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  1. Hi All... I’m still unable to move on from Encounter.. how I wish SHK has interviews as well.. I want to see more of her.. I also want to see her doing projects soon, movie preferably but in totally different genre. I want to see her acting as a con artist in an action comedy movie.. or pure action movie with her doing martial arts or just comedy movie. She’s great when she act as a heroine who’s cheerful, very realistic and a bit sarcastic like in Full House, World Within, My Brilliant Life and DOTS. In my opinion, she shines more in those type of roles. I’d think she’ll do great acting as a villain who has those traits as well.. I also wish to see her doing movie / drama with: 1. Jang Seung Jo — they actually have good chemistry in Encounter’s BTS.. 2. Kim Soo Hyun 3. Gong Yoo 4. Jang Dong Gun 5. Won Bin — it’s a classic combo and I want them in one frame again after all these years!! I never ship her with him but I’d like them to make a movie or drama together again... How about you guys? What type of character would you want to see her in and which actors you’d like her to work with?
  2. I it when : 1. We requested for hot and steamy kisses, they gave us “cold” but steamy kisses instead 2. We requested for 30mins-1hr of lovey dovey scene, they gave us 15mins lovely scene with 50s spent on the kissing scene 3. We thought love begin and completed in the Cuba garden, whilst all this time their love starts and completed at JH’s playground.... Thank you to the writer, PD, the casts and crews for creating such a wonderful drama. Thank you to fellow soompiers for all your posts here in this thread. I enjoy it thoroughly. Till we meet again.
  3. I’m supporting the extended 1hr and 30 mins version of proper closure so it won’t feel rushed!!! By proper closure, I mean: 30 mins to wrap up all the angst and 1 hr of happiness incl. extended version of hot and steamy kisses please... Joking aside, I didn’t get a chance to rewatch ep 15 last night so am planning to rewatch it tonight just before the final ep. But, I just want to add on to my rant on JH’s Mom.
  4. Just finished watching Ep.15... I don’t know where to start.. it was supposed to be a tearjerking episode and I have tried to avoid all the spoilers so I can fully feel the heartbreaking moment.. yet.. I left..... unsatisfied... Don’t get me wrong, both PBG and SHK nailed their scenes and I can feel their emotions... but the background music distracted me from crying together with them.. maybe because I don’t understand Korean so I could not appreciate the choice of the song.. or maybe because somehow I have sort of prepared myself to endure the heartbreaking scenes and so I blame the music for my slight numbness?? I feel CSH scene with her Dad is more heartbreaking and definitely no sympathy for KJH’s Mom at the moment, as she was just plain selfish and stubborn as KJH’s Dad already pointed out that KJH has been nothing but being a good Son all this time and as parents all they need to do is to support him when he is having a hard time! I kind of wish for KJH to leave his mom and chose CSH instead as the kind of punishment she deserves.. ..sorry for my rant... I think I will rewatch it again so that this time round I can really cry together with them.
  5. Looks like my wish will be granted then can we assume: #happyendingconfirmed #Tgroupgoingdown #DonghwainCubaforSH #momsgiveblessings #continuationofhotandsteamykisses #weddingincuba #pregnantSHorlilSHandJHrunningaround #moreweddingsforthe3othercouples please please pretty pleaaaaasseeee ??!! #yes,wearebeinggreedy#
  6. Btw, yes, some have commented that JH will never agree to another break up proposal from SH, so it is still one of those possibilities. It was just my selfish thought of wanting to see him wailing in a very heartbroken way so I can empty those tissue boxes that I have purchased since last week in preparation for the last weeks of Encounter.. CSH have successfully done it for me this week.. so it’d be JH’s turn since they have the habit to reciprocate what the other’s did
  7. Keep it coming to lift up the mood dear!! can I request: all the zoom in and slo-mo version of all balcony kisses, during NY Party and Cuba? *perv mode : on* Thanks in advance
  8. *delurking mode again* so are they breaking up or not? I’ve been holding myself not to see all the recaps for this episode but I got a bit anxious when I scrolled through the comments quick comments on JH’s mum, as some has pointed before, in reality there are Moms who will not be happy if their son is in love with someone whose social status is above them — aside being a divorcée and older as well —.. It is not just about how scary public can easily judged the one with lower status chasing after money etc. but also in laws with higher status usually behaving too snob because they thought they are above the other family. Would you think you would be happy to have that kind of in laws & drama in your “peaceful” life in a long run? Yes, it sounds selfish but it is understandable where she came from and it really is up to SH and JH to overcome this by convincing her that she has nothing to worry about. hold on... I got a premonition... What if next episode is the showdown drama between CSH mom and JH mom? Who will devour who? I imagine JH and CSH come to Mama JH to defend her but instead, Mama JH defends JH’s love for CSH and declares her utmost support for our OTP to spite CSH’s Mom! So, the break up plea is canceled... Ha! What a twist!! Now I understand what u r trying to do here writer nim.. so yes yes... happy ending again confirmed.. ok now I can watch happily today’s episode when the Eng sub is out Anyhoooo.. sorry for my nonsense.. too anxious to watch today’s episode with Eng sub...
  9. Hi.. I have been a silent lurker in this thread and I enjoy reading all the analysis, discussions and (most importantly) the zoomed in HD videos, pics, gifs of u know what I just want to share my thought that just occurred to me after this episode (and I think someone mentioned it before this episode as well cmiiw) .. I think there’s a possibility that T Group actually wins the court battle to replace SH as CEO for Donghwa Hotel.. but when Mr Samuel heard about the news, he cancelled the agreement with Donghwa again since he knew the garden was supposedly a “gift” from KH to SH and/or wanted to insert new condition that the garden and hotel will only be sold if SH remain as CEO. So, T group has no other option but to retain SH as CEO if they want to maintain the Cuban deal. Other possibility is, Donghwa (under T Group) actually have little share in the building & land (garden) purchase in Cuba as the majority of the capital was from SH own savings and the court proceedings actually allowed her to keep her role as CEO for that particular hotel since she is the major shareholders and T Group has to follow whatever she decided to do, including removal of Donghwa’s shares in full in that deal, in exchange of her letting go of her positions (and ownership) in other Donghwa’s hotels. Either way, the sacred garden will still belong to SH and KH by the end of these ordeals, for the lovebirds to complete their story happy ending confirmed! let’s enjoy the remaining 5 episodes with happy thoughts ..... now back to my lurking corner....
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