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  1. As expected from you, beautifully written. Jeong Won always wanted to be a priest since he was a kid. Even after he found his calling to be a doctor. He loves being a doctor and helps people, but being his sensitive self, he couldnt bear the burden when he fail to save a life. This kinda fuel his desire to be a priest. Now he meets Gyeoul, a partner whose seems to be tougher than Jeong Won in that aspect, Jeong Won wouldnt be so afraid anymore to face it. He, who is seen as someone who can do it all alone, dependable and someone you can rely on, now finally has someone to lean on too. He now has no reason to quit doing what he loves, since the core reason he wanted to leave, will finally resolved.
  2. Cant write anything much now since my hands still shaking, happiness overload lol. All i can say is... Congratulations, winter garden is sailing! We were not delusional to think that Jeongwon likes Gyeoul gotta write my feeling about the finale tomorrow. For now I will go to sleep peacefully, knowing my winter garden heart got what it wants
  3. If my best friend said he loves me indirectly, after we've been friends for 20 years, when he's divorced and already had a kid, and I supposedly have feeling for him back then, I will definitely taken aback and confused. Why now? Is it because he's divorced? Then what will happen with our friendship? What am I supposed to do with something as serious as this? To be honest, if something like that occured to me, I will feel uncomfortable at first too despite he's my first love. Let say I am in 40s. My first love happened to be 20 years ago. 20 years has passed, no way I will live my life pathetically, waiting for my first love to comeback, moreover my first love happened to be my best friend, and he's married. Of course I hoped his marriage last forever. No way I will secretly hope he come back, because to come back he has to be divorced. Divorced is painful, theres no way I want my best friend experience something terrible like that. His divorce and his indirectly confession happens so sudden. It was unpredictable. It was unplanned. So instead of joyfully respond to his confession, I will definitely take my time to asses the situation. What does he mean? Is it really what I am thinking? If it is, what will happen later? What am I supposed to do? And of course I will ask myself, what am I feeling? After all this time, what about my feeling? Even if he is indeed my first love, what about now? Do I still have the same feeling or not in our current situation? We need to take their age and the length of their friendship into consideration.. it wont be as easy like "you know what? you are my first love, and i've been loving you ever since. Let's be together" to be answered "ah i feel the same way too. Let's date" can you imagine 40s women and men to be like that? When we're in 20s, being in love and decided to be together is easier. Getting older, we have so much thing to consider, the idea of first love isnt enough. Yes first love is great and unforgettable. But it wont make us jump into something so risky without thinking in our 40s immediately just because it is our first love. So I think it is too early for us to conclude Song Hwa reaction as rejection. Flustered, yes. Probably lead to rejection or reciprocated. I dont know. I really cant predict what will happen to Ikjun and Song Hwa. I don't even know whats on Song Hwa's mind. Even she looks she's uncomfortable, i cant 100% sure she rejects him, since we know she isnt afraid to say no to two men's confession before.
  4. Like Ikjun and Jeongwon, I am so proud of Gyeoul. She did well in her first surgery. She did her works calmly despite having her crush assist her. How strong her mental is. I love her a lot! Their surgery scene is sweet. And Jeongwon being sweet having her to lead the surgery for the first time, in pediatric department on top of that. Nurse even said he usually doesnt let someone to do the lead in pediatric surgery. Thats Jeongwon believes in my girl. I've shared same opinion about winter garden. Lets move to Ikjun-Song Hwa dynamic. I personally think IJ-SHwa pairing is already set. But their journey wouldnt be easy, as they are friends for 20 years and theyre in their 40s. IJ might be set his eyes and finally made his move to SHwa but I think it will take some time for SHwa to open up. It is related to their friendship. They cant just date only to breakup later. SHwa might be confuse about what to do too, after 20years IJ confessed his feeling indirectly. We as viewers see that IJ have tried to confess before but decided to back down after SH confession, but SHwa didnt know that yet. So their relationship would take some time. There's a chance that SHwa would date Chi Hong too, only to breakup and serves as wake up call to SHwa true feeling (I dont know, I am just guessing). It is very realistic, to SHwa taken aback with IJ move. I just hope for the best..
  5. @midflight Yes I agree. The way he pressed Ikjun to answer seems unwise. I mean, he shouldve seen that Song Hwa getting awkward.. it is indeed not a wise move. He definitely likes her but not as considerate as Ikjun to her. I am rooting for Ikjun to be happy. He is so pitiful. For his friend, he's sacrifice his first love. Yet we see him as happy go lucky person with no worries. We clearly see more than enough that he struggles with his life. But he never show it to people.. i hope IkJun will get his love and not to be another Jungpal or Chilbong..
  6. The preview!!! Looks like Jeongwon said he will take someone out for a nice meal. If it is Gyeouo, is it safe to conclude that Jeongwon sees Gyeoul as special women? like the nurse said, Jeongwon never ask someone to eat together first. Even so, I still think Jeongwon will going to Italy since he said please take care of Gyeoul.. what if he decided to take Gyeoul out but still proceed his plan later? Only to be back to be a doctor next season.. woaaaa seriously how can I wait for a week. Not to mention, the probability is big that we will have open ending for this season so we need another year to see how the story unfold. Funny thing, i was so anxious to wait this episode, and i even more anxious after watch it. Shin PD, can we have next season this year? Lol
  7. Gosh.. maybe i am being bias but seriously no matter how many times I rewatch Jeongwon and Gyeoul scene, I keep finding Jeongwon expression towards Gyeoul suspicious. Like he's bothered. I cant shake the feeling that he's interested in her. I dont know whether I am right or wrong, I can be bias. After reading some posts here, I realize why I ship Gyeoul with Jeongwon so much. Turns out, it is not because I like Jeongwon so much, but it is because I like Gyeoul so much to the point I want her to get what she wants, and right now what she wants is Jeongwon. Many people bashes her character, treat her like she's not good enough to be Jeongwon's partner, just because she has flaws. Just because she needs growth. And thats the main reason why I am rooting for her. She is so relatable. You know, there were times that we've been judged because our misbehavior, while in fact our misbehavior has no ill intention and all we need is growth. That is Gyeoul character for me. When she's finally being a better person and get what she wants even if she's only a supporting character, it is more relatable, fit to slice of life genre.. Now I realize the reason, I will try to stay as calm as possible. I will ship Gyeoul with whoever she likes, who cherishes her. My wish now Gyeoul will join the next season and have the development she deserves. I have a soft spot for her. For those who doesnt want her to end up with Andrea because she is less than perfect and not good enough for him, I dont care anymore. I am on Winter ship. I am not gonna overanalyze things, finding every small hints just to prove my ship will sail. It is tiring. I am taking what the writer gives, believe in him, and enjoy the ride. Btw, it is tomorrow! Cant wait.
  8. Hi, silent reader here. I am getting confused lately after read some thoughts here. I mean, i am not the kind of people who likes to overanalyze thing, so when I read people's thoughts i was like 'wow seriously i didnt think that far' I am more like see thing as it is. And here I am more confused of Flower Garden theory.. like flower garden shipper seems to have things interpreted differently, so much different until i question myself, and anxious about it. But I hope the obvious pairing until latest episode will sail until the end of season 3. Because I am already grow on them, and invested my heart. I dont mind the slow burn romance since I love it. Just.. dont give me a possibly plot twist. I will definitely get my heart breaks if the latter happens.
  9. Currently live streaming latest episode. Woa.. TE's dad is despicable human being.
  10. This is what i feel too! When I watched it live, i was so anxious and feel heavy. I even feel sad when I saw the pain in anchor nim eyes. I am so scared that they will separated for a long time. Cant handle the heartbreak... And when they finally hugged at last minutes, i immediately relieved...... ♥️♥️
  11. Wow... This episode really proves that TE indeed a great friend for JH. Cant say anything much about latest episode since i dont understand much, but I can say that I love this drama even more ♥️
  12. Just finished live streaming latest episode... She remembers. She meets with SY's stalker. I missed the preview though..
  13. Just finished streaming latest episode.... Seems like we cant be happy for too long. I dont understand what TE said at the end, but it sounds bad. Like HJ said in the past "it's my fault" related to SY death. And that is why HJ got depressed back then. I am anxious about what happened next.. i hope our memory couple would handle things well and no noble idiocy happens here.... Btw, TE's dad really shady. I dont understand what he said to JH, but seems like he's not happy that with JH being able to move on. Even the preview shows he visit SY's stalker. He's really shady. I am afraid he will do something bad.
  14. Hi! A silent reader here. Been a while since the last time i post something in soompi forums.. Cant really hold myself to join in this thread because I love this drama so much like you guys. I have been watching k drama for years and this is actually the first drama that I watch raw lol i believe you guys can imagine how much i like this drama. Anyway, i am so happy with the latest episode. It is all i ever wanted: the tender smile of Anchor-nim, the confession, and of course the kiss! Finally, the ship has sailed. The drama is getting better and better every week, it keeps me wonder what happens next if something bad happens, and keeps me wanting something more when something good happens. I cant wait to see sweet JH drunk in love and being lovely boyfriend to HJ. Though to be honest, i am bit anxious about what will happen when HJ regain her memory... Well.. hope the writer nim can maintain this drama to be good until the final episode *finger crossed*.
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