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  1. Ohlalala!!!!!! Ep4 ending got me like %#^@^*&$#!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow, the best first eps goes for this drama! what a strat
  2. Hello everybody I've decided to register just to share my first thought after ep1 u can find analysis to the poem that was mentioned here: http://trilingualrookie.blogspot.com/2014/02/word-wednesday-seo-jeong-jus-poem-leper.html It says By the sun and the light of the sky, the leper grows sorrow I recall the daughter calls her unborn brother "sunlight", and maybe they mean the mother is the leper When the moon rises above the barley field A child is eaten maybe when the mom give birth, another child dies? Tears as red as a flower falls at night Here's i think someone will pay the price by crying blood, or maybe the baby is falling like a red flower "covered by blood" from his mom womb An insane first ep n I expect more as the episodes progress
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