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[Drama 2018-2019] Children of Nobody/Red Moon, Blue Sun, 붉은달 푸른해


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Lee Yi Kyung And Nam Gyu Ri Share Excitement About Upcoming Mystery Thriller Drama “Children Of Nobody”

by S. Park

Two actors from “Children of Nobody” described their upcoming drama!

“Children of Nobody” is about a counselor (played by Kim Sun Ah) whose perfect life comes crashing down after a mysterious incident changes her life. After meeting a child, she begins searching for the truth and comes across a series of poems that serve as clues.

On November 19, Lee Yi Kyung and Nam Gyu Ri introduced their drama, characters, and more in interviews.

Lee Yi Kyung will portray a homicide detective named Kang Ji Heon who believes that a crime needs to be judged within the framework of the law.

The actor began, “He’s someone who’s simple but definitely has his own instincts, and doesn’t lose his sense of self when investigating.” In short, he described his character as a tough detective who also trusts his gut.

He continued, “I’m working hard so that the character can fit in with the mystery thriller drama so that he doesn’t feel different to the viewers.”

About working with Kim Sun Ah, the actor said, “She’s so warm and nice to the point where I want to call her the icon of generosity. I’m really, really happy while filming.” He concluded the interview by saying, “There’s a feeling of tension that ‘Children of Nobody’ gives off. It’ll be easy to get immersed. If you watch it in your room while feeling that tension, then I think you may have a warm winter.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1265859wpp/lee-yi-kyung-nam-gyu-ri-share-excitement-upcoming-mystery-thriller-drama-children-nobody
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Behind the scenes with Red Moon, Blue Sun

by tccolb


With the premiere on the horizon, new photos have been released for MBC’s Red Moon, Blue Sun (also known as Children of Nobody), including a photo from the script reading, seen above, and the four leads took a moment to share some of their initial thoughts as well.

Kim Sun-ah (Should We Kiss First) leads the cast as Cha Woo-kyung. A woman at the center of a strange occurrence involving an unknown child who sets out to discover the truth with just a poem to guide her. The actress remarked, “I was very surprised by the script reading. They were so good, to the extent that I was in awe. It was a given from my seniors, but it was all of the cast including Lee Yi-kyung, Nam Gyuri, Cha Hak-yeon, and the child actors as well. I thought, ‘Now, I just need to do well.’ I am very grateful to be able to work together on a project with such great actors, and look forward to our time together.”

Lee Yi-kyung (Investigation Couple), who plays detective Kang Ji-heon, stated, “The atmosphere on set is always lively. Truthfully, when the actors gather together we make jokes that ‘We should really be doing a romantic comedy judging by this mood.’ Even on location, we’re very considerate to one another while filming. I think this kind of energy will translate onto the screen as well. You can expect exceptional acting and please look forward to Red Moon, Blue Sun.”


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/11/behind-the-scenes-with-red-moon-blue-sun/




Premiere Watch:

Red Moon, Blue Sun


Time slot: Wednesday & Thursday
Broadcaster: MBC
Genre: Mystery, thriller
Episode count: 32 episodes (35 minute episodes, 18 hours 40 minutes total)

Reasons to watch: A strange child and an accident turn Cha Woo-kyung’s (played by Kim Sun-ah) picture-perfect life upside down. After Kim meets this mysterious child, she sets off on a search for answers, but tragedy might be waiting at the end of that search. Lee Yi-kyung co-stars as a dedicated violent crimes detective named Kang Ji-heon who believes criminals should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Lee is on his own search — for the culprit behind a serious of strange crimes. Nam Gyuri will play a mysterious woman who hides behind a mask of apathy and Cha Hak-yeon (of the idol group VIXX) will round out the main cast as one of Kim Sun-ah’s work colleagues. If you can handle intense thrillers that are full of foreboding, give Red Moon, Blue Sun a watch!



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Pictures from the press conference




















Kim Sun A · Lee Yi Kyung appeared on MBC FM4U Kim Shinyoung's Hope Song at Noon Radio Show ' broadcast on the 20th.













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Kim Sun Ah Gets Into Life-Altering Car Accident In New Drama “Children Of Nobody”

by E. Cha

MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Children of Nobody” has unveiled a sneak peek of its upcoming premiere!

“Children of Nobody” (also known as “Red Moon, Blue Sun”) is a new mystery thriller starring Kim Sun Ah as Cha Woo Kyung, a child psychologist with a seemingly perfect life. After winding up in a strange car accident, Cha Woo Kyung’s world comes crashing down as she stumbles upon a mysterious child and embarks on a quest for the truth, using poetry as clues.

On November 21, the drama revealed new stills of its protagonist looking badly shaken after the mysterious car accident that changes her life. Kim Sun Ah appears shell-shocked and distraught as she clutches the steering wheel of her car, surrounded by broken glass.

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anyways I don't expect that CoN will get higher ratings than My Secret Terrius, since it has The Last Empress - and soon, Encounter - as ratings opponents on the same time slot. 5-7 percent will be alright for me.


The MBC drama 'Red Moon Blue Sea' started broadcasting on the 21st. This work, produced by Mega Monster, is a mystery thriller that traces the truth with a cue to poetry, the heroine, Cha Woo Kyung, who confronts the child of doubt and the incident of questioning. Cha Woo-kyung is portrayed by actress Kim Sun-a who had starred in dramas such as 'Should we kiss first' and 'Woman of dignity'. Choi Jung-kyu PD, who produced 'Ohjeonghwa', and PD Kang Hee-joo, who co-directed 'hide-and-seek', direct the series together, with writer Do Hyun-jeong who wrote 'Que Sera Sera'.


PD Choi said, "Poetry can be a clue and a factor that confuses people." He added, "The unique atmosphere of poetry will make the drama more interesting."



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Kim Sun Ah Discusses Drama “Children Of Nobody” And The Pressure Over Ratings

by L. Kim

Actress Kim Sun Ah recently attended a press conference for the new MBC drama “Children of Nobody.”

“Children of Nobody” (also known as “Red Moon, Blue Sun”) is a new mystery thriller starring Kim Sun Ah as Cha Woo Kyung, a child counselor with a seemingly perfect life. After winding up in a strange car accident, Cha Woo Kyung’s world comes crashing down as she stumbles upon a mysterious child and embarks on a quest for the truth, using poetry as clues.

Kim Sun Ah commented at the press conference, “It is my first time doing a thriller television show. The drama is like a very exciting mystery novel, and I chose it because it’s really interesting. There is no particular reason. I just thought the story was interesting. I thought it would be more interesting while filming it.”

When asked if she felt any pressure because of her previous hit works, she honestly responded, “I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel pressured at all, but it’s not major. Rather than feeling burdened, I wanted to do something interesting and good.”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1267153wpp/kim-sun-ah-discusses-drama-children-nobody-pressure-ratings
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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2018-2019] Children of Nobody/Red Moon, Blue Sun, 붉은달 푸른해


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