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  1. Sad to be glad that finally it's over. I mean this in the best way. It was a long 20 episodes but I'm really grateful for each story that was told. Another masterpiece ended and all we can do is rewatch it at some later date. Thank you to the cast and crew who worked tirelessly to produce this masterpiece. :(((( With that being said, I see some special episodes regarding our cast, would you guys tell me when this episodes are airing specially the ending of episode 20, it seems like it will be aired next week at the same slot like the special episodes of Goblin but I'm not sure. I just want to watch the cast more. :) thank you.
  2. Just finished watching episode 19, wtf???? That cliffhanger though, near the end I was wondering "what about Hyena?" then boom never have I ever felt this series would end but last episode otw, kinda wish they would release special episodes kinda like those series with high ratings occupying a least one more weekend for special episodes . SPOILER ALERT SORT OF ****** The most heartbreaking moment for me this episode was when Suh-jin found Yeh-suh at her wit's end, I felt Yeh-suh's emotion of being in the brink almost losing it and Suh-jin watching her child just break down. I was almost in tears, that scene felt good as much as it felt sad. Tbh, I don't need a redemption arc for the twin's dad or Ebi's mom I want their characters to stay the same since I think they're just so sucked in by their own ambitions that there is just no escaping it. Kay was also a strong point this episode, the flashback was short but it was more than enough to know the situation that Coach's family was going through. Was kinda sad that Kay was blaming herself for her family's breaking that deep inside a very young girl was subjected to that kind of environment. Mr. Jo's story was meh couldn't care less it was just like it was just thrown in there that Coach saved him from his vices. Really really sad about Kay, hearing her talk about Little Prince was just so child-like and appropriate for her age. I think we should all join forces and give the cast and the team one last hurrah, to everyone who can watch it live on the television please turn on as much TV as you can and turn it to JTBC and give them the ratings they deserve. Do it for the cast, do it for the children who are suffering and to whom the drama is dedicated for. Episode 20 I can't WTH is Woo Joo's dad wearing? Sky Castle's residents doesn't approve!
  3. Okay it's my fault I didn't read the news whatsoever about the rescheduling, here I am wasting almost 10 mins of my life looking for episode 10 to pop out but with no luck comes the realization that maybe just maybe it is rescheduled and Viola my subsconscious mind was right soooo> can't wait for tomorrow :D:D:D:D:DD
  5. Okay after watching episode 18, im totally panicking, WTF is she gonna do with Kay? Kay didn't do anything much less have any screen time in the last few episodes, leave her alone! hihi
  6. I knew after watching episode 1 that this will become a hit. Congratulations to the cast for bringing it every episode, their hard-work paid off. I think this weeks episodes are the most interesting and gag-worthy yet. It served drama, comedy, thriller, suspense, murder, kdrama police who are clueless to everything, mother who's doing it all for her child, an unrequited love, a guilty smartass, a nonguilty smartass with her somewhat nonguilty sidekick, child who brought her father down with just words, another father who was clueless that he was partly responsible for his kin's death, a child arrested for loving too much, another child with her mouth spilling the beans to avenge her sister, another talkative person who shed some light to the murder, and ultimately a father locked out of his own house. Can't wait for next week *wink* *wink*
  7. WE NEED A LOT OF PEOPLE TO WATCH THIS DRAMA, GAWWD THIS MIGHT BE ONE OF THE BEST DRAMAS THIS YEAR. !!!! Seriously, the teenage angst portrayed by the characters and how they're struggling are really captured by the actors. Not a single expression is wasted in this drama. Really good story and story telling. Overall a really nice watch my gosh THE CHARACTERS, can't get how real the characters are and the situations they're in. Really good coming to age story. INVITE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES TO WATCH THIS ASAP!
  8. agree, the subjects they're tackling are interesting considering the landscape of education around the world. also i love that they're adding elements that are not too forced but somehow just blends with everything as a whole, not a single story is out of place
  9. Not even halfway through the drama and but its killing me already, in the best way possible. I really loved episode six especially the scene with Soo-han and his mother, really interesting how this drama tackles problems that are so deep but lightens up the mood because of the drama's absurdity. Speaking of absurdity, its this drama's backbone, really well done. Also love how everyone's character is not one-sided and how deep they are as a person. CHEERS REALLY GOOD DRAMA TO END THE YEAR RIGHT AND START NEXT YEAR RIGHT ALSO FGABUOISGUS
  11. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF im sad that it ended :(, what am i going to do during thursday and friday next week, and the weeks after that :(, really sad that we will not see the three leads together again in some time
  13. yook gwang died -____- but at least they gave us about 13 episodes to appreciate him (ep 1 was purely focused on what happened 20 years ago)
  14. last few scenes of ep 6 gave me heartaches i never knew i could relate to
  15. totally agree with you in here, really like the set up and how this drama is executed with how human relationships are portrayed
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