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  1. Running in to say........................... WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Lee Joon Gi is gonna be on my TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I will have to watch Episode 1 & 2 of Hotel DeLuna to get ready for the awesomeness that I see in a tiny gif of our actor! https://twitter.com/softwangso/status/1151673633086922752 <<<kept as link just in case you don't want to be spoiled in the slightest....>> I just want to see Lee Joon Gi ACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. YOWZA! That IS a good one! Coming in to say....I thought @happyfanlgx would be happy. Darker hair on JG! Great idea @violina !!! They seem to be a new"ish" brand. Like October 2018?!?! Here is their Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_gbdWFQUfoXvZPd382TU3A Website: https://www.penegreen.com/ <<<Question: Is this a membership/subscription based dermo product?>>> When I saw notification of a PRESS CONFERENCE...I got all freaking excited....but then I saw it's tied into his HK fanmeet. JUST ANNOUNCE a PROJECT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<<<---me venting I'm ready to SEE LEE JOON GI ACT!! <<<but yes you are gorgeous in your Penegreen pics>>
  3. Hahaha TRUE TRUE Gah....just like when I asked y'all to play the Hookup/Marry/Kill character game. Complain complain. Make choices! Maybe if we speak it into existence enough times....it WILL HAPPEN! WOOT WOOT WOOT!! Catch up...and then get ready for JG to announce HIS NEXT PROJECT <<<--- see... I spoke it into existence again!
  4. Who doesn't love him with black hair....and with the upswept hairdo? Perfection! I see you like MANY of JG's characters! 10 K-Drama Male Characters We Wouldn’t Actually Date IRL https://www.soompi.com/article/1295549wpp/10-k-drama-male-characters-we-wouldnt-actually-date-irl
  5. So here I was thinking 2019 was gonna be quiet time in SHINee World. NOT. Not that I am complaining!! Bring it on Boys!
  6. Gah!!!!!!!!! Dream tour! Let's hope he starts dropping some hints or something.... Ok...so what's up with Bangkok ticket sales? Even Minho's Bangkok Fanmeet still has a ton of tickets for that weekend. I have read that there are MANY Korean actors there doing fanmeets that weekend. I checked YET AGAIN but I would need 34 hours to get there, $1000 bucks just to fly and it's just not doable...danggit! Blah! I'm loving my JUST GO LOVE T-shirt and Hat. Thank you for the cheap shipping Represent! 2000 pages?!!?!?!!!!!!!!! Seems like a call for a celebration! Post YOUR FAVE JG in character pic and your FAVE JG pic!! All those soft ones on his IG???????? In the dark teal sweater? They aren't seemingly affiliated with a magazine shoot....but WHY are they in existence???
  7. A fangirl can WISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know it will be back soon! Probably before the end of 2019.
  8. Yay Yay and SQUEE!! @hiluna is going to see our actor JG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gah. I want a full report! Details. Etc! And I hope you can secure flights and will have a BLAST in HK. Give a big woot woot when he does JStyle!
  9. Good luck getting tickets @hiluna ! Report back! I saw that JG/Represent sold over 4000 items before it closed! Woot woot! 4038 to be exact!
  10. Same! Most of the time, my head is too big for hats. <But I ordered one anyways. This is my first K purchase where the shipping was downright reasonable! >>> I kept wondering if IU & JG on Knowing Brothers was some "media" test to see how the K public would react to the 2 of them together again. I do think the way the role/drama was addressed in the Soompi article, it did sound like the female character was the main impetus of the storyline, but I wonder if it is also a diversion from guessing the true plot. <<<I had so many ideas>>> Yes I know the Hong Sisters haven't delivered lately yet I am just STARVING for casting news...so I am checking possible options. I really want him to grab a role before Ji Chang Wook and Kang Ha Neul come back! Are they any JTBC dramas not cast yet? Anybody know? WORD!! Thank you for continuing to Spread the LOVE. Yes yes yes! hehehehehe.....I remember being all after I read a few translations.... Sad but probably very true. OK...Represent LJG has sold 3863 units with 12 hours left.
  11. I have less than 24 hours to decide.... Tshirt or long sleeved shirt.... https://represent.com/leejoongi And I always wanted to do this after I saw the LOGO.... And onto Kdrama casting news.... did anyone read this??? https://www.soompi.com/article/1292309wpp/tvn-responds-new-reports-hong-sisterss-next-drama-ius-potential-casting and https://www.koreaboo.com/news/iu-upcoming-drama-hotel-del-luna/ Could JG be considering the Hotelier role????
  12. VIOLINA!!!! My JG champion! C'mon JG....your angels are waiting for some casting news!! We are thirsty for any tidbits of new roles, characters, filming schedules, etc. I want him to get a role before all the other actors return from the military this year. In the meantime, I do have DELIGHT on shuffle on my SPOTIFY!! What is everyone's fave song? My FAVE found JG photo today....
  13. I'm SO READY for an announcement regarding his next project!! And yes, count me in as one of the many who thinks he would SLAY a role where he has duality! Don't waste this man's talent! Or beautifully long bangs right now! Thanks for the info @joybran ! I was actually pricing out trips to Bangkok because basically, my 2 Korean loves were going to be there on the same weekend. Minho and JG. Now if it was full SHINee...I might spend the major bucks. I just cannot justify over 1000 bucks even though the odds of this schedule happening again are nil. If only I won the lottery! That and I also looked at my schedule. I work that weekend. UGH. Anybody here get the Just Go Love merchandise? I've been contemplating the long sleeve shirt <<<I don't have many but I don't need many where I live>>> Wait...did I just see @glassnokamen in here?
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