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  1. Awww thanks @flutterby06 He's SO yummiliciously HANDSOME!!!
  2. Joo Won just updated his IG! I wish I could link it here... He's so yummiliciously handsome!!!
  3. Cha Tae Hyun is one of actors and persons I respect in Korean entertainment... I am sad to see his current status at this moment.. I cannot imagine how his family's current situation with him withdrawing from all his activities... I hope he will be alright.. I hope his wife and children are alright... I just hope that this too shall pass.... Be strong, Cha Tae Hyun-nim....
  4. Rewatching My Sassy Girl, Yong Pal, Good Doctor now... I miss Joo Won so badly....
  5. I hope Joo Won would announce soon about his new drama... I am "craving" badly to see him on a drama... I hope he would pick a good drama for his comeback... I miss him dearly... Stay healthy and happy and joyful and handsome, Joo Won ah....
  6. My Sunday is empty without 1N2D!!! It's so sad................................... I miss 1N2D! Come on, KBS!!! Bring it back!
  7. Yes, yes, yes... I am so glad he's back! I really love to see him everywhere in my SNS again.... I hope he would pick a good drama or movie soon.... I miss him so so so so badly!!! During his first V Live, I almost screamed inside my office.... Soooo happy to see him and hear his voice again! THANK GOD FOR JOO WON!!!
  8. @bebebisous33 Thank you for still analyzing the Encounter.. I gain more knowledge and understanding everytime I read your posts... I am still repeating as if there will be anything new.. but still enjoying every little bits of the drama.... I think Kim Jin Hyuk is a very extra ordinary son and man... I love how he settled his mom's worries, how he understood his mom's love and how he never raised his voice towards his mom.... When his mom realized that she's wrong, and let her son to hate her, he said... I love you mom... I think it's very, very amazing.... It's common story in real life (and in drama) that a son and a mother's relationship could be cracked if not ruined because of the son's gf/wife... And this KJH's way is amazing... He's a good bridge between her mom and CSH... This is to point out also, how Woo Seok had failed to become a good bridge between SH and his mom... and made SH suffered a lot... Also... I am glad this thread is still alive!
  9. I agree with you @katakwasabi I wish I could turn back time to vote against JJY's comeback!!! If he's never returned... probably we can still enjoy 2D1N as it is.. without JJY... I am not sure why I get the hunch that CTH's case is too overdramatized.... Now that he's removed/withdraw from Radio Star too... https://www.soompi.com/article/1311473wpp/radio-star-confirms-cha-tae-hyuns-departure-shares-upcoming-plans Gosh... It's just too sad!!!!!!!
  10. I cannot understand for those who made the petition to abolish the show... Really cannot understand... Is there any other way I can help to help the petition NOT to abolish the show?
  11. my heart sunk to read CTH’s name was mentioned. Out of them all I am most worried about him... gosh this scandal is really getting worse and worse each day.....
  12. Thanks @The_Doctor I have done what I must. I love this show to bits and I don’t want just because of one sinner, the show is halted! It’s just so unfair..........
  13. A mixture of anger and sad... more to sad... why why why is this happening... This is one of the best reality shows there is in the world. And there are a lot of families love this show. Just because of that one person!!!!! What about the staff and especially the other members??!!! Not their fault that he’s a sinner. Gosh.... I hate this!!!!
  14. I hope that JJY's case will not drag ANY of 2D1N members..... I really hope so...... Everytime I open Soompi these days, always shocked with the news of new persons who are related to this case... This is a harsh reality... What JJY did is horribly, terribly wrong... So, I am begging in my silent prayers for CTH, KJH, KJM, Donggu and Defconn NOT to be dragged.... No matter how close they are/were.... I really, sincerely hope that none of them are involved..... I really enjoy 2D1N since Season 1... Great reality show to make me and my whole family laugh and bond together... So, this scandal is really devastating... Especially to recall how he's so close to KJH.... Dearest CTH, KJH, KJM, Donggu, Defconn, all the staff and producers, writer... PLEASE STAY STRONG!!! We love you!
  15. I really, really enjoy the show... I love all the casts.. Yoo Yeon Seok (from Warm & Cozy, Romantic Doctor Kim, Reply 1994), Son Ho Jun (from Go Back Couple, Terius Behind Me, Reply 1994), Choi Ji Woo (since a long time... Winter Sonata time to the Three Meals A Day, Grandpa Over Flowers), Yang Se Jong (Romantic Doctor, Temperature of Love, 30 but 17), Jo Jae Yun (hated him in DOTS ), Nam Joo Hyuk (Three Meals A Day, Weightlifting Fairy).... All the handsome guests... Their hard work and bright attitudes were really amazing... I bet they're very, very tired to do all the stuff they're doing... I used to work in a cafe before, so I really feel them! But they're all smiley and warm towards the guests... I agree that the guests should have donated more! I mean... if my favorite actor brew me a cup of coffee.... that $10 coffee would cost more than $500! Moreover not only did they brew the coffee, they did all the preparations by themselves, cooked the food, and washed and clean all the dishes!!! Gosh!!! I am glad Na PD created this show.... I really enjoy this show... and so sad it's over soon....
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