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  1. Yes the movie has a cult following and is iconic in Asia. The two actors are also very prominent actors. I can see parallels between JH and Tony Leung too! I thoughtttt I read somewhere before that JH appreciates Tony Leung as one of the foreign actors he would like to work with but I could be wrong. @dramafan33 thanks for giving us insights into all the JH fan club origins! I truly wished I was closer to Korea and be able to experience what those fans experience. And yes the clay dolls were so cute, sad that it stopped before Bang Won! Do you know if gummi herself made those clay dolls or it was custom ordered? @corey I think I’ve coaxed you many times that you should watch JH in variety shows because you will love him more than you already do now haha. If you do not have the patience for a whole season or multiple episodes, then I’ll recommend this one! (Sorry if I have, I can’t remember haha). I have watched this many times and his cuteness and humor really comes through in this one. You’ll also realize a lot of things we say about him can also be found here: Oh interestingly the girl in the variety video above, Han Chae Ah who acted with JH in Gaekju was supposed to get the role of Mo Hyun in MF but I think she turned it down (was it because she was pregnant then? Can’t recall). I always wondered who would have done a better portrayal of Mo Hyun. But anyway I did like Park Se Young in it, thought she did a decent job.
  2. I think it’s pretty clear that a beautiful looking couple does make a difference in terms of buzz. And Kim Soo Hyun is a hallyu star and he doesn’t act as much, so the exclusivity and rarity factor is there. If JH had been more handsome in BM, it would make the show more drool worthy for us, and maybe add abit if ratings but I doubt it would be much. PSD was good in the later half, and I think they suited each other for the purposes of the story, but it really is about right time and place for everything to fall into place. Looks at PSD, after Parasite’s Oscar win, she’s a coveted actress now and her new show with PBG is highly anticipated. I don’t think anyone can control these things, of course promotion will work if you’re in a management company which is highly influential - but I think we have all established that JH seems to have moved away from seeking popularity, preferring longevity. And yeah, I get the sense too that he doesn’t care too much about making himself look handsome for the sake of attracting viewers. He knows he is handsome but it seems he doesn’t want to use his handsomeness to his gain. Which is something that other actors will probably milk to the max. But with JH - his passion for acting comes first before anything - and given that he’s also married, I think he doesn’t care about appealing to the female population. Didn’t the PD of MF say that abt him? I think the fact that she said that means milking sexiness and looks is a known norm in the k entertainment industry.
  3. Totally can’t stand the black background! Hope they fix their issue soon. Whoa let’s hope so! I wonder how soon is soon. Another 3-6 months?? so, I guess my prediction of JH cutting his hair for a new show was wrong. Maybe he really did cut his hair for hometown flex. So disappointed haha. But maybe he was getting annoyed with his long locks and having to manage it. Or maybe the weather in Seoul is too hot already lol. and it’s nice to see Woo Do Hwan day such nice things about Hyukie! I agree, it seemed like Se Jong was the bigger fan from how he gushed, but I guess they are just very different personalities. Woo Do Hwan does seem more calm and collected while Se Jong is earnest. But it’s so cool that both of them looked up to Hyukie so much. I hope he didn’t scare them off with his seriousness haha
  4. @azureblue7, thank you for being such a faithful JH fan! The fact that you post so much on twitter and repost here because IG no longer allows embedded posts just shows that you’re so dedicated! And your video above is the reason why I think JH is most handsome when he shaves haha. I feel that his features are more prominent and chiseled when he is without facial hair. Weird, cos usually facial hair shapes the face too but I think his clean cut look at 0.28 seconds onwards in the video takes the cake. Haha thanks for looking! Ah yes. Must be that side profile. JH’s side profile looks amazing. His nose is really just perfect. But like @budgerie said, he looks best when you can see his forehead (not the WOL cut though).
  5. Hahaha. @corey If you are hardworking enough, please tell me which episode and what minute this was so that I can see which frame made you fall in love with our JH hehe. yes actually when I watched MF I felt at the initial parts he wasn’t very handsome (shallow I know). But later it was the eye acting, the confidence, the sexiness in MF that blew me away. I would say it was his acting that attracted me, his handsomeness (later) that surfaced through the amazing acting, and it was his true self (well, what he shows us in variety shows and interviews) that sealed the deal for me. I honestly don’t think I’ll be that big of a fan of his if I only liked his acting and his looks. There are honestly many other actors who can act very very well too and are also very handsome. But, I’m an avid JH fan because of the combination of his genuine personality and philosophy towards life and his acting + looks. I guess that’s with people in our life isn’t it? You like them and care for them not merely because of their skills, talent or looks - sure, it can hook you for awhile, but it’s who they are behind those that makes you stick with them and root for them oh and @corey I donated points to you. Because you’re nearly there so you can buy on our behalf k? Haha. Can you show it off on your avatar/profile so that we can see it? I’m also curious if I donate points to people, do I donate it from my own pool of points which means my own points get deducted? Lol.
  6. Haha ya @corey I didn’t mean to say he isn’t sexy. I personally think sexiness is confidence and stability, and he has both, but he doesn’t carry himself in the “traditional sexy” way that makes the general public define. You guys could be right that in variety shows he shows off a goofier side (though I think it’s unintentional on his part haha). I can almost imagine how he would be sexy as the man of the house! I found him super sexy in Money Flower, and certain parts of FTLY. And then in My Country as well. But I really think he does not have any intention to showcase his sexiness, it just oozes through the confidence in his acting and the seriousness he puts in his work - that’s why it’s so sexy. While for other Popular actors, you can see without a doubt that the camera, director, production is milking their sexiness to the max to attract audiences.
  7. Actually seeing how he is so dorky and innocent in real life, i can see why directors may not look to him immediately for rom-com roles haha. I mean this not in a bad way, but like all of you already said: 1. He is a married man and by virtue of that there’s nothing to play up in terms of publicity and shipping which a lot of fans and media like to do, and it always helps ratings and buzz. 2. He just isn’t the type to carry himself in a sexy manner and he doesn’t have the “celebrity air” because he is just so down to earth despite being so handsome in facial features. and agree with @phoenix24 that it’s better for him to get a quality role he really is interested in and for us to wait, than to do a role just for the sake of it. Hopefully something interesting is in the works!
  8. me too was hoping, but yea - male lead already offered. It would definitely have been a good one given the writer’s past work. I wanted because he had a good rship with the director and she directed both shows which did really well in ratings and execution. I’m really curious if he’s intentionally taking a break, or if there is something that he’s holding out for at the moment?
  9. So... I’m not gonna pretend that I’m not disappointed at all! https://www.soompi.com/article/1410405wpp/song-joong-ki-and-jeon-yeo-bin-in-talks-to-lead-upcoming-tvn-drama PD of money flower, if only she and JH reunited for this! Felt like it was a role he would have done really well and it’s a romcom too. Maybe they wanted a younger actor. ah well, again, good things come to those who wait
  10. Yeah I didn’t expect them to be so loud and so hyper lol ... that’s why I actually like Yoo Jae Suk as a host... he does talk about the guests and focus on them and encourage them to speak up. I believe someone mentioned this and is right - JH is the type who would open up if the host or interviewer directs a question to him or involves him in an activity... otherwise he will probably be his quiet self lurking in the background while others take center stage.
  11. Is this video new? A new show? Haha ya it’s quite odd for him to be on this show. anyway, let’s hope good things come to those who wait! Perhaps he’s just waiting for something really good that he wants. I’d rather that be it than just randomly taking up poor quality projects. Even if there’s no project this year - hopefully we will get news of something soon for early next year. Also to all the chat above, I agree that the agency has HUGE influence. That’s where they can use their network to get all the big budget projects. It’s not a secret I believe. Some agencies fight for the projects for their staff, unless you’re some super big name then the script may come to you directly, else it goes through the agencies also I believe. Hence, it’s true that if Sidus is less influential, JH’s chances of being in a big budget or high profile show is low, unless a director or writer courts him specifically for a project. and welcome @meowpow to this forum fan club of JH feel free to share with us how you became a fan of his! That’s something we always enjoy hearing from those new to his page here!