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[Drama 2018] Lawless Lawyer, 무법 변호사


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I think we just need to have a mind set change if subs come out a week later . We can still discuss . On pretty Noona , the thread survived anyhow. 

I’m so hyped up just looking at these scenes :wub: heart eyes. I’m a sucker for action scenes . 


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1 hour ago, bila_a1 said:

im wondering is this 1 week delay always gonna happen for this drama? i hope not but who knows now since Netflix is involved apparently, it really disrupts the hype and engagement on the international fan level. its really not good that nothing has been clarified or any episodes been posted up. usually other sites would end up subbing but clearly something is holding them back in doing so.

Lets hope its just a temporary thing and things will be back on track soon.Courtesy by viki would have been to tell us whether they are still taking on this drama or not.And if they are, at least come out and say what the problem is and how long it will take to be resolved than just keeping quiet.But apparently this drama wont be the first one."Live", "Pretty Noona", "Children of the Lesser god", and "My Ahjussi (to a lesser extent") fron what I heard also had subbing issues at one point and then somehow things started flowing again and the subs were available even on illegal sites.


In the meantime

This is just:grin:...I have no words

This is cute

TVN update not too long ago.The photos are not new but its the news article accompanying this that's important:


Seo Ye Ji in "Lawless Lawyer" creates a female character that breaks gender stereotypes.


Seo Ye Ji is creating a meaningful progressive female charactrer-delivering viewers a cathertic experience as Ha Jae Yi.HJY is unique in that unlike other female characters, she does not rely on the male protagonist but shows self-confidence and determination.



Translated by IG:@jg_k_drama

I hope the writer doesnt lose focus and forget this once the romance starts in earnest.He should remember that the strong characterisation of all four leads is one of the reasons why the audience was drawn to the drama.Just because a woman is in love doesnt mean they have to stop being assertive and become a doormat."Girl Crush" or strong woman to me doesnt mean the girl has to be cold and not express emotion.In drama, I want to see a woman who can show her feminine nurturing side but also know when to stand her ground and use her brain when comfronted by the villain or when she works or fights with her man.The writer should maintain her

"self confidence and determination" all the way to ep 16.

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1 hour ago, V said:

The sub game is serious for Kdrama's recently. I don't know what is happening in 2018. For everyone waiting on subs, we did a detailed first 2 episode live recap of the drama. It is more transcript like so it should let you know what is going on while we wait for subs.


Episode 1



Episode 2



We went back and updated it with more information so it has almost everything that is said and done. Good luck on the sub hunt everyone! I really want more people to watch this show because I really love it so far.

Thank you so so much ! You guys were my saviors when I was desperately waiting for Hwayugi episodes to air especially since I was too impatient to wait for subs after the cliffhangers to know what was going on and now you'll be doing live recaps of Lawless Lawyer too ? Thank you for your efforts !

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I just saw this response on Viki  and I love it :lol:


"Hi everyone, We are experiencing some issues but hope to bring Lawless Lawyer to you as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll update again once we have it available. Thanks, Kristie Viki Community Support Team" Maybe treat this whole waiting experience like one of the lovers in a drama... you are crazy in love but he won't even look at you....but when he does...oo-la-la ... so give Viki some time to "look" at you."

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Lately VIKI is more like the Gold Diggar Evil Second lead in a very bad Makjag... very pretty and tempting but no matter how much money you give her she won’t be honest and had her own agenda  ...and yet you always end up going back. 

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5 hours ago, Glamour90 said:

Viki finally started subbing, Episode 1 1%, at this rate I think we can have first episode's subs in a month:D



i-in a month... :D hahahahaha i hope theres enough translators!! thank you all for the hardwork... T-T

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Pali Pali 빨리 빨리 Viki!!!  I'd offer them some Red Ginseng if it helps! I was just about to make a Handcuffed post...before I saw the news. 



14 hours ago, LyraYoo said:

They have a groovy sound

And very guitar based.  And it fits from what I've heard so far on the show. 


I hope to read some translations before I try to watch Episode 3.  And like you all, I hope subbing can get caught up soon!


Edited to add:


Notice the non-cut fight scene that was on JG's IG and on tvnDrama's Youtube channel says Episode 3.  Might we be getting a revisit of the fight scene...not all cut edits between the courtroom scene?  There were some amazing and funny moves in the sequence and it's a damn shame they didn't make Episode 2.  And I for one would have loved to see BSP stare into HJY's eyes...and then just move past her.  LOL.  Such a tease.  Dang director for changing it up! 


11% as of 4pm EDT time!!!

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No sign of LL on Netflix for me so far.

So it is true that Viki is struggling to get their act together.

What a shame! I really want to talk to people about this show and the subbing issue is making that impossible. So it's Chinese subs again for me this weekend. 


The comments all over the web about the lack of E subs are almost as entertaining as the show itself.

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