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  1. Sounds like an extra cheesy X Files episode. I foresee either an entertaining hot mess or just a hot mess.
  2. The Baby? I have seen more than one drama where They milk a miscarriage for drama. And this one seems to hate its “good” characters More than most.
  3. The Mafia lawyer antihero set up reminds me of Lawless Lawyer from a few years ago.That’s a great thing if the show runners get it right.
  4. It’s Toxic: No matter how abusive manipulative, controlling, interfering or Judgmental the family or the elders is the women in family and daily dramas will always stay and take it. They won’t even seriously think of moving out.
  5. This show had abysmal ratings and a controversial lead actress. Dramas that have wonderful ratings and viewer response don’t usually get sequels so why should this show?
  6. You are not the only one... I thought I was It may sound harsh but She is very extra and borderline annoying and precious As a character in my opinion.
  7. DJW has to keep the super human abilities And Intelligence, endurance Etc he got from the experiments so he could eventually take down the evil monsters and stop the horrible things they do. Jamie has loving adopted parents to go back too As well which DJW does not.
  8. Nam Goong Min could read a grocery receipt and be great. The show itself is largely a hot mess but his character and acting are the highlight.
  9. Seems like this is a drama where the male lead doesn’t get a love interest. That’s Very rare.
  10. Well. I just started watching Be a Meal /Good Supper. Here’s to hoping. All these daily drama FLs are spunky and witty when they are young then they grow up...
  11. Why do These daily’s adore cheerful idiot Pollyanna doormats? I thought of trying this but now never mind..
  12. I suspect they are doing the absolute most to take Jamie out of the picture as love interest -and really put her out of focus as much as possible.For whatever reason the show runners/writer have changed the planned story line to make Seol Hyun the female focus. Maybe They want to please And promote the Idol and her rabid fans above producing a quality Drama that makes sense? Had Han Ye Seul been Jamie Layton she would have stopped that foolishness because she has the industry power But here we are. All my opinion of course. Also, is this the worst rated show of NGMs care
  13. Because explaining anything more about Jaime or Giving her more Storyline would take away screen time from Seol Hyun and her blank stares...the Horror!
  14. Please K drama Gods Let this be epic and sweeping! With some humor! We need another Goblin or Descended from the Sun or Mr Sunshine:) Because everything on now is so prosaic Or dark.
  15. Ya’ll ever seen The anime “Cells at Work” ? If not check it out. That’s all I can picture now.
  16. *Cough*Any unnecessary scene with Clueless side chick*Cough* The Real storyline is DJW and his mission To bring down the evil group and to protect his childhood friend.That’s his goal right now and has been all the all the time. . The “love interest“ has so far been no help with either of those things. The romance Arc is nil. What is the characters purpose then? Shmoopy eyes and earnestness does not a interesting character make.
  17. Question: what did Jaime mean When she said to HW about it would would work for her(Jaime) but not for latter? After her and DJW had made the deal.
  18. Right! While I am really disappointed it’s seemingly not with Jaime The man has never had much softness or love in his adult life as far as we know which is doubly sad as He was a such caring protective child despite his environment. He deserves to be loved in his last days.
  19. She probably has been told he is just doctor who worked with orphans and presumably dad did some covering of tracks. Leave no paper trail and had his name redacted from official documents. It’s going to horrify and destroy her when she finds out he is a psychopath who experimented on her (potential) boo and made him like he is. Oh, And gave him a terminal brain disease.
  20. Like she said she is no Gong Hye Won. Jaime will RickRoll'D him up if she has to and he knows it.
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