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  1. According to fans, he also reenacted famous scenes and lines chosen by fans, and even though he said "It's not easy" every time, once it started, the atmosphere changed instantly and he perfectly expressed not only his lines but also his emotions. It was amazing, it was like watching a real shoot. " Hyuk-sama was in tears as he reenacted the scene in episode 1 where he silently reunites with his wife. I thought he was a real pro at acting. That scene was painful, but I really like it, so I was really happy and moved to be able to watch it again. Hyuk-sama is really amazing, being able to empathize with him in such a short time" cr.@osmosmmaro___56
  2. I watched the show without subs yesterday. Half the show was about how they prepare and cook the delicious food. Interesting if you are into Korean cuisine. Here's some of the things he shared (summarised from naver): While scanning Jang Hyuk's body, Heo Young-man noted, "It seems that Kim Jong-kook is in much better physical shape." Jang Hyuk responded, "Jong-kook is definitely exceptional in many ways, including physically and mentally. He's a friend with outstanding qualities. I've never thought about focusing on bulking up." To this, Heo Young-man joked, "If I were to compare you to Kim Jong-kook in terms of physique, it might take a long time." Jang Hyuk responded, "Jong-guk has a good body, a good heart, and is good at singing; he's an outstanding friend in many ways," and added, "Isn't the world full of various side dishes? Each one has its own unique flavor." His comment drew laughter from the audience. To this, Heo Young-man complimented Jang Hyuk by saying, "Mr. Jang Hyuk is like soy sauce aged for 50 years. An essential seasoning that brings out the important flavors," which drew laughter. Jang Hyuk said he was deeply moved by Heo Young-man's analogy. Jang Hyuk has been a wild goose father for two years and sent his two sons and one daughter overseas for his children's education. On this day, Jang Hyuk said, “My father also worked overseas for a long time when I was young. Wasn't there a construction boom in Saudi Arabia and Iraq in the 1980s? He went abroad at that time,” he said, recalling his special childhood. He continued, “When I was young, the airport was a place where I received gifts. He also shared a related story, saying, “My father bought me the latest robot toys, a thermal rice bowl, a game console, and a button pencil case. It was a father-son reunion full of joy." Jang Hyuk also said, “After having children and becoming a father, my perspective on my parents changed. I respect my parents.l 'How was I at this time?' I feel like I empathize a lot with this. “I started talking more with my parents,” he confessed. Heo Young-man asked, “If you are a wild goose dad, how do you manage your meals?” Jang Hyuk made people laugh by saying, “I go to my parents’ house often. My father likes it when I go to my parents' house. He likes it because the side dishes change. He always calls me to come over," making everyone laugh.
  3. In the 2007 trip to Mongolia, he impressed everyone when he shared what he knew about Genghis Khan. And he also impressed the director of My Country with his extensive knowledge on Yi Bang Won. I I believe he delves deeply into studying and researching historical figures that are of interest to him. Haha! Broken encyclopedia. Maybe that's only when he's with his dragon club friends.
  4. The full ep is 1 h and 15 min. The link to Chinese subtitles is at JangHyuk Taiwan post https://www.instagram.com/p/C6_fD5HJZi7/?igsh=ZGZoMDcwcmVyam1z (at her captions) I've finished watching it. Though the Chinese subs didn't make sense sometimes (it's computer-generated) , it's still very enjoyable to watch. He's more relaxed and is enjoying himself more here than the Real or Reel show.
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