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  1. is RC's identity still in question? because im a little worried that LEH's warning to cwk could be akin to fight club 2.0 and it's been her pulling strings all along. oh.. and i actually find it hilarious that soompi uses richard simmons to censor swear words.
  2. im curious about eunho's warning towards cwk .. that she not try to remember her missing memories because she might regret it. right now my 4 guesses are: a. she was physically abused by stepmom/dad or witnessed her sister be physically abused b. sexually abused by dad or witnessed her sister be sexually abused c. bullied her sister in the past d. she is not the real cwk and was used to replace the real one, hence the planted memories
  3. just saw the latest episodes.. and is girl in green dress really sekyung? and wk is the older girl right? does that mean stepmom abused sk?
  4. im already half wishing this was based on a published novel.. just so i can find out which of our theories is spot on.
  5. how about the brother from abroad someone mentioned a few pages ago? or the grown up minor arsonist perhaps? the suspect's frame is definitely stockier than eun ho's but there's a good chance that it could also just be the layers of clothes he's wearing.
  6. I havent seen the latest episodes but something just crossed my mind after learning about RC's invitation to CWK. Has she been behaving like a neglectful mother lately? Also, something's definitely up with the stepmom when WK mentioned looking up her extended family. She was visibly relieved when WK said that her grandmother and aunt were both dead. Do you think WK was just testing her and aunt's really alive?
  7. @howling welcome to the thread. richard simmons is what the soompi puts in place of curses or bad words. so if you by any chance post a curse word.. it'll be automatically replaced so now that the dog butcher seemed to be the abusive parent.. if that dead kid winds up hana's sibling.. do you think RC feels guilty for judging and punishing hana's mom.. that he was angered too much because he felt tricked into killing the mom and that added to his reasons for torturing the dog butcher? im going to try and read the recap for the episode when hana's mom died because i have this niggling thought that she might have been coerced by the dog butcher into living with him. because didnt she seem younger than him? and could the dead kid be hana's sibling?
  8. can someone explain about the buried bird? was there another kid apart from hana who was abused by the dog butcher?
  9. is anyone watching live? any update? i really hope we get some shred of truth about the little girl and her relationship to cwk tonight.
  10. Merry Christmas everyone! @liddi i must admit thay the start of that scene initially creeped me out especially when the girl's hands appeared to stroke her hair all of sudden. this is probably due to having watched The Hand.
  11. omg. so JH was abused as well? as if we werent already confused enough with the possible suspects.
  12. i love your analogy. i, on the other hand, was thinking.. maybe he just likes to write with his left and draw with his right hand? hahaah i hope that if this drama winds up disproving our theories thay it'll be something mind-boggling but wouldve made the most sense and we'd be left scratching our heads.. huh why didnt we think of that. but if it one of our theories wind uo correct .. well huzzah for our thread.
  13. @liddi LEH could be ambidextrous trying to check the similarities compare the writing hand to the image above. i feel like its the same left hand. thoughts?
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