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  1. And Mullet blonde too! hehehe Is it past Hee Sung? Or hiding Hee Sung? Inquiring minds.
  2. I've been waiting for July 2020 it seems like forever. Way to make us wait until one of the last few days of the month tvN. Ready to watch JG in action again. Bonus that it will be with Moon Chae Won. I'll try to contribute JG photos...not sure about categorizing them. Photoshoots: Are you still only allowed to post 3 images? Movie:
  3. Is it the 29th yet? I must have been away for so long...this place went dark! And what's up with the RickRoll? When do you use it? Oooh...there's memes now? <<sorry ...it's like I am discovering it all over again>> This is the first LJG drama I haven't followed like a hawk in a few years. I am not actively trying to find out spoilers from FOE so I can fully enjoy the unraveling of the drama. That said, I am cranky there haven't been more photoshoots...especially JG & MCW together. I'd love for Baek Hee Sung to be darker character...keep us guessing whether he has some redeeming qualities or not. And I also hope that Cha Ji Won has some faults to her as well...like...why was she attracted to him in the first place... And I know the daughter storyline is probably gonna pull at the heart. 19 days?
  4. I'm getting scared .... in a good way! When does this drama start!?!?! <<not soon enough>>
  5. I just felt like revisiting Twitter and here to see how people are still reacting to MLSHR... MLSHR Reactions Around the World: I may require this....
  6. Um... Actually I am the source. Made & posted on my IG in January with some others. <<see my name by Moon Chae Won earring >> Is it June yet??
  7. ^^^ Those IG shots are super dreamy. This is the work of Jean Lee again right?? Those that ordered the photobook and Season's Greeting will be getting a treat!
  8. So...maybe character redemption....maybe happy ending???????? What am I saying...this is a Lee Joon Gi drama. I am gonna get my heart torn out. Just give me a few scenes of Bang Hee Sung/JG pounding away at metal, sparks flying, watching his veiny arms/hands create something beautiful before I question his sanity and motives. Is it JOON already? I'm ready for the FOE couple....to hopefully not end up foes!
  9. So...I am already envisioning shots that the cinematographer MUST include <<for my fangirl heart>> Dunno. It will probably be like jewelry making...and no heavy stuff. <<sad face>> But they cannot miss out on sexy arms...sparks flying and lifting the visor to see his handsome face? Surely??
  10. SHINee Bogoshipda!!!!!!!!! But 2020 is the year......SHINee's BACK!!!!!!
  11. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=011&aid=0003681029 Great article. JG is doing a lot of research for this role! Go Like/Warm on Naver if you have an account!
  12. It's great to see so many recognizable names in a Lee Joon Gi drama thread again! It seems like it has been FOREVER though. Does anybody have insight into the director and writer? Reading the synopsis from different articles <<and because it's what I am watching lately>>..I am wondering if this "thriller" will have YOU (NetFlix) type vibes.
  13. More articles describing the drama: https://www.hellokpop.com/kdrama/lee-joon-gi-moon-chae-won-reunite-new-tvn-drama/ Just WOW! You know Lee Joon Gi is gonna tackle this head on and make it amazing!
  14. Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won Confirmed As Leads For Upcoming tvN Thriller TV/FILM Jan 13, 2020 by S. Cho Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won are gearing up to return to the small screen! https://www.soompi.com/article/1376938wpp/lee-joon-gi-and-moon-chae-won-confirmed-as-leads-for-upcoming-tvn-thriller <<<Running in from a LONG JG draught to say WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Our ACTOR has a MEATY ROLE ahead in JUNE JUNE JOON JOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>> I am estatic to see Lee Joon Gi on my Kdrama screen again! And with Moon Chae Won! Icing on the CAKE!! Today is a great day for JG Angels everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!