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  1. Uhhhhh, the gang reminds me so much of Reply 1988 and almost Hospital Playlist from earlier this year, their standpoints and views as well as BGM just makes me appreciate this drama more, im not gonna demand anything more, just give me more episodes to ponder upon
  2. At last after some time, finally a drama of quality!!!!!!! I was hesitant at first but damn when the interview scene came and “Bap is mightier than rice” was said, it was a moment. Getting misaeng flashbacks but at the same time its different from misaeng, really different. Glad to have started this and damn i finally have another drama on my list beside uncanny counter. The acting on this one is just superb and I really like the writing, similar to FoS but lighter and less technical but that doesnt mean that I dont like FoS, i mean hit me with those technical shizz, anyway if anyone is hesita
  3. im still not ready for song ah heartbreak next week (sob my ship is sinking faster than the speed of light)
  4. exactly, that guy is extra swoony TBH AHHAHA but still that scene still rings in my head, it made me pause the scene (something i dont really do) and just squealed my heart away AHHAHAH
  5. WOW just finished watching both episodes. Episode 1 was good, it introduced the characters properly but I loved EPISODE 2 more and the scene that stands out the most if the "I love you" scene to the violin, I WAS SCREAMING HAAHAHAHA I WASN'T READY (seriously I was screaming and I think the whole house heard me). The way they use music to set the tone is just good and it really compliments the screen and affects the mood and emotions being portrayed as if the viewer can hear the emotions they want to portray. CANT WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK'S EPISODE. P.S. AS MUCH AS I LOVE THE LEADS (i really d
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