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  1. Siwan's face in that clip while he tries to convince the audience that he is really enjoying diet foods these days.
  2. Where do I find someone to sell me that photobook?
  3. Wow. He is working so hard right now.
  4. I feel a little bad for him. When did Strangers From Hell wrap, a day ago? Two days? Please get some rest, Siwan.
  5. He looks so, so young. Not a day older than since he went into the army lol.
  6. I really hope The Guest movie sequel pans out. As much as I love any actor, I really can't sit through a whole drama if I'm not enjoying it and I only made it halfway through HPL. Romcoms are so hard for me. I feel like they usually err on the side of cute but if I'm gonna watch a romance, I'd like for them to at least be able to generate some heat between the leads. I'd love to see him do something with Jeon Do Yeon. They would be my ultimate killer couple.
  7. I need to get the booklet from The Moment rescanned, they're mostly the same pics but The Moment one is much better suited to scanning than the actual photobook. I scanned it when I first got it but when I looked at the pics, a lot of them came out too dark.
  8. You can find it for cheaper if you trawl the various Japanese second hand websites. I got it for $40 + shipping on Yahoo Japan. Same with the fanmeet dvds. That's how I got The Moment and New Year Live ones.
  9. The photo with Lee El is from the Light and Darkness photobook. There are a couple more from the same photoshoot in the booklet that comes with The Moment.
  10. Planck Constant is on Vimeo official with subs, you just have to pay for it.
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