can try to answer, but it probably is limited in accuracy haha... I read this article yesterday on Naver (translated as usual), and I think Oh Ji Ho said that when they were filming Chuno.. instead of reading the script, most of them were working out He worked out with 10kg weights, while JH did 60kg weights.... something like that. Hope that helps!
  12. I found an article on Naver just today (oops just realized the article is dated 5th Oct, I’m late to the game ): https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/109/0004096246 I’m new to this article sharing thing on Soompi so someone please tell me if I’m citing/crediting correctly! This is the translation via Naver Papago app. Some parts are translated oddly but I guess we still get the gist of it. Glad to hear even the Korean media is gushing over his brief but impactful performance. “Actor Jang Hyuk has made his first appearance in Korea with his acting skills.In JTBC's new golden drama "My Country," which aired for the first time on Friday (Frame Chae Seung-dae/director Kim Jin-won), the drama gave off a short but heavy presence and played a significant role in creating a backbone for the play.In the first episode of "My Country," the drama depicts the intertwined scenes of Hee-jae (Seol-hyeon) who became associated with the first prince 10 years ago, from the story of his family-like companion, Hwi (Yang Se-jong), and Seon-seon (Udo-hwan) to the story of his close relationship with them.At this time, Jang Hyuk appeared as a guest house planning the prince's column in the early stage, opening up the play's huge envelope with his unique high-pitched voice and serious acting, and completely capturing the viewers' hearts by planting a solid skeleton in the play.”In particular, despite his short appearance, he drew positive reviews from viewers with his trusty acting skills, such as his eyes, and his expression, which he could not understand.”
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