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  1. But the things is... A conservative Sageuk would NOT have a heroine writing and illustrating (semi) erotica to make a buck LOL But even those weren’t as vanilla as this.
  2. To be frankly honest I am getting bored with the drama. The fun and fresh uniqueness of the premise and interaction/chemistry of the little outcast family on the run has been replaced by the usual Sageuk palace goats, nearly the only interaction between the sexless OTP relationship is angsty parting tears and hugs , MIL law antics and now another women. I could watch a 30 year old Sageuk and see the same thing. I know politics is part of these dramas but the tone totally did a 180.
  3. It’s kind of depressing it seems like they aren’t even sharing a room though:(
  4. I hoped they would not do this. I feel it’s too much with so few episodes to go.
  5. Oh no! As if our sweet Princess does not have enough on her plate and her man has enough problems of his own to deal with so he can’t be there all the way for her. Also Now SK really is in limbo. She is not BWs actual wife, Not Cha Dols real mother and Princess Hwa In is dead.Who is she now?
  6. Man! Imagine the ratings if this drama had been aired on one of the big three stations or TVN? Though if it had been on TVN we would have got more skin ship most likely. Win some lose some:)
  7. I can understand the girl having no Polish or refinement but MIL was born a Yangban and should have at least some couth and elegance even if she was a slave for several years.
  8. Sorry to burst peoples bubble but I think the romance lovey dovey stuff is done or at least put on hold for awhile. They got domestic matters and political plot lines to attend too right now.
  9. Chinese dramas are the absolute worst though. The Pollyanna dingbat girl always dresses like an 8 year old playing dress up!
  10. Can you do one for ugly and awful heroine clothes?
  11. What is the reasoning people are doubting Cha Dol’s paternity? Sorry to go on about this but am genuinely curious because the the drama has given us virtually nothing about the matter.
  12. I don’t see why he would not be his bio son and why people are coming up with that honestly. The drama has only said 2 things: He met his wife at the water mill and then she ran off with best friend. BW Is not a monk or a eunuch and He was doing what young guys do apparently. Unless the women comes back and says different that’s all we got.
  13. I am slightly surprised after all they have been through she has not tried to broach the subject at all. Who wouldn’t be curious about their mans first wife and what happened ? I don’t know.. I think with all the palace politics and the coming MIL drama and The Princess eventual reveal they have enough plot and no actress is listed in the credits who could be this person. Plus she will just add angst to our couple so The cheating Heifer can just stay gone.
  14. Old boy Chun bae needs to hit it first so they have something to compare... #JustJoseongirlthings #Nanniesunleashed
  15. I mean it could have happened that night... he was certainly more than handsy and flirty than usual. Even if they practice all the drawings in those books The Princess will probably always be demure and reserved about PDA per her nature and training.
  16. I guess they didn’t care what Down and out BA Woo got up to in his peasant cottage but Lord Kim Dae Seok can’t be living with a woman he is not legally wed to and not even a concubine at that I would think and what if hopefully in a few years they have kids of their own? I don’t know if any nobility anywhere that would be ok with that.
  17. It was the 16th century. People rarely changed clothes let alone washed. I suppose it might be one of those assumed things though. He cleaned up his scruff so he might have bathed as well.
  18. You know , I though of that. Maybe it’s just a given they love each other and they are “married” so what else should we expect? Fair enough. Still would like a hint of scene though
  19. I am also getting concerned that they skipped romance and the potential sharing a room scene as a couple scene turned into another very sweet and gentle but not romantic moment. I like sugar and sweetness as much as anyone but we know she is physically attracted to him and he should be showing the same by this point. It’s almost as if he adores and respects and protective of her so much he is not seeing her as very beautiful desirable women... It’s Chivalric not sexual. I don’t really expect a bed scene but maybe the beginning of one and fade out would be at least. Unless.. They a
  20. That’s crazy the show and her daughter seemed to have forgotten about the poor women! Hey, King? Couldn’t you take a moment in all this and tell her her beloved daughter is alive?
  21. The thing about Cha dol is right though. If it’s ever discovered his bio mother was actually a nobody he can’t get a lucrative position. Of course BW will never even look sideways at another women now so that’s a moot point. What MIL can do using her position in hierarchy is treat her like an orphaned commoner daughter in law and mistreat/belittle her and Lady Jo.
  22. Right? I know sis is supposed to be a teen but she irks me for some reason. If that bit tries to lord it over SK...
  23. Yet pure but too stupid to live daily drama heroine will always look like orphanage charity Donation. Oh, Daily dramas never change! (whispers) But. No really. Please do.
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