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  1. Hello Flowergardeners, I was watching the scene where JW and Jang are together after their date, and in the background the train speeds away and the car is shown with its hazard lights. I was surprised I had not observed it since I FF ed their scenes. It is obvious that the writer director is hinting that the couple are speeding into a hazard zone with the hazard lights. What do you guys think?
  2. In the preview for the next episode, SK is warning BW to be careful of her father. Hyung is telling BW that there is a problem. Did SK ex-inlaws come to visit her current in-laws or is it the Queen consort? Still the subs are missing in many parts of long conversations.
  3. reading the article and understanding it, some writer A was cough* attacked *cough by the person who acted as Jun A. which happened 12 years ago.
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