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  1. I was so looking forward to the shots of him working on metal!! Hope there are more! You are welcome. I loved Wang So when he uttered that phrase! He's almost too perfect...except for that nagging Schizophrenic/unknown diagnosis/serial murderer accusation.
  2. He used that word in Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It basically means... " I don't want to" Loving JG in Flower of Evil! Loving a ton of things about Flower of Evil. A caliber drama that matches JG's caliber! A happy JG fan indeed! Looking forward to Episode 7. But I know there are some rocky times ahead for sure. It better be JG/Hee Sung...but I am not so sure.
  3. This is me ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ after Episode 5 & 6. Well it was me even before those episodes aired but I really enjoyed Ep 5. Ep 6 just let me know we are in for some rollercoaster situations. Episode 5 had me stopping and rewatching and grabbing my jaw to close my mouth. The storyline is intense. The way information gets revealed is refreshing...layers here, layers there...nothing too obvious. Episode 6: Like @chickenchopflipflop83 highlights here...the parallel story-telling/editing is just daebak! Little reveals that may eventually be big r
  4. As for my spoiler tags, I was trying to give those that had not seen the episodes yet the benefit if they came in here. Not sure if there is a rule. I can let it all out if that is fine as well! HAHAH...you should have been part of the LJG thread during CM and LL. We had many LJG feet aficionados what with his newfound hobby of jiu-jitsu and many IG posts. Agreed. I liked the humor in Ep 1. And I also like your humor...Nose cop? That is my name for him from now on. And metal man??????? Glad to hear they are giving this drama some reruns. I
  5. Yes...that opening scene Ep1 was quite hot! Lip bite, little smiles, face holding hot. I love when JG does that half smile Even when it means he is getting ready to plan to kill you Shiruende anyone? I'm enjoying the drama so far. I just finished Episode 2. I'm enjoying Hee Sung and his compartmentalizing...who gets to see what out of him.
  6. I'm really enjoying this drama. Every character has their layers...and they aren't all exposed right away. I was kind of worried just how the storyline would address Now...kudos to the young actor portraying teenage Hee Sung. His voice and evil smile? SOOOOOOOOOOOO JG like. And scary. Also kudos to the young daughter...she is adorable and spunky. I was sad to hear the ratings dropped...and for Trot music??? Oh well...people might want some happy distractions during this COVID time. I really enjoy the Detective characters and their inter
  7. I haven't watched Episode 2 yet Hey....try re-watching the steamy kissing scene Act 1 right after watching Episode 1! It freaked me out! Now I know why the PD put the steamy scene early before we got to "know" the true Hee Sung. Hope Episode 2 continues the good start!
  8. Ok....who slowed down the kissing scenes in the gifs??? Holy moley! WooHOO!!! The drought is over and boy did Episode 1 deliver!! First Kdrama in a long time to grab me and make me giggle and squirm. Starts off with a banger Kiss...some nice team camaraderie, dysfunctional and seemingly perfect family, a case to show the analytical styles of the detectives and then BAM! hehehe...my first posters I made after hearing about this show were stylized from YOU I was wondering if they would model a bit from that show. They both tried to pull you in t
  9. Have fun watching Episode 1. I'm gonna wait for translations for this episode.
  10. I still almost cannot believe I am going to be watching JG in Kdrama in less than 24 hours. Pinch me! Happy Episode 1 Viewing Everyone!
  11. Deep breath.... Am I ready? Are we ready? Here's hoping the drama gets great ratings and we can digest it to pieces after each episode. And that we get lots of pretty! I'd love some good distraction from real life 2020.
  12. I'm ready for Hee Sung to fool me completely. At least I hope the storyline allows for us to fully question his intentions all along. Does he love her or not? Is he a pawn to his parents or not? Can we trust anything he says....or not? That takes some great writing and some phenomenal acting. But the producers planning notes http://program.tving.com/tvn/evilflower/2/Contents/Html make it sound like a more redemptive storyline. <<granted I am really trying not to read too much>> And how do we get to win those signed posters???
  13. So what do we believe about Hee Sung?? Is he a Serial Killer? Is he a man trapped who does love his wife/new life? Can he be both? And why do I feel every article JG mentions his worry about his effectiveness in this role? Like this quote from the Soompi article.... https://www.soompi.com/article/1414304wpp/lee-joon-gi-and-moon-chae-won-describe-reuniting-for-new-drama-flower-of-evil-as-a-dream-come-true-and-destiny ????? I'm confused.
  14. From the few clips I have seen...JG & MCW seem adorable together at the Press Conference. Are they any articles to click and like etc? I only saw one on Naver. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=640&aid=0000002433 I love that we have a poll...but it's so black/white. I feel like the story will lie in the grey area inbetween. And I sense that HeeSung has comparmentalized his life depending on whom he is with at the time. And he will have to make some key choices. I hope JG is correct and this drama is filled with a puzzle-like complicated storyline
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