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@Sushimi she need to keep her cool there 4 episodes left  - anger cause wrinkles    that why oppa have  spotless skin  he cool as cucumber       

Our girl improved so much the goat negotiation incident is so far away from my memory      without oppa mentoring  # Miss  nice on action      VS    after opp

The theme of the weak, the defenceless and the disabled continues.  Poor boy... first he's being molested and chased around because he has no voice or means to fight back. Now he's kidnapped by g

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I just completed this drama but I just dont understand this part.

Why did Chief Choi and Deputy Park tried so silent The Guy so badly? What are they trying to hide? I mean the only answer I could think of is when they talk about protecting the organization (I assume is the police?), they don't want public to know that the culprit is actually a police officer. Yes the culprit end up to be a cop but seriously, its not Chief Choi or Deputy Parks fault is it? Why did they make it seem like its their dirty work and go through so much effort to keep this secret hidden - even to their own peers. He even went to the extent of harming their own colleague in the process? Like the last episode when Deputy Park actually ordered his team to kill OHJ.

And also Chief Choi ordered a burnt corpse to be planted in the accident scene 5 years ago as the culprit. Like why? It doesn't make sense right? The culprit is a police so let's put a fake body and assume he's dead?! The accident was 5 years ago and yet they make no effort to find out who's that killer cop until the killer himself strike again.

Did I miss something here?

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