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  1. @triplem hi can you help me post the link.on youtube here? so that someone can translate it. Thanks!i think i really ship them for real
  2. @Nodame hi may i ask a favor? I found this link https://youtu.be/lgXbFPYo-WA its an interview with yu bi i do not what shes saying.im quite hoping she talked about the drama. Can you please translate it.big thanks!
  3. @triplem can you translate the entire video? i just miss them so much that i drop by this forum hoping for recent updates...my mondays and tuesdays is so boring now
  4. @triplem hi i dont know how to post a youtube link but can you check this out.its an interview with yu bi. She was asked to choose between LJH and JDY she chose LJH ...i think... https://youtu.be/Wv77JrIqOS8
  5. @Nari Gae will do.thanks.can you also post this on twitter with#apoemaday.there are more people using that platform.
  6. @triplem may i ask what he was saying about Yubi/BY?i want to ship them for real...
  7. Tonight is the last night i actually didnt watch ep.15 coz i want continuity when i finish a drama...im sad for this also means that this forum is going to an end...im glad to have read all the comments and updates here and i thank everyone who put in a lot of effort just to make the waiting easier... i hope to see you in other dramas,but i doubt it since i dont usually post...it was a fun ride,especially for all of us yeliners!!! im truly hoping that the end is all worth it.
  8. @ck1Oz i like yubi so i quite know her background,her moms an actress but yubi said she looked like her dad who is also an actor but her parents got divorced and her mom remarried and they were adopted thats why they carry the name lee Sorry this is so off topic
  9. @ELlovelyz can you please share or post it here? thanks thanks..im not sure if im looking forward for next week coz it means it will be the last and its quite sad coz this is the only drama that made me appreciate mondays
  10. Sorry but minho is quite a jerk based on the clips,he seems to be the "if i cant have her nobody else can" type of guy...he couldnt even respect BY.so annoyed right now
  11. The BTS is way better than the actual scene this two should just date for real
  12. @triplem thanks for posting the videos i cant stop smiling though i feel sad for the section chief and minho..
  13. Am i the only one waiting for the BTS?...usually they released a BTS before monday and im so excited to see the BTS of the last ep.,especially the one with JW and BY. i hope they will release it coz monday seems so far
  14. @jeijei that would be lovely!if you can make lots of memes it will be fun! Thinking that we only have 4 episodes more is kinda sad...its been a while since i last enjoyed a drama as this one..hope that LYB and LJH will have other dramas soon...and JDY too..
  15. Yay!!!!im so happy thanks for the live updates...have to watch now...missed 4 episodes coz im waiting for this i can finally watch it with a happy heart,YJW is totally embarassing thats why its so hilarious!just love this 2 so much
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