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  1. Finally official confirmation of second lead!! Jang Seung Jo Confirms For New Drama, Joins Ha Ji Won And Yoon Kye Sang May 17, 2019 by R. Jun Actor Jang Seung Jo has officially confirmed for the upcoming JTBC drama “Chocolate,” joining cast leads Ha Ji Won and Yoon Kye Sang. The drama is about a cold-hearted neurosurgeon named Lee Kang (played by Yoon Kye Sang) and a warm, compassionate chef named Moon Cha Young (played by Ha Ji Won). When the two reunite at a hospice, they start to heal each other’s old wounds and scars. Jang Seung Jo — who previously appeared in “Money Flower,” “Familiar Wife,” and “Encounter” — will be playing the role of the neurosurgeon Lee Joon, a character with a big ego who can’t stand to lose. He had an incredibly competitive relationship with Lee Kang when they were children, and when they meet again as doctors, the old competition flares up again. “Chocolate” is slated to air in the second half of this year. Source (1) Credit : soompi
  2. @andra3 you r not the only one!! I too felt the chemistry oozing!! Can't wait for the drama anymore!!
  3. A glimpse of the upcoming OTP of our show in 55th baeksang awards!! Ctto @andra30 I have been waiting for her!! Finally she is back with double happiness!! More info on cast : Jang seung jo is the second of the show
  4. Excited!!!!! Finally he is back to the dramaland!!! Hope they sign up a good actress!!!
  5. Let's see what happens!! SD has started filming historical drama
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