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[Drama 2018] A Poem A Day / You Who Forgot Poetry, 시를 잊은 그대에게


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MH reminds me of the romcom male leads from early dramas. I hope writers have started evolving out of that norm, and start writing leads like Dr. Ye, who say what he means and means what he says. 


I usually feel bad for most second leads who are just one step behind the male lead, but MH's an assuming dolt, so I can't wait for that lesson to hit him hard in the end.  


JW :heart: BY 

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After watching Ep 3 and 4 I have to say that my hope for the character of BY is that she comes to a point in her life where she doesn't have to "care so much" about how others perceive her.  Her actions, values, work ethic should be enough and she should never have to apologize for having a sensitive heart.  BY often seems to be in need of validation and will bend over backward to be accepted by her colleagues.  I wonder if we will get more information about her past/childhood in future episodes which might help us better understand why she is the way she is.


I finally feel like the drama is starting to hit it's stride with the last scene.  

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34 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


I'm actually not sure that I agree with your assessment of BY. I don't feel that it's validation that she's seeking when she does things for people, including her colleagues. I think she just has a good, caring heart, and she has a hard time saying no to people.


However, she is feeling a bit hurt that despite all of her sincere efforts, she's getting very little to no acknowledgement by her peers, colleagues, and employer who take her efforts for granted, and even consider them a weakness. While we may like to think that our work and our values should stand for themselves and not need others' acknowledgement, I think in reality that is a difficult and lonely place to be, especially when it's not for any particular cause, but just because that is how things are.  However, the hurt feelings aren't changing BY into a person more like her colleagues. She continues to be herself, regardless.


BY does care about validating herself to JW, though. As she explained to MH, Dr. Ye is the first person to have acknowledged her work and her efforts, and then she did some silly things when she was drunk. She's embarrassed, but wants to show him more of her good side. It was sweet of JW to tell BY that he's basically already noticed them, and also the thing that embarrassed her so much as having perhaps offended, namely sending him a poem when she was drunk, wasn't offensive at all and he enjoyed it.


If anything, I think of BY as having a feisty side to her and wearing her heart on her sleeve as well.

Thanks for your comments and as a whole, I would agree... That's the beauty of having opinions and everyone gets a chance to see the drama and determine their own thoughts and conclusions regarding each character based on their own life filter.  Perhaps, we might not agree on the term validation.   I think of validation as recognition or affirmation that a person or their feelings or opinions are valid or worthwhile.    Whether BY is motivated out of the goodness of her heart or getting a full-time job, she still wants her colleagues to recognize and affirm that she is an equal person, that her feelings matter and her opinions are both valid and worthwhile.  If not, then why does she have hurt feelings?  and why does she continue?  She can stop, case in point she no longer really tries with Min Ho. 

I think it's because her sincere actions are not recognized by the "heard" and often ridiculed.  Dr. Cry Baby Woo...her colleagues "recognize" her as a pushover, a convenient target for their ire,  a clutz and affirm her as too uncomfortably sensitive.  All of her sincere work to befriend and get along is met with a big *whatever*


In episode 1, she was voted the "friendliest DR"  she was thrilled because it validated her on some level and brought her positive recognition within her department as well as the opportunity for full-time employment.  She wants to use JW as an example.  I can't remember in which episode she admired his ability to "just be himself and not worry about others opinions.." He validates himself and does not look outside for it.  His work speaks for itself.


I guess I would ask why BY can't say no.  She is a classic people pleaser.  She has an intense need to please and care for others which probably comes from a fear of rejection or failure/conflict.  Anyway....as for her feistiness only so far with Min Ho but her occasional passive aggressive moments are funny.

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Started watching this past weekend and am caught up. It’s not a show I love yet, it’s just been ok so far. Though the poems they’ve picked each episode are very beautiful and I like the OSTs that have been released so far :) I should stop thinking of this show as a medical drama but rather as a drama that takes place in a medical setting. I thought it would be like dealing with patients’ cases and learning about the importance of the other medical staff who aren’t doctors/nurses each episode, but it’s more like seeing them in their day to day lives at the workplace and the issues each character has. So here are just thoughts I have on the the characters:

- Bo Young is my favorite character as she has remained optimistic and works hard despite her tough past and I guess tough surroundings now as everyone has pitied or looked down on her (except Jae Wook). I’m rooting for her happiness.

- Min Ho may be a spoiled, immature brat but he’s likable for me and I’m not sure if that’s just because Jang Dong Yoon is playing him. I look forward to see his character mature and grow throughout the show.

- Jae Wook is a mysterious character that I want to know more about and want more scenes of!

- I await the day the alligator finally falls off Nam Woo’s shirt. It can either be a really hilarious scene or maybe used as growth for NW, like to accept and move on from what happened to his family 10 years ago.

- Joo Yong and Dae Bang are turning into quite the pair. At first I was pretty annoyed with them, but after episode 4, I’m starting to like them. I related to JY when it came to procrastinating in studies, a few minutes into a lecture video, I’d take a “study break” and watch other videos. I could also relate to DB’s indecisiveness even though show has overused it and sometimes it's frustrating. 

- Characters I could care less about would be the two interns who disrespect BY and talk behind her back and Dr. Park who doesn’t know when to shut up, and even though it was introduced that he has family issues, it doesn’t give him the right to act like that at work. 


As for who BY will end up with, I’m not sure who as I can see her end up with either guy. Before the show started and after watching the first 2 episodes, I was on MH’s side especially with what they encountered together with the patient passing away. But the last scene of episode 4 where JW smiled seeing BY’s shadow got me smiling along with him. Plus he has done all these nice things for her so far, so I guess you could say I’m leaning toward JW’s side right now, but I’ll see as the story goes on :)

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We are so early in the series that it is hard to tell which one is the otp, but I am so glad that they ended up with these casts, as they are all perfect for the characters. I absolutely love Jang Dong Yoon's Min Ho. I seriously cant imagine anyone else saying "I'm kidding" without wanting to slap him left and right. For his Min Ho, it feels as if he is just clueless about what he truly wants, childish in a way, but not a jerk. I also love Lee Joon Hyuk's Dr.Ye, as he makes all these silence feels thoughtful (I might be exaggerating here, but oh well. Haha) and his smile like a hidden treasure. So precious.

Nothing to say about Lee Yoo Bi. She is perfection for the character. I also the all the other characters.

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I keep replaying the preview for Episode 5, and my heart just can't help skipping beats whenever I see JW! Goodness! :heart: The other girls should really envy BY--I know I do! Hee!  


I mean... exhibit A






Need I say more? :wub: My heart's still fluttering when this was aired last Tuesday. 

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On 4/2/2018 at 12:04 PM, nearsea said:

Always? Hahahaha. :D He stressed me out along with the acidity problems I'm having so don't blame me. :tongue: I am looking forward to what more shenanigans he's going to throw at us haha. 


Oh really? Wow, this information has been used quite smartly then! Haha, unlike reply, the main leads are quite sorted out here and we know what's going to happen. But unlike Jung Hwan, Min Ho here has his reason to act sour towards bo young [that's what I guessed from the first episode], so I feel this sympathy towards him, which wasn't there in case of Jung Hwan. Regardless,  will watch 2nd episode and give feedback to your musings. B)


I'll write more about the other characters for my review of Episode 3. I found it interesting that each one of them had his/her catchphrase, lol, so I'll analyze that. In the meantime, here's my review of Episode 4, and the poem featured in it. 


*I'm only posting an excerpt because I'm not quite finished editing the last paragraph. Just read it over there. 


link: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/04/06/poem-a-day-episode-4/


My only claim to college literature is that I kept company with the “hip” crowd discussing Sartre, Rimbaud and Tagore.  I merely sponged off other people’s brains and soaked in their ideas. Nowadays, we say, “Pass me the popcorn” when we’re about to witness fireworks during a debate.  But back in those days, we said, “Un café, s’il vous plait,” as we watched fellow students argue the meaning of life till early morning.


Fortunately for non-literary people like me, the poems used here in this kdrama aren’t meant just for deep-thinking students of literature. The verses in A Poem a Day are accessible. They aren’t the intimidating, high form of poetry; they’re written for common folks, like you and me. Their meaning doesn’t get lost in the translation … or in the drama.


Take for instance the poem in Episode 4 “Standing Close” by Ki Sa In.


Standing Close
by Ki Sa In


Her bent back collects newspapers and cardboard boxes
Her work pants are loose on her shrunken body
When a car enters the alley, she stands close to the side.
With her small cart which is her only flesh and blood
Standing close in solitude
Like a spider on a dirty cement wall
Like an old sting ray at the bottom of a water tank.
Standing low and close to a gray wall.


Once the car passes, the grandmother who was like crinkled paper
Slowly straightens out again.
The cart’s wheels follow her at her heels like young goats.
If I think about the worn out television that will turn on in that room
If I think about the tilted sink, pots, and pans
And the bent back that will stand in front of it. 
I choke up. 
If I think about the rag in the corner which she has probably wrung out




Of course, you can choose any which way you want to interpret this poem. But for me, it’s this way:


The poem describes a bystander’s reaction to a grim scene he’s witnessing up close. He’s struck by the hard struggles of living. When he imagines the empty and dreary scene that awaits this lonely grandmother when she gets home, he’s choked up with sadness.


As JooYong JooYong would say as he watched DefCon pretend to have friends, “It’s heartbreaking.”





To me, the poem signals the message of the episode, that life is heartbreaking… until you're standing close… and realize that no! life is, in fact, heartwarming. Even in the most heartbreaking of moments, there exists in people, a sense of goodness and kindness that’s heartwarming.


And uplifting. 


In this episode, JooYong JooYong was the first to discover this truth after spending a day with Defcon in the rural area.


From the start of this episode, he pitied Defcon because of his friendless state. He thought Defcon was pathetic. “Like a spider on a dirty cement wall, like an old sting ray at the bottom of a water tank,” Defcon hung around his colleagues but remained solitary. He was obviously an outsider.


But then slowly JYJY’s perspective  changed as he observed Defcon’s interaction with the community’s crazy grandfather. Defcon humored that old man, first pretending to be the long-lost brother then the dead father. At the end of the day, he gave the old man a piggy ride back to his home, cleaned the floor, made dinner and fixed the lights.


Defcon recognized himself in that old man. He saw in that the old man’s solitude a preview of his future lonesome world and his heart became heavy. The grandfather was a kindred soul.


However, standing close to Defcon, JYJY was seeing another thing. He realized that Defcon wasn’t someone to be pitied but to be admired. Defcon wasn’t heartbreaking but heartwarming. 





JYJY’s newfound insight was repeated by three other characters in the story, namely BoYoung, Doctor Ye, and, curiously enough, MinHo.


The discovery was most obvious in BoYoung’s case. 


BoYoung helped out the grandmother because she felt sorry for her. The grandmother was the living representation of the grandmother in the poem: Her hunched back. Her shrunken body. Collecting recyclable cardboard. Standing against the wall as a car passed her by. Wheeling her heavy cart behind her.


Just like JooYong JooYong stood near Defcon, BoYoung followed closely behind the grandmother to help push the loaded cart. Likewise, she discovered that the grandmother wasn’t one to be pitied. The grandma’s hard life wasn’t heartbreaking but upliftign.




Because when the old lady arrived home, there was somebody eagerly waiting to greet and hug her: her granddaughter. Suddenly, the sad image of a lonely figure trudging up the hill with the cart of cardboard was upended. It wasn’t so sad at all. The grandma had someone at the end of her journey. She was enduring and sacrificing for someone she loved very much but THAT person loved her back wholeheartedly.


Thus, the scene BoYoung witnessed was a heartwarming moment.


Little did she know that her time with the grandma was being observed. After she turned to leave the grandmother, she saw Dr. Ye emerging from the shadows. He too was standing close – just like the bystander in the poem.


BY: I said I’d only show you my good side but all I did was show you my ridiculousness.
Dr: I already saw a lot of your good side.
BY: Pardon?
Dr: AS I already said, there’s no Ye Line. But if ever I did look after you, just as the others have said, this is why: Because I know you always treat your patients with kindness and sincerity. You even helped that grandmother just now.
BTW, I enjoyed the poetry you sent me. I felt cheered up after reading such good poetry.
BY: Pardon? Really? I thought you were angry because you didn’t respond.
Dr: Oh. I just forgot to respond.
BY: Oh! You didn’t ignore my text on purpose? You felt happy after reading my poetry??


He saw her struggling with her job, in the same way the grandmother struggled with her cart. All day long BoYoung looked inept and clumsy. First, bringing the bread crust instead of the sandwiches, then falling on his lap, then looking like she went through hell after chasing the chickens, and finally getting berated by a doctor.


Like the grandmother in the poem, she worked so hard with little success to show for her efforts.


But instead of seeing her as a loser, Doctor Ye noted her kindness and sincerity. He knew she wasn’t someone to be pitied but someone to be praised and commended. That was why a “Ye Line” was unnecessary. A Ye Line is only solicited by those who needed to curry favors. She didn’t need to stand in line for any favors because she could STAND on her own MERITS.


Now, do you see the parallelism between BoYoung and Defcon? 


BoYoung was to Doctor Ye what Defcon was to JYJY. Both their goodness was heartwarming and inspiring. And just like JYJY’s approval and offer of friendship made Defcon ecstatic with joy, so did Doctor Ye’s words – AND positive response to her poems – give her unbounded happiness. She was skipping right behind Doctor Ye like Defcon was running to hug JYJY.


And when Doctor Ye saw her shadow skipping right beside him, he smiled. It was just so like BoYoung to show her happiness with much exuberance, and little restraint. Whether drunk or sober, she showed her real joyful self.


Which brings me finally to MinHo.


He hates poetry. — Or perhaps (you know how kdrama works by now…) he liked it when he was little but he had a traumatic experience with it (i.e., gotten bullied at school or scolded by parent). 


Unlike Doctor Ye, who is outwardly aloof but secretly sensitive (and you know how kdrama works by now…), MinHo makes it clear that he considers poetry trashy. He belittles BoYoung’s love for poetry. And he considers her 1. sentimentality, 2. her tears, 3. efforts to please Doctor Ye, and 4. generally everything about her, over-the-top and unnecessary.


To me then, it’s fascinating to watch him STANDING CLOSE to BoYoung because he begins to understand her. If you watch that scene again at the dining table when the therapists all are gathered to talk about the doctor who shouted at BoYoung, you’ll notice that MinHo’s observing her reactions. Every time the others say something hurtful, he glances at BoYoung. He knows that she’s feeling sad. Actually, more than sad. She looks weary and downtrodden.


Like the old grandmother in the poem.


For BoYoung, everything is an uphill climb and hard work without encouragement, appreciation or companion.


I think that for an insensitive guy, Minho’s actions are very considerate. He searches for her, offers his jacket, zips her up, and surprises with her a can of beer and a snack of (I’m guessing what that atrocious thing was) dried squid.


Metaphorically, Minho offers to “carry the cart” for her to lighten her load. Did she want him to want him to talk with the grandma or talk with the doctor? he asks her.  That’s sweet gesture, given that he’s only an intern and that he has no real authority.


Then, as he watches her run off to help the grandmother, it dawns on him that she has no problems looking good in front of her.


See that?




Despite his annoyance ...


source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/04/06/poem-a-day-episode-4/



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K-Drama Reaction: A Poem a Day | Episode 1


Favorite Poem of the Episode

2018 is shaping up to be a very good year for dramaland. Honestly, we at Ahjummamshies are having a tough time choosing which dramas we will review because they all seem promising. In my case, for example, it was already set in stone that I’ll pick my next assignment in April, but after watching A Poem a Day, I’ve decided not to let this one pass because I really enjoyed it a lot.

A Poem a Day is about the unsung heroes of the medical field and how poems help them deal with struggles of their daily lives. You may think (just like I did) a combination of hospital and literature doesn’t seem right on paper, but the pilot episode wonderfully pulled it off.

Meet the Physical Therapy Department contractor, trainees, and interns

Our main heroine is physical therapist Woo Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi). She dreamt of becoming a poet but decided to be on the medical field because of economic reasons. Her goal was to become a full-time employee at Shinsun Hospital.


Full: https://ahjummamshies.com/2018/04/06/k-drama-reaction-a-poem-a-day-episode-1/

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Im actually glad that a lot of people are now considering this drama and love watching it. Its a drama thats refreshing and light that you dont have to ponder a lot but take every episode as how it is...its heartwarming and sad at times but it will not leave you a depressing feeling instead it gave you a hopeful feeling that everything will turn out well in the end:blush:

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I'm here because I need someone to tell me who the first lead is lol 


Please tell me it's Dr. Ye


I'll confess that I started watching this because of Lee Joon Hyuk. I LOVED his acting and character in Secret forest and his visuals in  Naked fireman and as soon as I saw his face in the posters I was tatally sold and assumed he is the first lead. But while watching the drama I was a lil confused by his little screen time and the young lead who is incredibly annoying but somehow cute as well  but still annoying because his teasing is waaaaay too much in my opinion and who I guess could be redeemed and be the typical tsundere who likes the heroine secretly and ends up with her... 


Dr. Ye tho...isn't he just swoon worthy? So chic!

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@kawaiibooty i never doubted that lee joon hyuk is the male lead...when they were just starting to complete the cast,the role was offered first to him and jang dong yoon was the 2nd choice because the guy that the role was offered to backed out or there was a controversy with his agency. I think that lee jhun hyuk is the bigger star after he appeared in secret forest...but of course this is just my opinion.the screen time of LJW will increase as the stroy develops,i assume.

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A poem a day keeps the doctor. :lol:

If this is a slice-of-life, the romance is secondary and might be glossed over. But I'm still rooting for Dr. Ye. 

Dr. Woo is a PT, a poetry therapist. Hahaha I feel so witty with that.



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@packmule3 You know, after watching episode 1, I thought it was decided that I'm team min ho, I don't know why, it must be because of the actor, :D. But everyone seems to be raving about Yeliner, and I guess I am on the second lead ship this time. But, since there seem to be many interesting things happening in the drama, aside from the love line, I have decided to continue, for now at least. :lol: 

Though I gather it will be quite hard, LOL, but not like this is the first time :D

Now pardon the superficial me. Going back to read your insights. 

# Ah one of the reasons I'm still having it hard to root for lee joon hyuk is probably that the guy played the role of the corrupted prosecutor so well on secret forest. That image is still so much vivid in my mind that I can't somehow dive into his calm and thoughtful attire in this drama lol. 

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Am I the only who feels like this show is more of a sitcom rather than a drama? Not that I’m complaining because I do enjoy how the writer is trying to establish the characters’ individual quirkiness in each and every funny interaction they have with each other.


Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY



FULL: https://ahjummamshies.com/2018/04/09/k-drama-reaction-a-poem-a-day-episode-2/

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4 hours ago, mxxella said:



Am I the only who feels like this show is more of a sitcom rather than a drama? Not that I’m complaining because I do enjoy how the writer is trying to establish the characters’ individual quirkiness in each and every funny interaction they have with each other.



FULL: https://ahjummamshies.com/2018/04/09/k-drama-reaction-a-poem-a-day-episode-2/


May I borrow this gif? Thanks. 


Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


That’s the moment when I gave him a thumbs-down as future boyfriend of BoYoung. I had post-traumatic stress syndrome just watching him mopping the floors like a rolling pin and air-kicking invisible ninjas. I remembered with horror going through the same ordeal with my sons’ terrible twos.


However, if I were a young girl and he were to break down and have that temper tantrum because I rejected him, I would crack a smile and end up changing my mind. There’s something about awkward man-child antics that women find cute and irresistible.  I personally don't like noona-donsaeng or cougar romances and I avoid those k-romcoms but I understand what the appeal is for older women. 


On 4/8/2018 at 5:50 AM, nearsea said:

@packmule3 You know, after watching episode 1, I thought it was decided that I'm team min ho, I don't know why, it must be because of the actor, :D. But everyone seems to be raving about Yeliner, and I guess I am on the second lead ship this time. But, since there seem to be many interesting things happening in the drama, aside from the love line, I have decided to continue, for now at least. :lol: 

Though I gather it will be quite hard, LOL, but not like this is the first time :D

Now pardon the superficial me. Going back to read your insights. 

# Ah one of the reasons I'm still having it hard to root for lee joon hyuk is probably that the guy played the role of the corrupted prosecutor so well on secret forest. That image is still so much vivid in my mind that I can't somehow dive into his calm and thoughtful attire in this drama lol. 


To stay on topic, @nearsea, my full response for you is posted on my blog. 




I understand where you're coming from so I'll post my comparison between A Poem a Day and Reply 1988 later. 


Also, here's the link to my analysis of the characters of A Poem a Day with their associated catchphrase. 




For now, I'm filing this catchphrase under Dr. Kim, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this double standard applies to everybody in the story. There's a different standard for one who's admired, and one who's not; one standard for you, and one standard for me. 




Take for instance, Minho and Dr. Ye. As I've written there, both of them behaved like jerks. (Not all the time, of course, but on occasions.) 


For instance, 


Minho: when he rejected BoYoung's unwanted attention and one-sided love,

and Dr. Ye: when he rejected Dr. Park's and Dr Kim's unwanted attention and one-sided admiration.


It would be unfair to criticize one character's misbehavior while ignoring the other's similar misbehavior. You have to call out both.  


But as Dr. Park wisely said, "When I do it, it's romance. When you do it, it's adultery."


Pretty clever, eh? Don't miss out on these little "twists" by the scriptwriter. If you're not paying attention, you'll overlook the connection. :wink:

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OMG.. I can't even tell which scenes she's imagining and which are real. XD I absolutely love them together, and I must say, JW can deny himself all he wants but he really does have eyes only for BY. 


As for MH, man.. I almost feel bad for you for assuming she's still not over you. ALMOST. You went back to jerk territory when you took a video of her humiliating herself. I really hope that doesn't get posted or worse.. go viral. I hope the writer won't go there. There's cute tsundere like ShikaTema, and then there's MH... who keeps on telling BY to keep her distance but is a constant humiliation-waiting-to-happen whenever he's around her. I don't even want him to end up with anyone in the drama's timeline. He should reflect and regret his misdeeds right at the end.  

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