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  1. Unless there is another main actor, I saw that Kim Seon Ho is posted as a main. So it is possible that LJG has turned it down.
  2. @violinaThank you so much! He gives really good acceptance speeches and they were different for each of the venues. I am watching Mr. Queen and I would love to see him act with Shin Hye Sun in a comedy. I think he would have made Mr. Queen even more hilarious because of his ability to use micro expressions and his eyes while keeping a straight face. I keep checking any drama news for his next project.
  3. Congrats to LJG for winning two AAA awards. He deserved them. He was amazing in Flowers of Evil. Apart from 2 little clips which reminded me that he was LJG I was totally immersed in the character Do Hyun Soo. One of the clips was near the beginning when he leaped over the counter in a fight, it was so LJG action. The other was near the end when he wore a tux for his wedding photo shoot, he looked too debonaire for the character. I may be wrong but I thought an ill fitted suit or a show of awkwardness would have been more in line with Do Hyun Soo. Anyway, I was kept at the edge of my seat thro
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