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[Drama 2018-2019] Children of Nobody/Red Moon, Blue Sun, 붉은달 푸른해


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@akiera, the little boy whom the female lead was counseling also saw the little girl in green so I think there is some supernatural element to this show. I’m wondering who else can see her. 


@icyphoenix, I like the female detective. I somehow see her as possibly more open to any supernatural element to the case. Perhaps it’s because she dresses all in black and looks like she’ll be open minded. 


@joccu, the poem is scary. A leper eats a child or something weird like that. I definitely think this is supernatural. 

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@celebrianna yes there might be something unusual or supernatural behind her.. As the male detective said the way she looks gives me chills.. Same goes for the truck driver!! He is equally creepy!! I want to know more abt those 2!! I guess as we r uncovering the truth abt green colored dress girl we will get more insight on these two too!! 

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2 hours ago, celebrianna said:

@akiera, the little boy whom the female lead was counseling also saw the little girl in green so I think there is some supernatural element to this show. I’m wondering who else can see her. 


Didn't he saw a girl in red? one who was hopping in the play ground. Maybe I missed something but I thought they were two different children.

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47 minutes ago, akiera said:

Didn't he saw a girl in red? one who was hopping in the play ground. Maybe I missed something but I thought they were two different children.

You might be right. Maybe she was wearing a different color but I thought it looked like the same child. Either way, people are seeing ghosts or something.

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10 hours ago, akiera said:

This is one of the best drama currently airing. I wanted to watch ED because of CJH but seems like I value the drama's worth more than the actor's. Hope it gets the deserved attention.


8 hours ago, icyphoenix said:

This story is worth more than the ratings it received.. Hope ppl recognize it more n more!! 


Not just in Korea but also here in Soompi! #childrenofnobody fighting :bawling:

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Nothing but guesses at the moment but I'll be surprised if at least some aren't correct.  When she speaks of the 'fury' within her I'm thinking she is going to begin remembering childhood abuse that she has suppressed.  Also, something to do with sister's state????


I'm thinking this is all about organized child abuse/trafficking that sadly is all too real in this world.  I believe the doctor who killed the woman convicted of killing her son was ordered to do so, that this had nothing to do about his 'outrage' but was more about a sinister group having things on him to control him.


I'm also guessing that the female detective has deeper knowledge of such things, probably why she became a detective???


The husband is simply a selfish narcissistic sleaze bucket and he and his girl friend are two of a kind who deserve each other.


Anyway, we'll see if my guesses are right, but for sure this is a very dark reflection of a world that truly exists so buckle your seat belts it is going to be a rough ride, but probably very well done.

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9 hours ago, akiera said:

Didn't he saw a girl in red? one who was hopping in the play ground. Maybe I missed something but I thought they were two different children.


Yes, she is wearing a red dress in the opening episode.  

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I'm still trying to piece everything together, and it's not happening smoothly (though I looove the setting of the story and its beginning). I'm left with too many unanswered questions for the moment, but at the same time I think it helps me connect more with the main characters, since they're also trying to figure out what they'e dealing w/ at the same time. It seems as if we're seeing the story unfold from two points of view: The lead detective, and the therapist...


I'm curious to know exactly how her baby died (it seems he did, from the way her husband and she talked, but then the detective mentioned she had a baby and stopped there, making me wonder if the baby was stillborn. And if s/he was, I wonder if this is hr first miscarriage or not...)


I also want to know why she works with children, as if I feel that it is a central part of the plot. Given how strongly she reacted, how involved she before the release of the lady who burnt her child, I think that indeed something traumatic, involving a kid, happened in her past.

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Red Moon, Blue Sun: Episodes 1-2

by odilettante


From the writer of Village: Secret of Achiara, Red Moon, Blue Sun (also known as Children of Nobody) looks like it will be another such suspenseful thriller, one that promises to be mysterious and full of surprising twists-and-turns. The premiere gives us more questions than answers, but that’s to be expected for a show that’s laying the groundwork for a complex puzzle.



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I watched Children of Nobody and I find it very promising. Besides the mystery, it made me emotionally engaged. Just watching, I thought that the English title was chosen very well.


We have so many questions right now. The girl in green (ghost?) appears every time there will be a tragedy or there is a child in need. I believe she was a victime herself and we`ll find out what happen with her when Woo kyung and Kang Ji Hyun will investigate. 

Who wrote the hand-written inscription on the back of the picture/ drawing? It is a connection between cases and at this point , our heroine and the detective doesn`t know yet. What happened with Woo Kyung`s sister? 


Let`s see what we`ll find out next episodes.

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I've only found out that the writer of this drama is the one who wrote Achiara. I enjoyed the ride in Achiara. So I will soon catch up with this one too. Maybe early December since I have deadline to meet within this week. Can't add another new drama just yet.

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Hi everyone! I am new to this thread, and just caught up on all the episodes. I mainly decided to give this drama a try because of Kim Sun-ah and Lee Yi-kyung, both excellent actors.


So many unanswered questions after the first four episodes....

Thank you @rindanaloma_178d for the link to the poem about the leper. I first thought that the poem was a reference to the bible about the story of Samaria and the lepers there, but the Korean poem's back story seems to make more sense in this case.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in the other story, please read on:



As there was a war, Samaria's food supply ran out. Many died of famine. There is a story about a woman who pledged for help from the king. Thinking they were about to starve, she and another woman made an agreement. This woman agreed to kill her son and to make a meal of him, which she would share with another woman. The other woman promised that they would eat her son the next day. But the next day she learned that the other woman had hid her son. She asked for help from the king.

Here was a mother who would not sacrifice herself for her child, but instead took her child’s life to spare her own...


Everyone seems equally intrigued about the girl in the red/green dress. I do not necessarily think that she is a real person, but instead a "premonition" or a "symbol" of a neglected child. This girl has appeared in the cases  where a person/child appears who is suffering/neglected. First we have the boy Siwan who has severe problems and needs therapy, then the boy who dies in the car accident. After that she appears in the cemetery right before detective Kang Ji-hun appears, next in the greenhouse where the truck driver is, and lastly in front of Cha Woo.-kyung.

We already have a strong clue that detective Kang Ji-hun is a person from a broken home. His ex-girlfriend references him as not being able to love unconditionally, and as a person who is clingy. Typical behavior of a person that was abandoned as a child. The truck driver I know nothing of yet, so that is just a wild guess that he was also abandoned as a child. ;) And lastly we have Cha Woo-kyung who many already have guessed has a harrowing childhood/past.


Cha Woo-kyung says in the last episode that she feels great fury, but she doesn't know where it all began. It seems feelings (perhaps all the way from her childhood) are resurfacing. Who can blame her? She has lost her baby and her husband. Her sister is in a vegetative state. She has reached her tipping point. My question is whose blood is on that knife she was holding in the last scene....?


I look forward to seeing what the next episodes will bring. We already know that our main leads have both lost a baby each, and both probably have a tragic childhood. I hope to see them join their forces to help those children that don't have their own parents to protect them.





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On 10/9/2018 at 9:48 PM, Rafael Pascual said:

Production credits:

Chief Producer: Sohn Hyung Suk (Partners for Justice, Bad Papa)

Executive Producer: Lee Jun Ho, Kim Yong Jin (is he the same producer from SBS? if anyone knows please enlighten me.)

Producer: Kim Ho Young 


Just checked the poster for the upcoming SBS daily Gangnam Scandal , which is produced by SBS Plus. Usually, you will see Kim Yong Jin's name on the credits as EP. But now, I saw the name Kwon Hyo Jin. So that confirmed my suspicion that the Kim Yong Jin who is one of the EPs of this drama is the one who (formerly) produced dramas for SBS Plus.


Didn't know when exactly he moved to Mega Monster from SBS (I think this year only), but here are some of those he produced when he was at SBS: Girl Who Sees Smells/Sensory Couple, You are a Gift, Happy Sisters, and lastly Let Me Introduce Her (which was embroiled in a plagiarism controversy).

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I wonder whose hand is that in the poster. The woman's laughing at the end was creepy :crazy: Nam Gyu Ri looks badass here, it's been years since I saw her in 49 Days! It's hard for me to believe Lee Yi Kyung is in a serious role this time because I keep thinking of Eulachacha Waikiki :tongue: 

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Good Data Corp rankings

1. JTBC “The Beauty Inside” (16.19 percent)
2. SBS “The Last Empress” (12.45 percent)
3. tvN “Encounter” (7.98 percent)
4. JTBC “SKY Castle” (7.00 percent)
5. tvN “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” (6.31 percent)
6. MBC “Children of Nobody” (5.67 percent)
7. SBS “Where Stars Land” (3.76 percent)
8. tvN “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” (3.53 percent)
9. KBS2 “My Only One” (3.03 percent)
10. OCN “God’s Quiz: Reboot” (3 percent)


1. tvN “Encounter” – Park Bo Gum
2. JTBC “The Beauty Inside” – Seo Hyun Jin
3. tvN “Encounter” – Song Hye Kyo
4. JTBC “The Beauty Inside” – Lee Min Ki
5. SBS “The Last Empress” – Jang Nara
6. JTBC “The Beauty Inside” – Lee Da Hee
7. tvN “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” – Seo In Guk
8. SBS “The Last Empress” – Shin Sung Rok
9. MBC “Children of Nobody” – Kim Sun Ah
10. tvN “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” – Jung So Min



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Just saw this Dong-A Ilbo article about the netizen comments on both Children of Nobody and The Last Empress. http://news.donga.com/3/all/20181122/92974987/2




‘황후의 품격’, ‘붉은 달 푸른 해’에 시청률 우위…시청평은 반대?

The Last Empress, ahead of Children of Nobody in ratings... netizens felt otherwise?



수목극 화제작으로 꼽혔던 ‘황후의 품격’과 ‘붉은 달 푸른 해’가 같은 날 첫 방송을 시작했다.

The Last Empress and Children of Nobody, both considered as top-raters in the Wednesday-Thursday prime time slot, premiered on the same day (November 21).


22일 시청률 조사회사 닐슨코리아에 따르면, 전날 방송된 ‘황후의 품격’ 1, 2회는 각각 시청률 7.6%와 7.2%(전국 유료가구 기준)를 기록. 동시간대 시청률 1위를 차지했다.

According to Nielsen Korea, episodes 1 and 2 of The Last Empress garnered 7.6% and 7.2% respectively. It is the leading drama on the prime time slot that day.


‘황후의 품격’은 2018년 현재가 ‘입헌군주제 시대’, 대한제국이라는 가정 하에 황실 안에서의 음모와 암투, 사랑과 욕망, 복수를 담아내는 황실로맨스 스릴러다. 특히 SBS ‘아내의 유혹’, MBC ‘내 딸, 금사월’ 등을 쓴 김순옥 작가의 신작으로 주목을 받았다.

The Last Empress is an imperial romance thriller that embodies the conspiracy, love, desire, and revenge in the imperial family under the assumption that the present age is the constitutional monarchy era, the Korean empire. Especially,  it attracted attention as a new work by Kim Soon Ok who wrote SBS Temptation of Wife, MBC My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol among others.


같은 시간 방송된 MBC ‘붉은 달 푸른 해’ 1, 2회는 각각 시청률 5.2%와 5.4%에 머물렀다.

On the other hand, MBC Children of Nobody got 5.2% and 5.4% for its first two episodes, broadcasting at the same time (competing with The Last Empress).


‘붉은 달 푸른 해’는 의문의 살인사건에 계속 휘말리는 아동센터 상담사가 사건 현장에서 발견한 시(詩) 구절을 통해 진실을 쫓는 미스터리 스릴러다. ‘믿고 보는 배우’라는 평가를 받는 김선아가 주연을 맡아 눈길을 끌었다. 

Children of Nobody is a mystery thriller that follows the truth through poetry verses found at a crime scene by a child center counselor who is constantly involved in the murder of a mysterious child. Kim Sun-ah, who received an evaluation of 'believing and seeing actor', took the lead and attracted attention.


첫 방송 시청률에서는 ‘황후의 품격’이 앞섰지만, 시청자들 평가에선 ‘붉은 달 푸른 해’가 승리한 모양새다. 
In the first broadcast ratings, The Last Empress was ahead, but in the evaluation of the audience, Children of Nobody wins.


‘황후의 품격’을 두고 일부 시청자들은 “간만에 재미난 드라마가 나왔다. 역시 김순옥이다”(ca***), “오늘이 또 기대된다”(fe***) 등 긍정적인 평가를 내렸지만, 혹평을 쏟아내는 이들도 많았다. 

About The Last Empress, some of the viewers said, "It was interesting. It is a Kim Sun Ok material, too" (ca***),  and "I am looking forward to it for the next day" (fe***), however, there were a lot of criticism.


ha***은 “대한제국 황실이라는 설정부터 판타지적이어서 그런지 연기도 다 과하고 어색하다”고 지적했고, wi***도 “너무 뭔가 어수선하다. 후반 들면 전형적인 욕하면서 보는 드라마가 될지 모르겠는데, 계속 보고 싶다는 느낌은 솔직히 아니다”라고 밝혔다.

ha*** pointed out, "From the setting of the empire to the happenings (at the empire), everything was fantasy, and the acting is awkward and awkward," and wi*** said that "It was too much cluttered. I do not know if it's going to be dramatic in the second half, but I really do not want to watch it."


반면, ‘붉은 달 푸른 해’는 호평이 줄을 이었다. ka***은 “김선아 연기가 화면을 뚫고 나오더라. 엄청난 연기력. 칙칙하고 어둡고 무거운 느낌의 장르물도 소화를 잘하는 것 같다”고 평가했다. 

On the other hand, favorable comments were leaning towards Children of Nobody. ka*** commented, "Kim Sun A acted through the screen. Great acting power. I think it did a great job to dissect themes that are dull, dark and heavy. "


kk***도 “김선아 연기 볼때마다 몰입 장난 아니더라. 연기도 잘하고, 내용도 재밌고, 연출도 좋다. 음악도 너무 마음에 든다”며 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다.
kk*** said "Kim Seon A is a MUST-WATCH when I see her acting. Visual is good, contents are fun, and production is good, too. I also like the music (used in this drama) very much."


sa*** “이 드라마 뭐지? 채널 돌리다 우연히 봤는데 재밌더라. 이이경, 김선아 연기 대박이었다”고 말하기도 했다.

sa*** asked "What is this drama? I looked at the channel (MBC) by chance and it was fun. Lee Yi Kyung, Kim Sun A did great job."


윤우열 동아닷컴 기자 cloudancer@donga.com

WRITTEN BY Yoon Woo Yeol FOR DongA.com







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