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[Drama 2018] A Poem A Day / You Who Forgot Poetry, 시를 잊은 그대에게


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I've had a bad case of SLS when FlowerBoyNextDoor aired. It was a lot of fun sharing theories on who's going to end up with the main girl, and why the ship that we're each rooting for is more legit than the other. :lol: So I agree with @triplem, this drama will be one of those that'll most likely take us for a wild ride and leave us second guessing. For now, no ship is over until "something" happens. Does anyone know how many episodes this drama has? They usually or should give an inkling which ship they're leaning towards to mid-drama, unless the writer's an unconventional one. 

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I want more drunk BY with Dr. Ye!!!! So cute! :heart: Show your true self BY because you're an endearing character. I so want to see the BTS for this scene... wonder if LJH and Yubi were both able to stay in character for long. I would be laughing my heart out. XD






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@sophielleann OMG I am upset. I spent 1 hour trying to translate the BTS of the two of them doing various scenes. But I see it is NO WHERE to be found.

UGGGH . But turns out that is not the BTS you want anyways. 


I am traumatized. Doing it once (when I am a horrible as it is). So though I tried and I thought it posted---it did not.



As for my two cents on who is the male lead for the OTP, I concur with alot of the voices ie @packmule3 etc.

I have watched alot of dramas over the years and when they drag you around wanting the second lead to win (but he doesn't but in Drama history it has occurred BUT that itself is a unicorn). Though we are learning more about MH back story, I am all for the lead Dr. Ye.


As it has been pointed out by many others, though he is aloof and a bit cold and an advice machine, he is a caring person who is just and fair. Even when Dept Head Yang doesn't realize his JOB was saved by Dr Ye (He thought he told Dr Ye off to his boss oh the irony.) But when he was chastened by Dr Yang for not getting his facts straight and jumping to conclusion the red ginseng was from a patient and in fact was from his mom. (His satoori it sounded weird to me why from his Unni as he is a guy but then the translated version said mom). So when Dr Yang told him a word of advice, get your facts straight before jumping to conclusions. So Dr Ye gave back the red ginseng to the other Drs and then was going to take one until he was told NOPE. But he shocked Dr. Yang by saying Thank you.  (LOL) I love that Dr Ye noticed the job inbalance, noticed that BY was in the library doing research for that lazy Dr (as we learn is still lazy but has a rough time at home). Loved how Dr. Ye without coming out saying bluntly you are not hard working. Gave a compliment and then proceeded to ask for the source of his report (fully aware he would have no clue).I loved that he gave BY to chance to present (rare as she is not staff). Also he had all JOBS rebalanced and that all the bad/horrible patients shouldn't ALL go to BY. He noted the poems and asked who put it there. Also when Dr. Yang said the situation of BY getting the award and then having it taken away due to hospital politics and her being a contractor. He is sensitive and appreciates hard works and sincere people. So when he actually said he looked forward to working with her (after giving back her compliments note). She was surprised.  The others he just kept on saying to them---let me give you a word of advice etc etc.


I loved that Dr Ye knew that the grandmother /halmoni repeated incorrectly to the Dr to get BY in trouble. He was not upset as he knew that would be out of character. Plus though she felt she was screwing up in front of him while trying to look good, he saw when she was not realizing it. She got the chickens (when she did not have to) and he saw how MH was not helpful at all to her.Also he liked the poems and he was sensitive to note her avoiding him and not giving him eye contact when she got shy and awkward thinking she screwed up royally. So it was sweet how she was told by him (after he saw she helped the very same halmoni who got her in hot water) he saw ENOUGH of her good sides to know about her. The jump/dance of joy was too epic and cute. I loved how we finally got our hot Dr. Ye to chuckle and smile to himself.  Or when he was a bit miffed that BY did not feel comfortable to ask to borrow money from him and to not be distant to him. (I loved it. Others were trying their darnedest to be close to him to get him to stop them in their tracks. So cute he actually has to spell out to BY to stop avoiding him and being distant.)


Coming up with the previews showing they look cozier. Also the fact that MH tries to embarrass her saying BY is great with body gags, but Dr Ye says ---when i am sad I will look at this and smile. (So BY has her sweet secret smile of happiness.) Backfire! Or when making the video demo files and MH is jealous and cannot stand the look of "hearts of love" shooting out of BY eye's while Dr Ye is doing the demo. He has to pull a tantrum and say he Cannot film anymore. LOL. Then later after the ep 7 preview you see them--Dr Ye and BY walking ahead of him going somewhere and he is frustrated that they could eventually be dating. Yup POOR MH she could be able to date Dr. Ye.


As others have said before me, in the end I want BY to be happy. She is a bright and lovely gal. So caring and kind and whomever she is with I hope she is appreciated and loved and cherished. For me, MH is cute and exciting but also can be mean too. But he is getting better but I like the mature and attentive Dr. Ye more than MH. (Though MH did redeem himself a little when he gave his jacket/beer and some dried squid to BY to cheer her up after being yelled at by the DR.) He cannot help NOW realizing she is a gem of a gal and he LOSt his chance royally with her. 


I love that BY is having her chance to shine. Even though others know what is going on, they DON'T step up and do anything. Dr. Yang even commented how hard working and good BY is. But after Dr Ye said to rebalance he even piped in well it is all her doing it (though as head he did NOTHING to change it but Dr. Ye did it.)


Ok back to work but thanks for letting me just talk about this drama. Keep up the posts everyone!


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MH surely realizes how easily it is to wound BY's pride, having known her for long. But notice how he still went out of his way to humiliate her in front of JW--this, from the preview, after realizing that he has feelings for her. It's kinda poetic that it royally backfired on his behind, and we have JW still finding her positively endearing and cute. :lol:


Despite his experience with his family, MH should've learned how to be more tactful. I feel like he acts like a jerk to him, and whenever BY calls him out for it, he seems surprised that she'd be hurt by his words or baffled why it'd make her cry. And then you'll see him nice again. What's up with that? Bipolar, much? What with the calling her a creepy for the poems and tailing him around when she was still into him, and now sabotaging her growing happiness with Dr. Ye. 


I just realized that I haven't liked most of the leads with jerk/childish behavior for a while now.. .and I noticed how most of them have colored hair. LOL FlowerBoyRamyun, FBND, and now MH XDDD 


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I can not wait to see how this is going to evolve, especially how will romance be and if it really ends with JW
In general in this kind of drama we know who the girl ends up around episodes 10 and 11, after all a lot of little problems
Finally, for the male lead, even if it's JW, I remain convinced that even the writers like a lot of minho or his interpreter since he always has the screen time higher than JW, I find that even if minho is naughty with BY and is immature, he will take care of his friends
I can not wait to see more, I love this drama, very funny at times:D:lol:

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Made an account just to say my opinion for the OTP of this drama.


First of all, I am a Physical Therapist and that is the reason I started this drama just 3days ago. Although I like kdrama, I rarely watch them while they are still airing. I usually only get to see dramas when they are already dubbed in our country. 


Second, I believe the OTP is MH and BY. Why? In real PT world(at the very least, this is the statistics from my country) there is a higher success rate of a romance ending happily for a female PT supervisor and her male intern/trainee compared to a male supervisor and his female subordinate.  It is normal for girls to admire their superiors especially if said person is hardworking and compassionate but when it is a boy who "matures" into a man because he stared admiring your work ethics and began to see you as a role model in his chosen profession then that is an equation for an endgame lovestory. 


Of course, things may not be the same for this drama, just want to share my insight. My PT friend who recommended the drama also thinks the OTP is MH and BY(because of the dynamics of female supervisor/male trainee in the PT profession)although she likes it that the competition is very likable as well.

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Its nice to read diffrent perspectives but i am still rooting for JW-BW:D. Im just looking forward to each episode as it is funny and heartwarming. The different stories they present every episode will make you sad and relieve at the same time for they always end it in a postive light. The preview for next episode seems to focus on the love triangle but usually it only tackles a little percentage of the entire episode,so im just going to wait for it without expectations and still hope that JW-BW will have more screentime ALONE:tongue:

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I dont have any idea how long this drama will run, but if its going to follow the usual drama timeline, mid episodes is when the OTP is usually decided. So, we'll just have to wait and see. I can't promise to follow this drama through the end though should BY pick MH. LOL! 


I'm still very much behind the Ye Line. ♡♡♡


Oh... remember when Dr. Ye mentioned that he can"t date someone from the same hospital? That to me looks like an obstacle that an OTP would have to overcome. The clincher here is that it can be easily resolved by having one of the pair leave the hospital--that smacks of a climax scene if you ask me.


Dr. Ye has always been adamant about being fair to all employees, and he's an advice mean machine who's quite stubborn.


If BY is in the verge of losing her very much needed job, who do you think will have the power to turn that around and make the sacrifice? Dr. Ye. Then again, this is just my imagination running. Hee! We really will have to wait how things will unfold and who BY will stick to liking. 


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I just finished ep 1 to 4 at one go. About to start ep 5 then sleep.


Is the senior physio the male lead? Minho is written like a typical no hope 2nd lead. Didn't know if Kdrama wrote physio so lowly purposely or is it a reality. Because the uni application point for physiotherapy is extremely high in my country. I don't know what the competition for entering engineering or other science based courses. But we have post grad medical degrees here. And if you have the brains to enter physiotherapy you sure would have the brains for the medical post grad degree. Having said that don't think I have seen any physio or radiographer being demeaned by the medical staff before. It must be a Korean- centric issue. Or a Kdrama- centric issue.


Anyway just wanted to say this is an easy watch. And I am enjoying it a lot. The DF subs gets things wrong or missing quite a bit. It is worse than the VIU subs. And since I wasn't following this drama before it aired had no clue what was happening but I think I will need to look up the OSTs. Some really nice songs there and really nice lyrics. As usual very apt. But the tune was easy listening like an Indie music style.


@angelleigh I just read your post. For a Kdrama purpose I am saying the older guy is the male lead. The younger guy has the rich parents opposition plot line.


In real life however chances are that people get involved with their on par colleagues. Our physio are all Uni undergrads so from 19 years old. Hard to form a viable romance with that age group. But more like colleague level romances. But romance with a supervisor is not the norm as well. Since it is mostly females here. Not that many male physiotherapists. OT numbers are low..Plenty of male radiographers. And a sprinking of male pharmacists. Not many male speech therapists. Hard to do a viable romantic swoony male lead in real life. We tend to get more tall, built male paramedics if you want a male romance angle. Chuck in a few cops. Lol. But that's who I see in my work environment. 

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Apparently I can talk to myself quite well ie on soompi. Now that I have finished ep 6 I have started reading the comments. Plus watched the video clips posted here. I did try to go to the tvN website but it wouldn't let me open the drama site. I wanted to see the relationship chart.


That is because I have no clue why there is confusion regarding the male lead. The writers are experienced so it's not as if they don't know what the OTP progression and characteristics should be like.


One of the OTP has to fall first. Then it usually becomes mutual in ep 8 then declaration by ep 10. Followed by 2 episodes of bliss then Noble idiocy for 3 episodes. Resolution last episode.


Minho is not stable. Generally they don't put a poor female lead to end up with a newly starting rich kid and have them face opposition and be cut off and its their happy ending. Besides a 2nd lead either is in love already with the female lead in episode one. Or discovers he likes her but they are always too late. Or miss the timing. And the writer already has her falling for Ye.


Besides the subtle profession of him noticing her has started. It should dovetail nicely to come to a head in ep 10. However the random and persistent ex is a worry.


Talking about probabilities amongst the cast casting an experienced older actor as a 2nd lead is sorta not the norm. The actor playing Minho is 26 vs Ye who is 34. I cannot remember their names. Unless the younger actor has a strong agency behind him to bargain.


That's why I wanted the relationship chart. And then each time I get onto a poem I listened really hard. I feel like asking another friend to really translate the poems. The DF subber is doing an okay job. But boy do they just skim and translate. They keep missing words. And the poems become too mundane. But you can hear good it is in Korean.

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On 4/12/2018 at 9:10 AM, triplem said:

In terms of love triangle, this drama reminds me of Revolutionary Love . They pushed the triangle right to the end. And it was such a pain as I was rooting for the main lead as I am here for Jae Wook. 


@packmule3 I wish that you were wrong ( about BY still liking MH) :D, but the way they are developing Min Ho's character and allowing us to see his thoughts  throughout is giving me a bad feeling. These k dramas have a penchant for turning around jerk leads with a heart of gold (though I have to dig real deep to find Min Ho's ) and have them end up with the female lead. :lol:


@Dramaniac In my universe...it's Jae Wook!  Min Ho is too much of a kid...he needs character growth and some ambition at the moment. JW needs a warm heart like BY :rolleyes: to heal his broken heart. ....Jokes aside, I have a feeling this drama will continue to play with us and make us see things from different perspectives. 


hahaha. To be fair, I too wished it was Dr. Ye but... (oh well).  


Here's my write-up on Episode 6 and my explanation of the poem "Morning" and it's connection to Snail Brides. 




Here's an excerpt. I'll stop when I reach three pictures so I don't overload the system or whatever that thingamajiggy excuse we have for uploading only three pics.  




Do you still remember when I wrote that Boyoung’s poems give CONTEXT to the episodes? Well, to me, this episode is a solid example of superb and subtle writing.


The poem “Morning” frames this Episode 6 like a pair of bookends. It props up the story from the start and at the end.


Here’s the poem.


by Chun Sang Byung

Morning always feel so happy
The day begins
And the starting point is right now.
After I wash my face,
I start my chores
And open a book
Today might be my lucky day.
I hope I hear some good news…
Under the beautiful sky.


From the start of the episode, the poem sets the stage beautifully.


We see BoYoung cleaning Dr. Ye's room first thing in the morning. To onlookers, MinHo and Namwon, she reminded them of a busy and happy snail bride doing its wifely "chores" of cleaning house – or room – for Dr. Ye.


Then, like bookends, the poem gives us, at the closing of the episode, the CONTEXT in which to understand the whole story movement. You see, at midnight, BoYoung still remained the busy and happy snail bride. She was delivering the "good news" and creating a "lucky day" for MinHo.


Do you see the connection? The poem was actually intended NOT FOR DOCTOR YE, but for Minho. I’ve said this before: Doctor Ye is a red herring here.  :)


Let me explain.


From the moment MinHo saw BoYoung that morning, he declared himself LUCKY that he was freed from her. He was fulfilling the words of the poem, "The day begins and the starting point is right now...Today might be my lucky day. I hope I hear some good news…."


Also when they chanced upon her dusting, Namwon called her a snail bride. MinHo pointed out that she had also once done that for him: she cleaned his car in secret.




They both realized that she transformed into Dr. Ye’s snail bride, implying that she had become Dr. Ye’s problem to deal with. No longer MinHo’s. He's llluuuuuuccccckkkky! 


NW: I guess she still acts like a snail bride when she likes someone.
MH: Do you know how burdensome it is when she does things like that? Thank god she doesn’t like me. I’m so relieved that she’s not acting like my snail bride.


While Minho's eyes showed that he was bothered, his lips claimed that he had a lucky escape.


Then, during lunchtime, he and Namwon noticed that Boyoung only gave the biggest and best portion of the communal food to Dr. Ye.  Again, Minho pointed out that he too had been on the receiving end of her kind of favoritism before. Once, she gave him kimbab the size of his arm. 


Or the size of his face. lol.



NW teased him.


NW: But you seem to remember all the nice things BY did for you. Be honest. Were you interested in her, too?
MH: Hey. Fine. I’ll finally tell the truth. I was actually interested in her.
NW: “I’m kidding!”
MH: Why did you even ask? I only remember it because it gave me the chills. She sent me poetry and cleaned my car. On top of that, she made me kimbap as big as my arm. Is that normal? I’m so relieved that I don’t have to be subjected to that again. Yup.


See that? Again, his lips claimed that he had a lucky escape. He was relieved that BoYoung had stopped fawning over him and making him the center of HER attention.


Shortly afterwards, his mom called. He was invited to a dinner buffet with the family. His mom didn’t tell him the occasion for the celebration, but he realized belatedly that it was his birthday.


Right now, it would seem as if his life mirrored that of the poem “Morning.” His day was shaping up to be a lucky one alright.


For one, he escaped the clutches of a looney-bird like BoYoung. For another, his family was giving him a buffet dinner for his birthday.  He was seeing all good news so far. "Today might be my lucky day. I hope I hear some good news…"


See the irony? See the plot twist? See how the poem was setting up Minho?


Later that afternoon, he and Namwon spotted her gazing at Dr. Ye. When she turned to join them, she tripped over a hospital chair like in a bad slapstick. Minho caustically said that it served her right to be humiliated after gazing at her crush. But in the same breath, he reminded NamWon of a similar incident in college.




The two guys remembered the hilarious incident of the BoYoung in a runaway cart.


MH: Do you know how speechless you become in that situation. I’m glad that she’s not acting like that because of me. I’m so relieved that she doesn’t like me anymore.


lol. That was the third time he declared himself lucky because he avoided his ill-fate with BoYoung. He was glad that he didn't have to be again subjected to Boyoung's crazy and embarrassing moments.


But Minho’s greatest problem was that every time his lips moved to express relief at the end of his torture, he lied. Or he was joking...


He was in fact annoyed and jealous. He saw the connection between the past and the present, and he knew his position in BoYoung's life was being usurped by Doctor Ye. He thought he was being dethroned as the groom of the busy and happy snail bride.


But what he didn’t understand and what most of the audience (especially foreigners like me) didn’t get is the relevance of story of the Snail Bride. (lol. This is similar to the Apple Story I told you all in Episode 2.)


In the Korean folklore, the Snail Bride was the one who provided the food. That was her role in the story. The story wasn’t about her cleaning up the house but her providing the food....


source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/04/15/poem-a-day-episode-6-and-snail-brides/


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Found the relationship chart, seems it was also posted on Soompi. Not sure if it's the legit one though, so I'll have to check the site. 


And then tried to find a translated one, but not sure if it's accurate:




I think it's safe to say that what BY felt for MH and what she might be feeling now for JW is what we call an infatuation. I honestly don't think that people can just fall in love that easily. How it'll unfold or develop will certainly be up to BY. When she confessed to MH and he outright rejected her, I thought that her moving on was way too quick for a girl who has fallen in love. Or maybe it wasn't since it has been two years---basing from her saying that she's been a contractual employee for the same number of years. And then her reaction when she realized that she'd be working with MH bordered being embarrassed and not say still heartbroken, which isn't how you'd typically react if you still have leftover feelings for someone. 


This is why it'll take some time for her to confess to JW, unless we get a drunken confession. LOL

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Where have flowers bloomed but never trembled?
Even those most beautiful
all trembled as they blossomed,
and as they shook, stalks grew firm.
Where is there a love which is never shaken?


Where have flowers bloomed though never been made wet?
Even those most brightly sparkling
were soaked and soaked again as they blossomed.
Battered by wind and rain, their petals opened warmly.
Where is there a life which is never been drenched?


흔들리지 않고 피는 꽃이 어디 있으랴
이 세상 그 어떤 아름다운 꽃들도
다 흔들리면서 피었나니
흔들리면서 줄기를 곧게 세웠나니
흔들리지 않고 가는 사랑이 어디 있으랴

젖지 않고 피는 꽃이 어디 있으랴
이세상 그 어떤 빛나는 꽃들도
다 젖으며 젖으며 피었나니
바람과 비에 젖으며 꽃입 따뜻하게 피웠나니
젖지 않고 가는 삶이 어디 있으랴


It was in episode 1. Sigh, did think after 6 episodes that the poetry is rather bland in English. From the DF subber.


Sorry if this has been posted. Has it? I did only started watching 2 days ago.


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