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  1. Whoah! YX looks super hot with more defined makeup and longer hairstyle. From which drama is it? Even the actor starring Pei Heng looks sooo much better in the slides. Thank you for sharing this.
  2. You and me both. I am currently watching ep 18 slowly, with caution. Lol It is great to be able to ff scene. Hahaha. But with this drama, I managed to keep it to minimum. Perhaps because it is not as angsty as many other dramas, and there are sprinkles of funny scenes here and there. On different note, if only we can ff this pandemic too. *sigh
  3. Thank you. I had better reinstalled a vpn then. Many things cant be watched without having one, i suppose. I think LS has a rare quality in which she can be funny, cheerful and cheeky without being annoying. Her role in LBTI is an exception. I can picture YX playing darker, more macho role. I hate saying this, but he still looks a bit green to me. He might need to add some tone and muscle for more complex role. Shall he nailed it, it would be awesome, I think!
  4. Unfortunately iqiyi is not compatible with my tablet. Any suggestion where I can legally watch it?
  5. I completely agree with you on HS hair. I like his hair in modern era more, and even more: his hair on Intense Love. Hair stylists can make people look stunning and balanced like deity, and can also make people look clumsy, silly, deformed, awkward. I am still trying to finish Love Better than Immortality right now, and one thing that really bothers me other than the main female character (ZLS) is the main female character's HAIR. Her hairstyle is unflattering and makes me wonder why oh why the main male characters fell head over heels for her, with such crappy behavior too (she betrayed them over and over and yet they kept chasing her). The main male character (Li Hong Yi) is godly though. I would suggest watching light dramas like The Eternal Love and Love by Hypnotic. But my favorite would be Joy of Life, the Untamed, Handsome Siblings (I recommend this one because it is funny and doesnt require too much thinking and low on angst). If you dont mind some angst, then TMOPB (Eternal Love) it is. I even enjoy its sequel (Eternal love of dream) especially after 5 eps. But I would rather rewatch Handsome Siblings, Joy of Life and The Eternal Love, if you ask me. I dont suggest Love and Destiny, not because it is bad...but because I cant stand the flat combed hair. I dont suggest watching Love Better than Immortality unless to swoon over the main male lead. *still upset
  6. In Goodbye My Princess, Li Cheng Yin thought his wife is a mind reader. LOL. They look good together though (and its modern era twist is sweet like cotton candy) Han Shuo is a lot better. He always explains his actions right after he did something, and he makes it very clear that he doesnt love anyone but Orange. Li Cheng Yin did not do that. He even kept a mistress and acted as if she was his favorite (in order to protect his wife). In a way, Li Cheng Yin's actions sounds so much like QQ actions towards Pei Heng, in which she always defends him in front of our Banana. A big no no. I think if you love someone, you are supposed to make that very clear, just like what our tiger Han Shuo does to Xiao Qian, always defend her, even in front of Bai Ji, the envoy, the city owner...basically, everyone. He is an idol husband, if you ask me. Hahahaha. He even bet for her, when the whole city bet against her. Perhaps they can invent something quite the contrary, like...River of Remembrance. For instance: they fell into the river of remembrance, and when they woke up, they're already in modern era, remembering all events in the script world. On another thing Su Mu is also my favorite! He is rarely mentioned, but I guess nobody can move first princess' heart other than him. His gentle demeanor can heal any wound, I think!
  7. I have just watched up to ep 16 (will be 18 today, I hope), and I will wait until last ep patiently. Very difficult to duck all the spoilers. Thank you all for putting spoiler tag! I love how fast paced and on-point this drama is, rather than dilly dallying like many other dramas. Would I vouch for 2nd season... ...not necessarily. This drama is not like Joy of Life which already have plan in advance that they will have (5?) seasons. I would rather have well planned seasons in advance rather than season made just because of the hype, like Meteor Garden and Bu Bu Jing Xin (Scarlet Heart). It is very rare to find second season that is as good and enjoyable as first season, especially those whipped up after first season fame is rising. The rare ones include Eternal Love (now shooting for 3rd season?) and perhaps Nirvana on Fire (I have not watched this but reviews are looking great). Another thought on why I would rather have 1 season is that as a fan, having them playing the second season would also mean that they as actor/actress will not explore other roles/genre/character for the time being - which is not that good for their development as actor/actress.
  8. I think YX still looks better on Romance of Tiger and Rose. I found another picture of him (cr: owner) in which he looks nice https://www.pinterest.es/pin/680817668659108044/ https://www.pinterest.es/pin/680817668659108043/
  9. I guess loving someone can be unfair. I am on ep 24 and gosh it really hurts whenever Chun Hua keeps insisting that Xiao Bai is The One and keeps coming back to him although he doubted her and failed her so many times. I mean, where is this guy when CH was kidnapped? So disappointing. I feel sorry for QY that CH keeps refusing him, albeit knowing how shitty XB is and how good QY is and how she actually likes QY ....especially when she dreamed that XB killed QY, and she woke up in tears! When I watched that, I went "oh, come on, CH. You must be so daft not to acknowledge what THAT means!" But anyway I am going to continue watching since you told me that on ep 26, change finally takes place. Thank you.
  10. I love how on Romance of Banana City and Round-shaped fruits City, Banana seems very logical in a sense that if he loves it, he pursuits it, he doesnt hide. He wears his heart on his sleeves. His actions really say a lot about his feelings. Too bad our dear Orange seems to be a bit slow to catch that, or to take that seriously. On first ep, I thought Banana would be this dangerous, scheming, conniving dark knight, but whatddayaknow...he ended up to be THIS adorable, innocent, a bit shamefully narcistic, shamelessly honest guy. I also love the idea of reversal of genders being played in this series, although sometimes they seem to forget about this setup too. Hahaha. Big plus is that it is super funny and entertaining. In Love Better than Immortality, it is interesting that the male lead is NOT your typical good guy. The martial world even considers him the ultimate evil. He is dangerous (killing, eye-gauging, teleporting straight into your bed kind of guy), scheming, dangerously seductive and shamelessly perverted. But whatever evil that he may have in mind, he always has soft spot for the female lead, that made us root for him. For instance, instead of instantly killing people like he always do, he reconsiders his first instinct, in order to make his lady happy. So...imagine...Count Dracula, perhaps? Or Phantom of The Opera. Or The Beast (which was considered a monster by the villagers). I dont enjoy the opening ost though. In Oh My Emperor...I actually didnt really like the female lead character here. But I guess it was also because I had second male lead crush syndrome when I watched this. The drama is not as well made as the aforementioned two.
  11. That is SO true! Wearing white or black, our Han Shuo always only have eyes for our Qian Qian. *sigh
  12. I am watching Lusi's past project: Love Better than Immortality. The male lead is so gorgeous and in this drama, he is like this tiger eyeing for his prey, with intoxicating stare. Plus, he is somewhat like a cross between kungfu master, a CCTV and David Copperfield who can vanish within second you turned your head, and pop back in your room the least time you expected him. I thank God that male like that dont appear anywhere in my life or I'll be in big trouble. I prefer someone like our Han Shuo, who would be willing to change into girl's dress for me to rip as pay back method. Hahahaha. He made me laugh.
  13. Ahhhh....I love her videos! Soo soothing for me hearing her tone, somehow. Btw, back to Ryan Ding....I thought I was the only one thinking that he looked like someone falling in love! I started to think that way after watching his interview/zoom meeting/twitter vid (I forgot, but it was somewhere in this thread). He blushes and his EYES just got WIDER, followed by widening smile.
  14. This drama is one of the rare ones in which I don't fast torward, and if any, I would likely be rewatching the entire eps to relive their antics. In fact I am repeating some scenes, to kill time before new eps come out, same with @chsaf @-Love Blossom- , with all the stress coming from the pandemic, watching light dramas like these really keeps people sane. Thank you, @taekwang and @Adidaem for the links! Will open them as soon as I got back! Biggest hugs!
  15. Awww...their interactions in BTS snippets are so cuuuute. Both leads are funny and playful, and they seem to be having great time during filming. I guess it makes both the series and the BTS entertaining to watch. Really thankful for this drama. I get to have good laugh from ep 1 to (now) 8. The only reason why I havent watched the rest eps is because I worry that I would be running out of ep to watch I hope the story ends happily, and I hope the series is doing well. Btw I think the original voice of the male lead is not that different from the dub.