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  1. I’m happy we at least got a short CF. Missing him so much And it truly is insane how some people have been trying to drag joo hyuk’s name the past few days by association - seriously, sometimes these people’s actions make me question why and how people can be so deeply unkind and immature and wishing ill on others. Seriously no words for these type of judgmental people who are keyboard warriors. It’s no wonder the cyberspace can be such a horrifying place. (Or actually it’s the people, not the space). I genuinely hope NJH is mentally and emotionally okay, it must hurt to
  2. I don’t think he has that many fans who translate, but I think we are quite fortunate that Soop generally gives english subs to their videos haha. Instead of using Google Translate, may I suggest that you use the naver papago app? It specializes on translating Korean to english, so they capture nuances pretty well even though it’s not fool proof. But makes much more sense than Google translate any day! However NJH doesn’t give us much captions to translate. He only likes to use one liners or emoji or nothing at all these days hahaha. im so excited to the variety show next
  3. While I think it’s disappointing for all of us that taking on a variety host role means likely no drama for the rest of the year, I somehow am quite positive that when he chooses to come back, he will come back with a bang! Just a gut feeling haha. For now, let’s just hope his new variety is fun - I believe his time will come again. There are many actors who took longer hiatuses than him but find good scripts again that catapulted them back to the limelight. I think it’s more important that he gets a strong script and role than to get something non-memorable like TMWYS (sorry but IMO I really
  4. For sure! @inBinJinitrust you have been instrumental in keeping this thread alive despite the longggg silence and also for answering new fans’ questions about NJH/sharing more good info with us. That I believe has encouraged more to be active in his forum! I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us. As many fans on Twitter say, it’s not easy falling for an artist who’s allergic to social media hahahaha. But thankful at least he still has an account and posts sparingly (compared to some actors who don’t have any accounts at all! Like your Gong Yoo haha. How does it feel being a f
  5. Happy birthday to this wonderful actor who found a new fan in me!! SO GLAD I watched Start Up, I wasn’t even an NJH fan last time (just knew him as a handsome model and pretty actor according to others but never thought twice about watching his shows, until I watched Start Up. Interestingly, I wasn’t hooked on his looks at all (seriously!) but started to really like him when I found how much I could empathize with Dosan by virtue of how NJH portrayed him. I felt every pain, fear, joy, dorkiness he felt because he just breathed life into the character! So safe to say, his acting hooke
  6. No worries at all! We’re all busy but sorry to hear you were sick and glad to know you’ve recovered. really gotta take care of our health during this pandemic and build up the immunity! thank you for embedding the pictures, I’ll try it again some time and maybe use another image posting site instead of Imgur. Yeah I like him thin or bulky either ways they have their own charms but his bulky self is much more suited to his current image as he turns 28 this year. Haha. I too have to say that while I relished getting to watch him and JiMin in the movie, and their acting ch
  7. Ok finallyyyy got around to doing this (only 2 pictures though sorry haha) but still better start than never! @inBinJinitrust as promised, and also for the new fans of NJH here! I’ve been so intrigued by his bulk up (which I presume it was for the movie Remember) and I must say I love the bulkier version of NJH hehe. https://imgur.com/a/2aKDN7O https://imgur.com/a/PhIl4EJ Edit: sorry, I still don’t know how to embed it. It’s only coming out as links so saddd!!! (I tried adding .jpg to the end of the links but it still won’t embed sigh) can you guys at least see it
  8. I feel so bad that I still have not uploaded the before after pics of how he bulked up as promised will do so real soonnnnn it’s cominggggg hahah. I think I like his high cut photo shoot the best! The black and white one in the middle! And welcome @kawaiinoona! So good to have another one more NJH fan here. I still follow his fan Twitter accounts but honestly enjoy Soompi-type conversations and interactions much more. There feels like there is a lot of toxicity happening on Twitter by his anti-fans, and sometimes it is so ridiculous to read gosh. The peace here in his Soompi Forum
  9. YES YES YES I’m so excited for this! Not surprising given their close relationship but at the same time such a pleasant surprise as well!!!
  10. Your description is so funny! Sexy lofty chap hahaha. yes it was helpful, but I haven’t had the chance to do it yet, drowning in work at the beginning of the year haha. Will get it done soon, hopefully within the next couple of weekends. I’m a total newbie in any editing though so will try to see what nice growth and transformation pictures I can come up with hehe. Enjoyed the Soop voice content too! I actually really like his tone. Deep and soothing but not toooo deep. Only wish they made it a video with his face lol. I need to find a way to make it an mp3 and then make it
  11. Yes yes yes!!! did you see the Dior one for W magazine too? Smokin’ hot. I really like his look after he bulked up more haha. Happy he’s got a new endorsement in TopTen! Wonder what’s next for him.. still patiently waiting for casting news hehe https://www.instagram.com/p/CKD3zCZpiZ1/?igshid=1sbec522s5awg
  12. I read another NJH interview article today that had slightly new (past) information: When Nam Joo-hyuk played the lead role with Jo In-sung in the 2018 film "Ansi-sung," (it was said by some that) "I think all the rookie awards at this year's film awards will go to actor Nam Joo-hyuk." At that time, Nam Joo-hyuk replied with a serious face, "Thank you, but I don't have much greed for the rookie actor award. If there are people who do better than me, they should receive it. "I don't have much greed for the award," he said. It was very impressive to see him shaking his head with his
  13. Aww pls don’t end this musical series yet! (Unless there are no more videos haha). I loved all the clips you shared, love discovering what a singer he enjoys being. Haha, I think his singing has definitely improved down the years too yea I get why WFKBJ wouldn’t be your fav show, I doubt I would have even batted an eye and watch it if it wasn’t for NJH in the show. It’s totally not my genre haha. I much prefer thrillers, dramas and melos. I admitted that I fastforwarded a lot of non JH and BJ scenes lol. And thanks for rmbring that I like LJS!! Despite being discharged th
  14. Whoa so good! In his usual videos, he is always sheepish, shy, but in this video, he sings and carries himself (even body language) like a pro! It’s like he’s really lost in his own world and appreciating the song. Btw I’ve finally finished watching WFKBJ. Finished in 7 days lol. Loved the show! Although I was personally not interested in all the weightlifting hijinks between the coaches and the love story with BJ’s uncle’s plot, the rest of the show was pure perfection. Here’s a mini review from me! 1. What can I say - BJ and JH are just the heart and soul of this wonder
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