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  1. I hear you, and I've been increasingly feeling the darkness and heaviness of the drama. It makes me a bit depressed, to be honest. I feel like there are so many evil, twisted, dark and powerful figures, and only about 1 or 2 people with more moral principles. I'm watching the show for Nana's character ; though because everyone seems to have a sick secret or personality, she feels out of place with her innocence and idealism. I'm waiting for the writer to burst my bubble on that (my tissues are ready). I'm watching the beginning of episode 11, and I'm not buying yet the accusations of prostitution against the minister of Justice (not writing this as a spoiler, since it was mentioned at the end of episode 10). First I don't trust the accuser, since she's been dodgy from the start, stealing her colleagues diaries to sell them to the highest bidder for the lead role in a movie, while disregarding the people actually seeking justice and the truth. I don't buy for one second that she suddenly grew a conscience; I think SWY put her up to it, because he suspects that the minister of justice might have been feeding his prosecutor daughter inside intel (which is true, he pointed her in the right direction; I think he anonymously might have sent her the evidence/document that showed up out of nowhere; he protected her files when he stepped in her office, and the chief prosecutor was obviously looking on her desk to walk away with key documents and evidence.). So I think these accusations might not be true, and if they happen to be , it would be because he was trapped into maybe walking in a hotel room with a young actress (and being filmed for insurance), in exchange of support to make him the minister of justice... I think I will watch this show until the end, because I do like the theme despite the depth of despair it puts me in, but I confess that comes Wednesday and Thursday, instead of being happy and excited to reunite with the characters, I'm fearful about discovering the next level of physical, mental and emotional torture the characters have reached in their storyline. It literally makes my stomach twist in angst... (Yes, it seems I'm too sensitive. Not sure why... ) There's a pattern where TK and YA get close to the truth, then it slips away from them either of their own doing or because they're being outsmarted. Found myself screaming silently to YA: "Why didn't ask to hear the whole story?" Was frustrated because I knew she would walk away (in shock, I understand but still) without getting to the bottom of the situation, and she did.
  2. I waited for this moment all week: I'm finally watching episode 13! HTJ's middle name should be "Conflict of interest"...
  3. I agree with you. I'm struggling to feel any romantic vibes or connections between KYG and HTJ, mainly because she's displayed, in my opinion, maternal instincts toward him (she's been protective of him from the beginning). Additionally, I think I might be feeling that way because in the first episodes HTJ's flashbacks were of KYG when he was a kid... Again, I could be wrong. As far as romance goes, I've been keeping an eye on PJH and HTJ's bodyguard. Beside the laughter/stress relief they provide every time they're on screen together, I think it could be a fun and cute pairing...
  4. I'm still catching up on episode 11, but had to pop up here, rolling on the floor laughing! These lines almost killed me: KYG: "There is a video of him inhaling white powder in his nose in a bar." Awkward silence. Then DCG: "It must be medicine that you inhale with your nose."
  5. I hope you're right, otherwise it will feel like being in a never-ending loop for me. I think KYK is catching to his team's true color, one onion layer at a time.
  6. I think TJ has a plan; I don't think he's only interested in gaining power. I've just been a bit discouraged because Song seems to always be ahead of the situation. He has a long reach, and a solid, old network/boy's club. TJ is clearly an outsider, and I think he will always be. I'm curious to see if he will succeed where Assemblyman Lee failed. He clearly wants his district to continue and win the fight, I think. The opponents just are so powerful, I can't see how he will win, unless he manages to win over the public opinion by publicly exposing Song in such a way that his "friends" abandon him, and justice is served. The question is: how rotten is the system? How deep does the corruption go? There is no getting rid of it all, for sure. That wouldn't be realistic...
  7. Dear JTJ, I'm highly frustrated with you right now, and have been for the past three episodes now, with that tendency of yours to: 1) not better hide USB keys you do, 2) hand over key evidence to the man you say you want to dethrone, 3) letting down your idealist, ingenious young intern who always thinks you're going to do the right thing with the information he unearthed. You ask us to trust you no matter what (only to go and kneel before the devil). What am I gonna do with you? This show almost kills whatever little hope I had left in politics and in politicians, implying that the corrupted full of money and high on power will always triumph. Yet... I will not discount those like assemblywoman KSY who are still fighting the good fight. So long as at least one person in this show is doing it, I will hang on to that sliver of hope, and pray for an invigorating ending. Rant over.
  8. Dr Jang is smart. I'd like to think that he'll find a way to outsmart the evil prosecutor. I also hope that Dr Baek will manage to get the full picture, and will help before Jang's evil alter ego is fully unleashed. Last but not least, I so hope to see Dr Noh happy. The poor woman has been through so much in such a short amount of time...
  9. I have questions about Dr Jang's mom. I noticed that she has red spots on her neck. During a previous episode, when "Dr. K" was misleading the detective and the NFS with fake cases, I noticed that the person who was filmed had red spots on his neck too. I didn't know what to think, wondering at first if these were blood stains, and if yes, why the alleged killer didn't clean them. Then I thought it could be a skin condition. Then I noticed that Dr Jang's skin is pretty healthy. Also, I think that that bad prosecutor has something on him, which is how he is able to force him to do things he doesn't want to do. So, this is what I think: Theory #1 1- Dr Jang's mom might have committed a crime in the past. 2- the prosecutor got proof of it, and uses it as leverage to blackmail Dr Jang into working with criminals, manipulating crime scenes so that he (prosecutor) gets kickbacks for protecting the rich and powerful. 3- Though she is sick and in bed, I wonder if Dr Jang's mom is still active (on the crime front): is the notebook with the drawing hers? Dr Jang seemed horrified when he flipped through the pages, as if he was seeing it for the first time. Theory #2 1- Dr Jang has a split personality, a bit like Dr Jekill and Mr Hyde? 2- I'm on the fence about this theory, because the night activities are well thought-out, and the the peson doing them has been careful to never kill anyone, since he only uses dead bodies. 3- Dr Jang started working with criminals on the side to pay for his mom's medical bills. 4- The prosecutor has proof of his night activities, knows he's doing that and all he can to keep his mom around (meaning going to jail is not an option), if he's put away his mom has no one. He uses that as leverage to get him to do even more ad work. I ship Dr Noh and Dr Jang. I hope that their budding friendship develops, and that Dr Noh's daughter will not just be found safe, but that her efforts to get those two adults together will bear some fruits. Though I'm not holding my breath, I totally ship Dr Baek and Eun Sol, more than him and Sally. I like the dynamic between BB and ES, how Eun Sol does not hesitate to call him out, has the utmost respect for him without putting him on a pedestal, and how despite knowing what irks him in her (strong word), like her driving, she doesn't change her behavior just to please him; she remains who she is. It seems obvious to me that she cares for him (it was obvious at the end of season 1, when she was worried about the way he lived), but it is also clear that she is not imagining a future together, and won't be crossing any boundaries. I absolutely love Sally, too, but think the kind of love she has for Dr Baek is admiration mixed with adulation. I could be wrong, but it seems a bit like puppy love to me.
  10. I laughed so hard at that hospital scene! Kaneki has a twisted sense of humor!
  11. I'm so confused by Yukiko's father. There are a few minutes before the end of episode 14, but... Kaneki is so sick... The father-in-law might have a heart attack. Who, in the team, is feeding Kaneki's info? Can't be agent Jin, right? I'd like to think someone more higher up, given the phone call at the hospital, but no one else beside the team knows exactly what they're doing right now, and the location of Jeon wasn't shared on the radio, so I'm guessing it's someone in the car with agent Park? I'm still clinging to the idea that (child) KW didn't kill Miho, but rather that his brother did, then asked him to cut her ear... Their father confessed to protect his kids.
  12. I'll be your bartender tonight. What would you like? Bloody Mary? Soul Taker? The Grim Reaper? Devil's Margarita? Frightleberry Murzenquest? Those are all real drink names...
  13. Yes for the ambulance, haha! When you call, please add my name on the patient's list. Ask them if they do a group discount... @sheelatpsfm I think LJW might be missing from the picture on purpose, so we won't think he's alive at the end. The producers probably knew we would be freaking out about his absence, and worried about what it means about his fate...
  14. I think I saw his ear in the background...
  15. Me too. I hope for some closure and a path to healing for KW, and no death for Chief Na... And progress on KJ's recovery. This isn't exactly a happy show, but I hope that the last episode won't leave me too heartbroken or somewhat traumatized by the fate our beloved characters. I know the show is about solving cases, but I'm hoping for growth and the ability to move forward with their lives, for KJ and KW. Please, no funeral for KW...
  16. I know this might have been said many times already, but really... I bow to LJW's performance in Voice 3. He's so believable playing KW's tortured soul and body, down to the expressions of his eyes. He's not overplaying it. Just in the eyes and body language, it's interesting to be able to see the switch from KW to Kousuke. He doesn't even need to lick his lips or whatnot for us to notice. I forget that I'm watching an actor. Our LHN has been consistently amazing too throughout all the seasons; she carries this show with grace and a tranquille force, but wanted to give LJW a special shoutout. KW/Kousuke is an emotionally taxing and challenging role to play. Speaking a bit from experience here. Kuddos, sir.
  17. @nateko I wish she had added a voice to her post! More seriously I think the speculations are right. I hope there will be a season 4. That drama is highly addictive, and the story so well written and enacted. I hope we won't wait too long (like 2 years or so) for the next season. I'm wondering if the writers are at work already. Also hoping the drama sells well internationally. It's a nail-biting thriller.
  18. @sushilicious and @sheelatpsfm, thank you both for the explanation. It's so sweet of friends, and fans and fellow actors to treat the cast and crew!
  19. All the pictures of LJW in front of the food truck have me wonder: Could someone explain to me the concept of the food truck with an actor or actress image all over it? I'm trying to figure out if the actor pays for it as a gift to the cast, or if it is sponsored by a company wanting to honor the actor... Thank you! PS: Don't mean to be off topic.
  20. I'm still not over when he put a bandage on her arm... It was so sweet how much he cared. Subtle skin to skin contact. And when he saw her again after being away for (9?) months, he was the first one to notice something was wrong with her hearing, and he kept asking her about it. If we pay attention we can see he's been keeping an eye on her and her health. Quoting @mrsj3n: Thoughts after watching the latest 2 episodes: DKW: DKW's teeth is too scary. We shall all stay away from his mouth. Stay away from his mouth? Why??!
  21. They somehow bought into his "human rights" ideals and submitted to some "brainwashing" session? We can see that everyone that we know of that associated with that psychopath were broken people who've had traumatic experiences. I believe that Kaneki's following had been built on people's trauma and emotional weaknesses... I'm right here with you. I don't think the writer is pursuing any love story here (but rather teasing us once in a while with innuendos). I do think writer-nim knows we're shipping those two, and is happily playing with our emotions. Seriously, though: some Golden Team members are (not so happily) married. Please, let us see that the leads have feelings and emotions and a life outside of the sickening, twisted drama of these cases. Could we see KW and KJ bond beyond the need to contain Kousuke?
  22. That twitter video... (I need CPR). You noticed that he licked his lips, right? Was he about to turn right in front of our eyes? lol @sheelatpsfm, thank you for the video! They're so cute together!!
  23. My shipper's heart keeps hoping and rooting for them at all the wrong scenes (that's how desperate I am), yet all they keep doing is arguing, or (our K) attacking (our KJ), yet it's so obvious they care for each other! I think KJ needs a cookie!
  24. So excited about season 2, so many lol moments already! I absolutely love the writing so far, and the young pathologist having a crush on Dr Psycho has been quite a stress-relief too. Can't wait for the next episodes!
  25. Are they shaped like his head and do his eyes stare at you when you eat them?
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