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[Drama 2020-2021] Hospital Playlist, 슬기로운 의사생활 - Season 1 & 2


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5 hours ago, angelwingssf said:




But that was not what was shown.  SHwa felt embarassed about it.  :unamused:.  The balloon just popped.  If she did not have the hots for IJ during college, she must have known that he liked her that way.  IJ might have been the main reason she is moving away.  So, hopefully she wants nothing to do with him (IJ) and Uju since she like Uju just like her nephews and nieces.  Out of Sight, Out of mind.  

Hmm.. Would she be ecstatic .. hmm


I agree he is the reason she is moving away. She could handle Dr.Ahn, that was no problem - no feelings attached.

With IJ, atleast friendship and overall balance amongst the group is at stake.


The reason i am trying to understand how she will feel is to understand if her expressions can be interpreted as anything else other than what it seems like (she is really not happy during those confessions and continuously ignores them/avoids them/ does not want to entertain them, also, back to back almost confessions and that icky dinner with Dr Ahn might have scared her that IJ is on verge of making it awkward)


OR, is it that she had moved on.. but again, not sure how to interpret her expressions. They would not have told Mido the ending to give out the right expressions, correct?


7 hours ago, angelwingssf said:

The only person who has not said anything is JWon.  Some of us want to hear about his first love too, and if it is SHwa?  And if that is mutual.  But JWon current love is GOD.  IF it was someone else , I would like to know about that too.  


I think least of the mystery is JW's first love.. like there is literally not even an alternative to SHwa

(OFCOURSE, unless my make believe theory of this being BL in JW's mind with SH comes true :P ) .. and i keep going back to ep 1 mouning table when they were asked how come none of them had a thing with Shwa (and each looks at someone with very curious reactions.. instead of all looking at SH and Shwa)


Ques is who si Shwa's first love :) and if she has moved on or is still intensely in love (i hope she moved on, even her original crush needs to put effort and woo her back)


17 hours ago, kuuto said:

Maybe it's just me. I remember the writer mentioned this is friends met Grey's Anatomy.


Joon Wan reminds me of Chandler - the successful but sarcastic friend 

if Iksoon is Monica - their relationship starts early and will be stable throughout the series with a little bit of sneaking around behind the brother's back. (with a little bit of drama).  Just like how many times Chandler jealous of Monica's ex. maybe they will throw in IkSoon's ex boyfriend in next season.


IkJoon is really similar with Ross - the wife left him, he has a son. and if SongHwa is Rachel (minus the vain), it's safe to say they are end game. They may get together a while (maybe in the past) but won't be together until the end game.


If JeongWong is McDreamy - then GyeoWol is Meredith. Just like McDreamy already has a wife that he chose initially, JeongWon also has God. (I am not comparing God to Addison) 

I will be waiting for "Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me" line from GyeoWol


SeokHyeong i will see him as a nice George O'Malley who like Meredith at the beginning (the main character - in this case will be SongHwa) but will move on with Callie (MinHa - the "driven", "determined", and "outgoing" resident).


please don't bash me, but that's how I think.


lol.. i am laughing at myself.. i realize i can literally fit JW-SH in every theory (SH not SHwa)


Monica - JW - cleanliness, unrealistic expectations of parents vs siblings

Chandler - SH  - hates daddy, awkward in social context, (Jwan is too focused and smart to be chandler) , go to person for each of the guys

like no one is better fit

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But why do people think that if they separate in the end they will no longer be friends? or that there would be a fracture? they have a solid friendship of 20 years, they must not have seen each other every day, some have traveled, etc, they will always be the best friends

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1 hour ago, pacarjiyong said:

So I think it is too early for us to conclude Song Hwa reaction as rejection. Flustered, yes. Probably lead to rejection or reciprocated. I dont know. I really cant predict what will happen to Ikjun and Song Hwa. I don't even know whats on Song Hwa's mind. Even she looks she's uncomfortable, i cant 100% sure she rejects him, since we know she isnt afraid to say no to two men's confession before.


If this was the case, I would have at least seen a smile or a smirk or some happy face.  Nobody says, oh let me think about it.  It is about feelings - which is mostly visual and heartful in nature.  

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hello everyone! its my first time to post here so forgive me if i make any mistakes hehe..


someone already mention this before i think but i will just say it again cause its very interesting! on the topic to figure out what is SHwa is thinking this korean youtuber makes a good point!


there is a parallel of scenes on this episode where the first few scenes at the beginning of the episode SHwa comforted SH by giving him a jacket because it was cold and Chihong comforted SHwa by doing the same at the end of the episode,  it mentions how what SH is feeling in that scene is what SHwa is feeling now. SHwa now has alot of conflicting feelings inside her so she decide to take her own advice where she does nothing which is partly why maybe she decide to go to sokcho branch... to get clearer headspace :sweatingbullets:


anyway this forum is very fun to read to kill time to wait for the next episode so thank you all for posting! now after this we just have to wait for one more year :tears:






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Jongsu: What’s your name? Brachyscome angustifolia. It blooms all year round? Your life must be exhausting.


There’s a theory that Iksun, Songhwa, Minha and Gyeoul represent spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively.


Gyeoul obviously means Winter.

Minha’s surname Chu (秋) means Autumn.

The word “Sun” in Iksun, also means 荀, as in bamboo shoots, which is harvested in Spring.

Chae Song Hwa, in Korean, is moss rose, which blooms in Summer.


We all know that Songhwa likes the rain. One possible explanation is that maybe her father was a firefighter. Families of firefighters are happy when it rains. Also, Songhwa’s father suffers from hearing loss, which is an occupational disease for firefighters.


But moss rose (chae song hwa) only blossoms when it’s sunny. When it’s cloudy or raining, the flowers will close. In ep 12’s preview, we see Songhwa dressed in light summer clothes and the weather behind her looked fine. As some of you have mentioned, there could be time skip to warmer days, when Songhwa’s romance would finally blossom.


There’s another plant associated with Iksun, and that’s cilantro (gosu). It was first revealed in ep 6: Iksun’s profile picture is a pot of cilantro.




In Korean, “gosu” has two other meanings. It could mean “expert” (高手), which is why Junwan thought everyone in the club were experts.


Iksun: They’re all nice people. They’re so naïve and innocent.

Junwan: But I’m sure they’re all fourth or fifth-degree holders. Iksun. Even for taekwondo, I’m only an orange belt in rank. I’m on the same level as Uju.




Another meaning is 固守, which means “to defend (one’s opinions, position or possessions) tenaciously”. We see Junwan taking care of the pot of cilantro, even though he doesn’t like cilantro, suggesting that he will try his best to defend, protect and grow this relationship. Aaawwww~



3 hours ago, KDramaFan0828 said:

One of the biggest themes of the Reply series was the husband hunt. This is why the series was highly dependent on love triangles and webs of relationships to keep the story moving. But I still believe this time the writer would like to explore a different formula. I really appreciate how we get to see the progression in various types of relationships. And until now, I think they’d like to show how these relationships are still complicated even without the threat of romantic competition. This is also one of the reasons why I think the line was already drawn for Chihong when Songhwa realigned their conversation to remain work-related in the last episode. Even from the very start, Songhwa was clear in drawing this line. But his sustained attempts at advances became gateways to open up an unconcluded chapter for Ikjun. Moving forward, I feel that the story will just be focusing on exploring the changes in Ikjun and Songhwa’s relationship dynamics, which is already a big conflict in itself even without Chihong in the picture.


Adding on to your point, in the Reply series, there is a clear ending in the present day where all the couples are paired up and live happily ever after. That’s the biggest difference between Reply and HP. Shin pd said he wanted to create a drama where there’s no definitive ending. And I think that’s the most realistic portrayal of life itself.


One of my favourite dramas, Be Melodramatic, taught me that even if the couple got together in the final ep, if they have unresolved issues, they may end up breaking up afterwards. So, the “happy ending” could in fact be a sad ending.


So far, HP has been written realistically. I believe in season 2 and 3, HP will continue to show us how these couples face and overcome challenges and obstacles together. Iksun and Junwan adapting to LDR. Maybe Seokhyung’s ex-wife will appear. Maybe we’ll finally find out who Jeongwon’s "budding love in his 20s" was (besides God). Maybe one or two couples may not be endgame, but I honestly doubt there’ll be a major shift in lovelines, where couples exchange partners like playing the musical chair. It’s simply not realistic.

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Is anyone similar to me who always read comments hoping I would find some new interesting insight/theory? :D


I found some interesting comments stated that the point of this scene were not Ikjun was confessing to Songhwa but to confront Chihong. He had clearly confessed to Song-hwa on Episode 10 (eating together with you is a treat for myself). Ikjun prove that He is not Junghwan (but I love Junghwan. Haha).




Another comment stated that Chi-hong actually asked in past tense, but on the other hand Ikjun answered in present tense. Dear Korean expert friends, is it true?


Because it is based on the English translation from Netflix (however I don't 100% trust Netflix translation)






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In Chi Hong’s defense (it is because I have equal fondness to him as much as Ik Jun - I’m torn!). He already know Ik Jun has the advantage, he only had 4 years of knowing Song Hwa, out of the 20 years Ik Jun had. It was love at first sight. It was only in the recent time he finally confessed, which was met by rejection:(. The man has resilience, and SH appreciates that. I liked that he asked permission from SH to speak in banmal as a birthday present. She agreed. He was heavily criticised by hard core Ik- Song shippers, accusing Chi Hong of crossing the line.


They say all is fair in love and war. However, I wouldn’t consider his action cheating. I think, he’s trying to be on equal footing against Ik Jun as much as he can in the battle of winning the woman’s affection. Ik Jun was marking his territory (sort of) by attending the NS department dinner, when he should be with his three friends. Ik Jun is just everywhere around Song Hwa:D. That must have triggered Chi Hong. I didn’t see his gesture as being disrespectful. He is as much as a gentleman like Ik Jun.

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2 hours ago, superspace said:

Another comment stated that Chi-hong actually asked in past tense, but on the other hand Ikjun answered in present tense. Dear Korean expert friends, is it true?


Because it is based on the English translation from Netflix (however I don't 100% trust Netflix translation.


I’m not sure about the translation part as I don’t know Korean as well HAHA :lol:. But if we look at the lines in english I guess it could go both ways (past or present). So it is still open to interpretations. Not an expert at english grammar as well so correct me if I’m wrong.

CH: You’ve (You have) had feelings for Professor Chae, right?

IJ: Yes, I have (had).

Anyway, looking back at that scene, as much as I hated how uncomfortable SHwa was (it’s so hard to watch, you could feel the discomfort through the screen), I couldn’t think of a way IJ could’ve avoided answering the question. Drinking again for a pass is not an option anymore. If he had denied it, he’d be lying to himself again and it might injure his chances with SHwa. And if he did anything else to avoid the question, it would only reinforce Seonbin’s statement that a “No comment” is as good as a “Yes”, which he already tried to brush off the first time. How he answered (the manner, choice of words, whether it was present or past tense) is a different story though.

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3 hours ago, kokodus said:

Omg they released a new preview....!!!!! Looks sad. :(


Oh no! Is my heart gonna break so much this Thursday? :tears:

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I was wondering, did Jeongwon get around to telling the gang about his departure to Italy? Mama Rosa and Jeongsu found out from the other executive doctor (Dr Ju?) and I think Songhwa has an inkling when he told her to take over Daddy Long Legs, but the rest of the gang don’t know right? Or did I miss something?

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