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  1. @triplem hi can you help me post the link.on youtube here? so that someone can translate it. Thanks!i think i really ship them for real
  2. @Nodame hi may i ask a favor? I found this link https://youtu.be/lgXbFPYo-WA its an interview with yu bi i do not what shes saying.im quite hoping she talked about the drama. Can you please translate it.big thanks!
  3. @triplem can you translate the entire video? i just miss them so much that i drop by this forum hoping for recent updates...my mondays and tuesdays is so boring now
  4. @triplem hi i dont know how to post a youtube link but can you check this out.its an interview with yu bi. She was asked to choose between LJH and JDY she chose LJH ...i think... https://youtu.be/Wv77JrIqOS8
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