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  1. surprised that the MIL did not slap the SIL. HE definitely deserves one!! May be tomorrow.
  2. This is the main reason she does not want anyone to know that she is the heartless mother that abandoned a 6 y.o child in winter. She would be shamed and initially the chairman might not agree to the marriage after knowing about MR, but TJ might soften him a bit and even though it does not seem like it, and he does not say it, he loves his son. He just has a weird way of handling it. To him, he likes people who work hard and are not leeches to him or his company. Just like SJ called him out, MR also called him out and walked out since she did not want to be late for a meeting. HE like MR very much not romantically since he sees her (like a pervert), but happy that his son made a good choice. IS is like a bed bug who has leeched onto TJ and even though he wants to kill the bug (not literally), since TJ is pretty much in good terms with IS, he is letting her stay and dealing with it. HE does not want to handle the repercussions from his son, in the event he kicks IS out. As a father, even though he might not say it, he is more considerate than IS. IS plans everything to destroy and some how MR and TJ come out of it a little bit stronger. I would wish that MR stops talking to her mom or even listening to her. I hope MR walks to the chairman's office and announces that she is the daughter of IS that was thrown away. Definitely. He knows that most of them are lying to him and keeping information from him and I really loved how he contacted MR and got her to come back to the company. Even though I don't like his character and writing, I do like the perseverance. TJ does have inherited similar characteristics from dad. Now in the preview did I see MR with a box hiding from TJ . Just because MR goes away, would TJ just stay put? Would he not pursue and try to find MR. Don't you think that she is actually the main female lead? She has more scenes than MR and TJ combined. She is a busy body and moving around just about everywhere. I don't think she can be written off. The story would not have legs. Just like you, I did not relish seeing the crying either. Since I was watching live, I had no choice but to sit and watch it . The writer should have reprimanded MR for keeping secrets again and let her be punished. Yep, Yep and Yep.
  3. I know they officially did not get married. It was a proposal that MR had not answered. She was planning on doing that after she came back from her china trip. But IS jumped the gun intentionally and disclosed who TJ was. So, the rings were just couple rings? ISn't that what they call that.
  4. @zenya22 - you summarized everything about TJ and MR so nicely. Thank you. Had fun reading about it. As you said, chairman like MR quite a lot - he is stupefied sometimes when he looks at her, sometimes, he behaves like a pervert too. But I think he likes MR for TJ and he favors him. He wants TJ to learn everything from MR and I think he will throw IS to the wolves and hold on to MR. For some reason he does not like IS. Don't know what happened before, but he has his doubts. But I don't think he has made the connection between IS and MR. He wants to know what is it that causes IS to freak out about MR. Once he finds out about the Director who found out the connection between IS and MR and did not tell the chairman, pawns will fall and the King will reign.
  5. Ep 8 preview http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,7,794357 From Google Translate: 8 times <paternity check> Seowol says that he will confirm his parents to Chang after his troubles, and Gwang-il and Tae-joon, who heard the news from his chairman, are happy. On the other hand, in June, when he hears advice of a few people, he lives with the elderly.
  6. I have watched the last scene and a few of them before it. TJ sitting by Han river and thinking about how MR twisted her ankle during the bike event, and MR sitting in the same spot thinking about TJ proposal. They showed MR in the last scene twisting her ankle again? Is the proposal scene going to popup again just like that of the ankle twist? IS it a future prediction? IS that why MR is looking at her couple ring in the preview?
  7. I think so. Looks like it. I did not see any and was not able to find anything online either. Anyone else?
  8. Looks like KBS forgot to release today episode - But the trailer is released on KBS. http://program.kbs.co.kr/2tv/drama/aplaceinthesun/pc/board.html?smenu=9725de&bbs_loc=T2019-0122-01-130845,read,,6,794356 From Google Translate: For this time, Seowol feels pain and goes to the hospital, and President Jeon directs his son to confirm the child who is out of the world a month ago. On the other hand, in June, on the road, the elderly man who is struck by the accident is rescued.
  9. Started watching this . Let's see how it rolls. So, far as @Auntie Mame said, the usual stuff. I want to see how far the father will go to protect his secret now that YSW has intended to marry the supposed heir.
  10. I can't understand how IS could leave a child like that in the cold and walk away. Assuming that she married into the Han family, could she not have come back to claim her child after the death of her husband? She took care of TS - which might have been wonderful for him, but IS personality screams $$$ only. My bet is that she took care of TS since he would become the successor and she would have a gala time with that. I did not even feel any love when she called MR to come and hug her. It was just that she got scolded by MS that she came to talk. Otherwise she would have been thankful to SJ for raising her child.
  11. Seeing the raw - Does IS ask the assistant to process MR resignation? Can anyone translate the preview? Thanks in advance. Looks like the chairman is asking to find out he relationship between IS and MR.
  12. When they say 100 episodes, is it not totally 50 - 1 hour episodes? The duration per episode is 40 min (I would think time is inclusive of the advertisements). Looks like it. Was it the newspaper that Chairman gave to IS that made her realize that MR was her daughter. Just not comfortable with IS character. She is conniving and a back stabber. If the chairman had not broached the topic of MR resignation and dinner/ lunch with him, IS would not have invited MR for a meal either. She really butting heads with her daughter. I want MR to leave the company and the country and get stronger when dealing with IS. All the honey mooning about her mother is all gone now after seeing how she behaved with her. She needs to go somewhere where she can regroup and feel confident when handling her. She should go abroad and study and come back as a CEO to a competing company and make that successful. Mother vs. Daughter 's companies. I doubt chairman Han would let MR go. But he might agree for her to leave and work abroad. I was surprised that IS told MR that for the first three years all she did was cook everyday for guests. Would they not have cooks to do that in that household? surprising what these kdramas depict. Can't figure out if it is for real or not.
  13. @jasmine19 you elaborated my thoughts and feelings exactly. Both were a dud in my opinion. If all we see is pain and suffering , I don't have to watch dramas at all. It would be better to have some substance vs. just going through hell with self flagellation. Both of them left a bad taste with kdramas. So, for this drama and the love line for TJ - I am not so sure it would be a path with roses and thorns or just thorns and MR mom will get wind of this crap and slap IS silly and tell her to cut it out and let her daughter be. Since IS does not know MR is her daughter. (or does she?). What is the relationship between SJ and IS ? IS MR the child born due to SJ husband's infidelity? Just trying to figure it out.
  14. Yep. They surely did that. Is the last episode next week. Looks like they will either Kill or hospitalize SH and SJ and NJ can be together.
  15. Neither do I. It is great to show sympathy for a person who is sick, but this is something SH brought this on herself. In addition to feeling left out, she is not even making attempt to feel sorry for what she did to SW birth mother. I am with SW in him not wanting SH to know about his marriage ceremony as he wanted a small wedding before JA starts showing and that SH would object to it and make it something that SW did not want at this time. Also, since it was a respectful thing to do for his bio mom who thought that she lost her child and that the child was near her but she did not know and that the child after finding out needs to figure out how to incorporate the two mothers into his circle and respect both of them. But it is understandable since SH did this to his bio mom. Anyway, it is a vicious cycle and it is normal for SW to feel this way. Yes, the women are very attractive, but I seem to be liking DS of late. He seems to be such a good boyfriend, loving and caring.
  16. It looks like Si-Woo will become the CEO and SH is upset and wants to split Hyunkang. NJ is thanking his team mates at the cafe.
  17. I would have liked DR to be with TP more than WDR. I understand that this is a family drama and we will have a Kumbaya moment, but it was too much with DY and her MIL coming and asking her to stop WDR to leave the country. Even though there was not much romance between TP and DR, I liked that he was more intune with DR and was there during the tough times even though WDR was also there and could not be because of their family, TP even got eggs thrown at him. It was sad to see him having to let go of her and accept that she still has feelings for WDR. After going back, she became the nurse again for halmoni. Really hated her tagging along in law school. What kind of university allows anyone to come and sit in for class? Gilmore Girls comes to mind. But it was too much for me to watch all that nuisance. DY confiding in DR and DR becoming a protective sister in law in the last episode was something I did not expect. I would have wanted DY to be reprimanded for all the havoc she created, instead her husband had to be reeled in. He should not have started the affair in the first place but oh well. I saw that Mr and Mrs Kang were the best part of the show with the baby boy (forgot who gave us the spoilers earlier of a boy in blue clothes - Thank you). I was sad that DR did not have any kids or was not expecting with WDR being the oldest and all. It was nice of Mr. Kang to start an orphanage and take care of the kids. I guess from the ending scenes, DR friend and TP might become an item. So the ending was more of a blah kind of feeling - I had already tuned off quite a few episodes ago when they were traumatizing DR. Couldn't handle it any more and just read all the posts and got a gist of the episode. So, today's episode was neither exhilarating or dejected just blah!
  18. I think @dramaninja and @smhelen and many others are looking for was the take down of DY like they showed in the preview. Since it did not come as late as the last but one episode, they must have been disappointed. I hear you guys and gals. I wanted that too. Everything else is fine. How did you feel about the remorse from GR and their family. It had to be done. But did not feel great about it. I wish it was more heartfelt than shown in the episode.
  19. I guess the writer like DY very much and so wanted to give her an easy time till the end. Probably there will be a 5 minutes of sadness for a brat like DY.
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