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  1. I laughed so hard at that hospital scene! Kaneki has a twisted sense of humor!
  2. I'm so confused by Yukiko's father. There are a few minutes before the end of episode 14, but... Kaneki is so sick... The father-in-law might have a heart attack. Who, in the team, is feeding Kaneki's info? Can't be agent Jin, right? I'd like to think someone more higher up, given the phone call at the hospital, but no one else beside the team knows exactly what they're doing right now, and the location of Jeon wasn't shared on the radio, so I'm guessing it's someone in the car with agent Park? I'm still clinging to the idea that (child) KW didn't kill Miho, but rather that his brother did, then asked him to cut her ear... Their father confessed to protect his kids.
  3. I'll be your bartender tonight. What would you like? Bloody Mary? Soul Taker? The Grim Reaper? Devil's Margarita? Frightleberry Murzenquest? Those are all real drink names...
  4. Yes for the ambulance, haha! When you call, please add my name on the patient's list. Ask them if they do a group discount... @sheelatpsfm I think LJW might be missing from the picture on purpose, so we won't think he's alive at the end. The producers probably knew we would be freaking out about his absence, and worried about what it means about his fate...
  5. Me too. I hope for some closure and a path to healing for KW, and no death for Chief Na... And progress on KJ's recovery. This isn't exactly a happy show, but I hope that the last episode won't leave me too heartbroken or somewhat traumatized by the fate our beloved characters. I know the show is about solving cases, but I'm hoping for growth and the ability to move forward with their lives, for KJ and KW. Please, no funeral for KW...
  6. I know this might have been said many times already, but really... I bow to LJW's performance in Voice 3. He's so believable playing KW's tortured soul and body, down to the expressions of his eyes. He's not overplaying it. Just in the eyes and body language, it's interesting to be able to see the switch from KW to Kousuke. He doesn't even need to lick his lips or whatnot for us to notice. I forget that I'm watching an actor. Our LHN has been consistently amazing too throughout all the seasons; she carries this show with grace and a tranquille force, but wanted to give LJW a special shoutout. KW/Kousuke is an emotionally taxing and challenging role to play. Speaking a bit from experience here. Kuddos, sir.
  7. @nateko I wish she had added a voice to her post! More seriously I think the speculations are right. I hope there will be a season 4. That drama is highly addictive, and the story so well written and enacted. I hope we won't wait too long (like 2 years or so) for the next season. I'm wondering if the writers are at work already. Also hoping the drama sells well internationally. It's a nail-biting thriller.
  8. @sushilicious and @sheelatpsfm, thank you both for the explanation. It's so sweet of friends, and fans and fellow actors to treat the cast and crew!
  9. All the pictures of LJW in front of the food truck have me wonder: Could someone explain to me the concept of the food truck with an actor or actress image all over it? I'm trying to figure out if the actor pays for it as a gift to the cast, or if it is sponsored by a company wanting to honor the actor... Thank you! PS: Don't mean to be off topic.
  10. I'm still not over when he put a bandage on her arm... It was so sweet how much he cared. Subtle skin to skin contact. And when he saw her again after being away for (9?) months, he was the first one to notice something was wrong with her hearing, and he kept asking her about it. If we pay attention we can see he's been keeping an eye on her and her health. Quoting @mrsj3n: Thoughts after watching the latest 2 episodes: DKW: DKW's teeth is too scary. We shall all stay away from his mouth. Stay away from his mouth? Why??!
  11. They somehow bought into his "human rights" ideals and submitted to some "brainwashing" session? We can see that everyone that we know of that associated with that psychopath were broken people who've had traumatic experiences. I believe that Kaneki's following had been built on people's trauma and emotional weaknesses... I'm right here with you. I don't think the writer is pursuing any love story here (but rather teasing us once in a while with innuendos). I do think writer-nim knows we're shipping those two, and is happily playing with our emotions. Seriously, though: some Golden Team members are (not so happily) married. Please, let us see that the leads have feelings and emotions and a life outside of the sickening, twisted drama of these cases. Could we see KW and KJ bond beyond the need to contain Kousuke?
  12. That twitter video... (I need CPR). You noticed that he licked his lips, right? Was he about to turn right in front of our eyes? lol @sheelatpsfm, thank you for the video! They're so cute together!!
  13. My shipper's heart keeps hoping and rooting for them at all the wrong scenes (that's how desperate I am), yet all they keep doing is arguing, or (our K) attacking (our KJ), yet it's so obvious they care for each other! I think KJ needs a cookie!
  14. So excited about season 2, so many lol moments already! I absolutely love the writing so far, and the young pathologist having a crush on Dr Psycho has been quite a stress-relief too. Can't wait for the next episodes!
  15. Are they shaped like his head and do his eyes stare at you when you eat them?
  16. I had the same thought, lol, but I think I was even more shocked that he spoke nicely to her from beginning to end. He usually pushes her back so harshly at some point of their regular interactions. It was also interesting to notice that he showed more compassion toward her... when the colleagues were not around. I keep thinking he doesn't want people noticing when he cares for people, probably by fear of them getting hurt (killed) in the end. That much was clear in season 2, if I remember well. That man has been through such incredible trauma throughout his life, I'm surprised he hasn't broken down yet. The writing of this season is terrifyingly great, once again. Loved the twist with foreign wife.
  17. Could it have been done at the request of the mystery man who was crying over body? I've been wondering if it wasn't the Japanese policeman obsessed with arresting DKW. I think he, too, like KJ, asked KW if he knew Yukiko...
  18. Is it me, or does KW gets triggered before he savagely attacks the bad guys? I noticed with the guy in Japan, and then once he was back in Korea, that there was a close up on the antagonists' right ear, and there was something shining there, as if they had a small diamond earring or something. The moment KW saw it, something changed in him: he squinted as if he suddenly got a headache, then proceeded to strangle, then beat up the guy. It's also interesting to notice that he seems to always go at it in the same order: grab something to tie around the neck of the bad guy, drag him, strangle him that way, then hit him... Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it makes me wonder if a mastermind isn't triggering him on purpose, as if trying to have him lose control, so that his violent side (that pat of him he is trying so hard to keep under control) fully takes over... I feel for him. He's in much pain every day.
  19. I noticed too, and it annoyed me a bit as well. The co-worker he likes took a long look at his fingers when he was typing (that was one of the close ups), and it seemed as if she was wondering if he was really okay. She seemed a bit worried for him. That made me wonder if he is suffering form some side effects that he is hiding from the team. These thoughts are only speculative, and nothing else in his behavior is strange, so I don't think that is the right explanation. I settled on, "the director probably does so many close ups on his fingers because he's darn proud of the make-u artist job." The scars do look super realistic...
  20. Watching episode 11 and praying for Ji Hye not to die! I hope the ending won't be too tragic...
  21. @Lmangla Yes, there were so many gems this week, and Noh's kid impressed me so much. It also made me happy to see that incident brought her dad and her closer. It was nice to see her have her dad back, but also seek his approval, and allowing them to be happy together for that brief moment (now I'm hoping that the tension with the mom will improve at some point. I think this is hard on the daughter, as she doesn't know that it is actually the mom creating it, and it seems she is blaming her father for divorcing.). Seo Gol provides such comic relief, lol! I love him. It cracked me up when he tried to hug Noh, and Noh kept him at arm's length. I'm also loving so much the actor playing Noh: his face is always hard to read (he must be a good poker player), which makes it hard for Pdt Kand and VP Han, when they talk to him, to know what he is thinking. I think they know by now that he truly is a man of integrity, and they won't be able to sway him. I can't wait to see how he is going to fight back. It seems impossible for him to do anything from the looks of it, but he is just so smart, I'm sure he will find a crack in the masterplan, or create one somehow. We can't give up on him. Also, does anyone think that Seo Gol has a chance with the secretary? I think she might be starting, a liiiiitle bit, to warm up to his feelings.
  22. @Lmangla I watched all the last episodes. I think the plot is getting tighter, more intense; it's like watching a chess game with multiple parts moving at once (the young clan, the old foxes, the virtuous Noh, the opportunist Han, the secretive Moon...) I don't want to spoil the last episode if you haven't seen it yet, but the ending had my jaw dropped. I feel for Noh and all that is happening to him and around him at once, and wonder how he'll handle it. I'm excited though. He's so smart and cunning, behind his countryside demeanor and look (not sure if "countryside" is the right word, but I hope you know what I mean).
  23. Sooo.... Things are not always what they appear in this drama: I'm wondering if the USB was really destroyed, or if it was a fake one, cause if it wasn't I really don't get what the lead is trying to do here, beside maybe protecting his lover's honor (i.e. not have her be publicly humiliated by the whole world knowing her husband cheated on her and made a sex tape of his infidelity... Maybe he also destroyed it to hide the fact that she had a motive to kill her husband? The actual revenge plot... remains a mystery. In the beginning it seems as if WH's plan was to get close to the Tae family (thus his friendship w/ Yoo Ra, and later him faking being bought out by them, gaining the chairman's trust and drafting his last will), in order to gather evidence from the inside, and then bring them down. Except right now he seems more interested in his love life (wondering what JW is hiding from him, what she did between 2 and 4 am, why she doesn't tell him she's pregnant, who the father is, etc...). He seems, to me, to be emotionally spiraling out of control and easily manipulated by others and by his illicit love affair. He keeps on taking reckless actions (who confronts a potential killer in a dark alley less than 24 hours after leaving the hospital and still being banged up?) and putting himself in danger. It also bothers me that both leads, despite the suffering the Tae family brought in their life, don't show more integrity than what we see. They don't go as low as plotting murder and killing, like the Taes, but they lie to everyone and they cheat, and they also borderline lie to each other and hide things from each other, under the disguise of protecting each other. I need at least one pure element in their behavior, at least be honest w/ each other. Otherwise, dude, your relationship is doomed. I know it's a dark, twisty drama, but I need to see a tiny light in the leads, not just sadness and darkness. Ooops, sorry, didn't realize this would turn into a mini-rant!
  24. Just started watching this drama, still at episode 1. Didn't know what to expect, but loving it so far! It's so intense!
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