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  1. Oh man, what a pity that the real VIP is not revealed Hope there will be a season 2 but a good script is very important.
  2. Support Son's reply, some people are just narrow-minded and self-entitled.
  3. Pardon me for quoting my own post, but apparently four of them went to watch a play starring the NIS team leader. Based on what I read on the other site, they got criticized for being disruptive during the play. Hope it will not affect the show even though the filming had ended.
  4. So the episode shown me why OST part 4 is kind of a rock version instead of acoustic. On a side note, the viewership rating is gradually declining since ep.1
  5. [Doctor John] Ep 8 spoilers, Ji Sung x Lee Se Young Cr. Melohwa Article: Naver 'Doctor John' Lee Se Young confessed her love to Ji Sung, "I like Professor Cha" Article: Naver 'Doctor John' Ji Sung enters the pain center in a protective suit... Lee Se Young, "What are you doing here?" I agreed with the korean netizens, remove the prosecutor and nurse, especially the nurse. She is so disgusting, she forged the documents and is taking revenge for her own purpose. How dare she sabotage the genius doctor!
  6. Tbh, OYS was meant to be killed as he and VIP had different ideology. He is just a pawn in this game. The driver could be under instruction to finish him off when situation is getting out of hand. I been waiting to see how the Korean version killed him off ever since the plot was different as compared to American version.
  7. Just some pic from set. On a side note, the prosecutor is weird. Disliked his character from the start
  8. Glad that another good drama to replace my Wed-Thurs "Search: WWW" so that my Thur and Fri will still be occupied
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