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  1. There's sooo many updates~~!!! (source) Both of our leads are appointed as the ambassador for 2019 Barrier Free Film at ‘8th Seoul Barrier Free Film Festival’ (source) They look so cute~
  2. @thecrazedkfangirl I got the info from an MBC staff. But now I think about it, I may have interpreted it wrong. The production maybe were just borrowing the set or something from MBC. I checked the MBC drama schedule, I think they are already full until next year. Just like you said, there could be a high chance that this drama will not be shown through local channel but only through Warner TV. From the co-stars IGs, it seems they are already on the second-half of the filming. I always felt like there's so little content on Choi Taejoon's. I'm glad there's finally update: There are so many updates from Okinawa: And finally, a glimpse of both leads together: Are they playing palm push game? lol There are more updates actually, I'll share them later.
  3. Adding some more: WonderWoman staff ID card: Set: I believe it's WhoJoon's house. The production were having a ritual to pray for drama's success. If you look in the spoiler, you'll see that the ritual is taken place at Who Joon's house.
  4. Actually it's good not to compare, since you'll be watching with zero expectation. I've watch the movie, read the novel and just finished reading the comic. Now, I cannot help myself from wishing the plot would change for the better in the new drama version. Btw, I heard rumors this drama shall be aired in MBC. I don't see any news articles/official blog confirming about this. I hope they will release it asap. The outdated updates, lol:
  5. It's been a while~ I'll update here some pictures updated by the casts at the scene. Today, if I'm not mistaken, almost half casting members are attending Busan Film Festival. There's more from last two weeks. The lovely Ms Lim Doyoon's instagram. I'll update later. Btw, @thecrazedkfangirl If I'm not mistaken, last time I saw Han Ji An's manager repost your ig content. so cute. @dotonly As far as I concern about the drama, there's no marriage contract. It's more like an anti-fan having a We Got Married-like show with an idol. Have you check out the movie version?
  6. Adding more: I didn't notice much on this IG as at first I thought it was just a picture of GodinMedia's booth with WhoJoon's star dance move at the monitor, until I realized there's also a sneak peak of Lee GeunYoung scene in it. They should release that sneak peak tho. Looks so well made. Btw, Park Sung-il shall play the role of a reporter name Choi Hee-Gun. (ref)
  7. I was out of station for a couple of weeks and just come back to share updates~ @thecrazedkfangirl Did you made an IG specifically for this drama? Looks really good, tho! Btw, more updates on Chansung's filming. I really like how ChanSung's haircut is similar to the cartoon.
  8. LOL. That shitty subs.. I remember watching Harry Potter movie with a Malaysian friend in Kuala Lumpur but she got some extra laughter due to the weird mistranslations. It was something like "I put a spell on you" and in Malay subs it was written as "I put a spell(spelling a word) on you". Good very old days. We are so fortunate now that such a high quality of translations are available so soon thanks to the hard work of subbers. I just realized Sooyoung's formula in looking younger is by having bang (ref: Someone You May Know, MWSTT). I saw someone in the comments said Sooyoung looks like an unnie to TaeJoon (in fact, she is although by just a year. LOL).
  9. Now that I think about it, maybe Chansung is standing closer to the camera and TaeJoon is just leaning a bit towards Sooyoung, thus resulting the height. I think the drama shall later confirms our assumption. LOL. I haven't seen the Suspicious Partner yet. I think I'll watch that while waiting for news about this one. LOL The 160 countries caught so many attention. I think they're airing it through Warner TV. You're from Philippines right? I think Philippines has several channels associating with Warner TV. No need to worry. LOL. I'm still not sure whether it shall appear in Korea's national network tho. They did said it's going to be pre-production and need more time compare to other dramas, thus I'm assuming it's too early to request a drama slot. Sooyoung already got a new hairstyle. LOL
  10. The movie was written entirely by the director based on Kim EunJung's novel. However, for the drama, the novelist herself is co-writing the script along with Nam Jee-Yeon, scriptwriter of SNL Korea. I have so much expectation of it being funny tho. @nrllee TaeJoon caught my attention in Missing 9. His acting is really good and I'm surprised that he's actually been actively acting since 2011. I somehow watched the Undateables, despite the story, I just watch it until the end because TaeJoon is just too cute.
  11. I really like how the articles today mentioned about how promising the acting skills of all main actors. I know the drama will not start any soon, but ohhh gaaaaaddddd can't wait~!! LOL. I'm so sure she's wearing flat shoes. The iconic tall dance partners of Sooyoung (wearing high heals) and Chansung back then: *Unless she was wearing a super high heal shoes, idk
  12. OMG~!!! Script Reading~!!! In the articles today stated that the script reading was held on the 20th August~! (Ref) (Ref)
  13. @thecrazedkfangirl I read the novel a long time ago, I used it for learning actually. I think the only international version they had is the Indonesian version, I tried to look for English version but couldn't find them. My korean is freaking bad, I don't think I want to reread the novel again, lol. I remember the novel is a so-so but I'm surprise that the manhwa actually quite cute (currently not sure if it's because of language barrier). 3 kissing in manhwa?! That spikes up my expectation for the drama~ I remember being annoyed with JJ character when I read the novel, but in the movie, I somehow don't hate him that much. I think getting a variety of roles like a villain would strengthen up Chansung's acting versatility. I remember even Sooyoung keeps wanting to play villain but didn't manage to be one. We all know, if we hate a character, that actor immersed himself in the role and succeed. I personally think Chansung is able to deliver the role really well. . LOL at the chef comment~! XD EDIT: So.. I read the manhwa. I think describing JJ a richard simmons bag is already too nice. Now I kinda hope they change the flow/ending of the story for supporting characters. I think there's quite a number of violence and abusiveness, hopefully they tune it down a bit and add in more current issues with K-celebrities, sasaengs, social, etc and not just focusing on the cheesiness of free-spirited heart.
  14. @thecrazedkfangirl I remember getting goosebumps when I watched Choi TaeJoon in Missing 9. He's great in Suspicious Partner and the Undateables. Personally, I think he's quite versatile in terms of roles that he had picked so far. This is his first lead drama, right? OMG, I didn't know there's manhwa.. My image of GeunYoung is mostly from the novel. The image is kind of shattered now that I saw the first free chapter of manhwa. LOL. Oh well... (I can see why I didn't know there's manhwa, I'm usually with manga with free online reading) Kim Min Gyu, Kim Sun Hyuk, Kim Ha Kyung, And More To Join Drama Adaptation Of “So I Married An Anti-Fan” (link to soompi) Cr:minki0124 I knew they have already started with script reading! So many casting news yesterday~ Dong-Hyun Bae shall be the Han PD~! The pretty Im Do-yoon, Nu DooYoon, shall work along with Han PD and Baek Seungheon is Shin-hyeong, the long time boyfriend of Shin MiJung. (ref)
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