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  1. Our handsome Joo Won was exercising together with his label mate, actress Lee Si Young I just can't get enough of those bulging muscles!! Also I admire Lee Si Young, a mother of around 9 months old baby, and look at her body!!!
  2. Yaayy... Finally!!!! News about Joo Won!!! https://www.soompi.com/article/1353616wpp/kim-hee-sun-may-be-starring-opposite-joo-won-in-new-drama
  3. We have got to see this!!! I almost fainted to see this yummilicious picture!!!
  4. Annyeong @kittyna Yeah, I was active mostly years ago then went on hiatus for few years (because I forgot my Soompi login password!!! and suddenly years later I tried again and succeeded ...) So.... thanks to you and @flutterby06 and @tokkimoon and @valinor500 to name a few who kept this thread alive.... I really hope, soon, perhaps during Joo Won's next drama, more of us will come and make more noises in this thread again...
  5. Annyeong chingudeul... I am now replaying Good Doctor and Yong Pal in Netflix... Glad to see Joo Won's dramas there! Also, I seriously only watched My Sassy Girl in Netflix, because it's there... I don't really like sageuk... Just for the sake of watching Joo Won's drama... I hung in there and watched it... And as usual, he really nailed it... For those who misses Bridal Mask, it's there too in Netflix... I was hoping the Naeil Cantabile will be there... But I am not sure why, the title was there but I cannot see the drama... And YES, Hwang Tae Hee is still the reason why I fell in love with Joo Won... His emotions and actings were amazing... I will sometimes search for clips and gif on Joo Won as Hwang Tae Hee in YouTube... Unfortunately they didn't upload it on Netflix... nor YouTube...
  6. Sorry late post... Happy Chuseok to all Korean chingus Happy Mid-Autumn Festival for others who celebrate.. Joo Won's Insta Story update yesterday.... 즐거운 한가위 보내세요
  7. On the sad note... https://www.soompi.com/article/1351226wpp/yoon-shi-yoons-grandfather-passes-away Deepest condolences to Donggu....
  8. Thank you @rionae for the update! I read your post on Instagram yesterday (and just saw your post in Soompi this morning) Miss you!! Glad you're still here for Joo Won I was so happy to read that he brought his parents for his Fan Meeting in Japan. I bet they're having a great time together... About "break will be 3 years later" I hope it's not true and hopefully uri Joo Won can have a big break soon
  9. I just feel that sometimes the proverb "Silence is Golden" is really true...

    The more you spill your inner emotions recklessly, people would start to judge you recklessly too. 

    What needs to be kept privately, is best to keep privately.... 

    Just my two cents...:cry:

  10. Our Handsome Joo Won's latest update on his Instagram
  11. More muscles flaunt.... - Old Post in Instagram I love his current build so much! Credit to Owner
  12. Although it's the second day already... Let's Celebrate this month! Joo Won's Birthday Month!! 30 September 1987
  13. He's so handsome in this picture!!! Credit to owner
  14. Uri Joo Won doing the photo session at night? He's so hot in black!!!!
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