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  1. on my opinion, episode 13 was just all over the place, the flow was somehow messy, it was like they just dumped scenes here and there.
  2. hopefully there's a turnaround for insol, really like the kid and that car scene? damn yong tae's not the only one doing crying scenes now
  3. as it should, i really like it when slice of life dramas are airing, its just so refreshing to see. a mix of misaeng here and there but not completely. Awaiting to see what our HR manager's next move will be. p.s. han se gwon deserves all the bad things in life
  4. It's jean valjean from Prison Playbook. I think he's only guesting same with kim sung cheol and kim je hyuk who also appeared in the earlier episodes. Since the writer for Prison Playbook and Racket Boys is the same person, the actors from PP always guests if need be. Exited for next week's episodes, I think his character would be from the batch of kang tae-son or maybe he is tae-son himself.
  5. I'm sold, something about this drama is magical. Korean dramas in this genre always deliver and so far its just so good. Coming from the writer of PP, I can see some similarities here in there specially with how they highlight the reverse situation card to showcase the true intent of the characters. I've been on a drama slump as lately nothing has been that compelling for me but now I have something to look forward to every tuesday-wednesday (subbed episodes). P.S. This drama made me revive this account that I think I last used when Hospital Playlist was airing (Captain Ahn!!)
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