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  1. Hi @L A 1. What is the most hilarious scene of our leads that you love? >>>> The cringe scenes RJH did at the Hospital - to the extent the comrades felt nauseated because of him 2. What is the most romantic/beautiful scene of our leads? >>>> I found the scenes that RJH prepared the things around YSR's house before he left, and his well-prepared messages for a whole year is very, very romantic. Also the scenes of YSR following RJH's text messages is somewhat romantic... Also the scene at YSR's house, where they were both drunk together and RJH told YSR about what he really wanted... It was so beautiful and sad at the same time.... 3. What is the saddest scene of our leads that broke your heart so badly? >>>> The Hospital scene where RJH stood beside the glass window the whole time, then retrieved once YSR regained her consciousness... The separation scenes of course... I cried a river there.... 4. What is the hottest scene from our leads ( if there’s any )? >>>> The kiss on the Switzerland's mountains... The longing kisses 5.What is your favorite line from our leads? >>>> RJH: Just wait and pray earnestly. You asked if you can meet someone you miss that way. You can... Saranghao... 6. What is your favorite song? >>>> Yoon Mi Rae "FLOWER" - IU "I Give You My Heart" 7. What is the most hilarious scene from supporting casts? >>>>> All scenes with Pyo Chil Su 8. What is the most touching scene from supporting casts? >>>>> The loyalty and friendship shown by the Comrades aka the Ducklings 9. What detail gives you the most satisfaction? >>>>> I cannot pick only one... I am usually around 80% satisfied with most endings on the dramas, with this drama, it satisfied me for around 95%... All the details are satisfactory 10. What you wish you could have changed if you were the writer? >>>>> Perhaps... I won't let GSJ die.... I am still so sad because of that.....
  2. I join others who's having withdrawal syndrome... I can't believe it's over..... Initial thought, the paragliding scene and the kiss would be the last scene! But heck, they're still entertaining us with another details of our beautiful couple and our other comrades... SD was seen beautiful and contented with the ring from SJ on her finger... Man Bok and family got the happiness they deserved... And our beautiful couple... the house shown on the last scene was perhaps JH's house, because there's the picture of SR which he took in Switzerland years ago... So I just assume that they're staying together there, happily... It's great that there's no political tension stirred... It's just about those two persons who love each other beyond borders... Gosh... I don't know when I can get over with CLOY.... Since last night, Yoon Mirae's Flower is ringing on my ears... IU's OST was also beautifully sung... I cried a lot whenever the song is played.... It's a great, great drama.... I will really miss RJH's aura... YSR's beauty... the awesome OSTs.... Beautiful scenery.... RJH's comrades, their friendship, quirkiness, loyalty, and innocence... Ahjummas' beautiful friendships... All the great insights and values the drama gave... I will repeat it from the beginning again soon... Thanks for the great forum, comrades....