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  1. So far I love the drama so much. Something that even my husband and dad are looking forward to every weekend. Always looking forward to the next episode...
  2. Hahahaha yes, @kittyna You're right. I was referring to CJH as Choi Jin Hyuk... Yeah well, but recently, there are a lot of A list actors/actresses are taking the same drama and it's awesome.... Anyway... I was just hoping for uri Joo Won to land on a great drama again..
  3. Actually @booha there's this Kangchi the Beginning in Netflix too... I really wanted to watch it because of CJH... But for some reasons, I couldn't bring myself to watch it!!! (as some of my friends told me that there are some horror or ghost scenes... same reasons why I couldn't bring myself to watch Goblin and Hotel de Luna) So I haven't been able to watch it since it aired! Good thing it's on Netflix, I hope one day I could gather my courage to watch it... But in the meantime, I kept on re-watching Tunnel and Pride and Prejudice... I hope Emergency Couple will be up in Netflix too!
  4. Hey there @booha Really thank you so much for keeping this thread alive! Yeah, hopefully we will hear news about JW's drama soon.... Really can't wait!! And who knows both of our biases JW and CJH will appear together in one drama in the future....
  5. I just noticed that TUNNEL is now played in NETFLIX Singapore!!! So happy!! Downloading it to re-watching... Choi Jin Hyuk jjang!!
  6. He uploaded a picture on Instagram!!! Hellooo Birthday boy!! Thank you for updating you SNS...
  7. Let's celebrate Joo Won's Birthday today!!! Credit to all fans who posted on Instagram...
  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAREST JOO WON Wish your dramas and movies will be successful Wish you release an album Wish you healthy, happy, wealthy, and prosper... Wish you become blessings to those around you... Wish you and your loved ones are happy and blessed always... BE HAPPY BE HEALTHY BE PROSPEROUS Thank you for being born into this world... LOVE YOU!!!
  9. Oh ok @kittyna I think I did share that on Soompi, but I couldn't find it since it happened in 2015... On October 10, 2015, Joo Won visited Singapore... It was a Saturday... he was scheduled to come at around 7:30 PM at Suntec City. I went there at around 10:00 AM, together with some of Joo Won's fans from Soompi... Known as Joo Won Cutie International Fan Club... Joo Won was here for the Fan Meeting for Yong Pal, and he was scheduled to have a Meet and Greet at Suntec City. There were some fans had queued before us.. We were at the 4th line on the front row... It was my first time in my almost 40 yrs of life joining this kind of event, but it was just so exciting... So we waited, while keeping track of Joo Won from the social media... Whether he had landed in Singapore or not, were there anyone welcoming him at the airport, where he was heading, etc etc... More and more people came and queued... It was just incredible... Youngsters, middle-aged, even little girls! He sure has a lot of fans!!! He came a bit later than scheduled... When he came, we screamed our lung out and he walked handsomely and waved and smiled at every directions... He was more handsome in real life... He's just so handsome... We screamed when he waved at us... when he greeted us... We just couldn't content the excitement to see him and just scream his name over and over again... His voice when he greeted us was so... handsome... He spotted one of our chingus who had been a loyal fan of Joo Won and followed Joo Won's every concert, who flew from KL on that day just to see Joo Won... and he smiled and he waved at her... He didn't wave at me, but I felt his warmth on his smile and gaze. (I could feel it because that chingu was standing next to me.) Gosh... It's so thrilling... However............ Unfortunately due to my condition, I blacked out in the middle of the crowd... Next thing I knew, 2 guards dragged me out of the crowd... And that was it. I didn't regret it at all... I was so, so glad to see him in person.. To breathe the same air under the same building... It was just a remarkable moment in my life... PS: you can read it also in the blog: https://joowoncutie.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/joo-won-in-singapore-fan-account/#more-4023 It was created by our chingu, @Ma_Oo who is apparently not in Soompi anymore.... (Miss you chingu!!)
  10. Yeah... @kittyna I guess I was just bluffing... I fainted when I did see JW in front of me (and it's from afar!!) But it really was a memorable memory... To be in the same room with him... To see him in person (although from afar).. Gosh....
  11. Same feeling here @tokkimoon Hahahaha Group back hug??
  12. Taken from IG Story of account @uuujooo7 in Instagram Credit to owner (who captured the IG Story and posted it on their instagram. Thanks, @midori.zumoon Even his back is sexy..
  13. Some latest Joo Won's pics on Instagram... Credit all to owners...
  14. Our handsome Joo Won was exercising together with his label mate, actress Lee Si Young I just can't get enough of those bulging muscles!! Also I admire Lee Si Young, a mother of around 9 months old baby, and look at her body!!!
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