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  1. I don’t think you’re the only shipper deluluing in hopes he’ll sign up with KingKong I also don’t think it’s completely impossible for that to happen since KingKong has good celebrities under their belt, so who knows But even if he doesn’t end up there, I wish YSH the best in whatever agency he lands in, and I hope his new agency can give him good projects When I first heard CSB was leaving Toin, it came as a shock to me They treated her well, and the projects she got are pretty good considering that she’s still kinda like a “newbie” actress to the industry from my pov. But perhaps she left to get bigger projects or even more freedom to do what she wants in public Which makes me wonder if YSH is leaving his for the same reasons -------- Speaking of CSB, she has chosen to star in a play as her next project (Credit to angelsoobins) Good luck to CSB with this news, my shipper heart can't help but be giddy at the thought that YSH will attend her play just like how he attended Uhm Ki Joon's
  2. Hello everyone On January 25, 2018, our beloved I’m Not a Robot drama came to an end. I’m very thankful that this unique, heart fluttering, lovely drama gave us the pairing that is ChaeYoo Thanks to @joyorokobi and @laineyy88 for taking us down memory lane, reminding us of ChaeYoo’s wonderful chemistry through those kisses & just how cute they are together on/off-screen Figured I could contribute my post for IANAR’s 1 year anniversary by showing a few (possibly unseen by some) photos from their super cute IANAR poster shoot (Credit & thanks to fellow ChaeYoo shipper on Instagram sakurahime_8) Aaand here’s the video also from that photoshoot
  3. In regards to the discussion about YSH and CSB's individual dramas after IANAR, I have to say both of them are entertaining, and easy watches. The characters are likeable and the acting is A+ They both have enough chemistry with their new co-stars, which allows for me to root for their relationships in the dramas. But, to me, seeing them with their new co-stars, it’s not the same kind of spark they had like when they worked with each other on IANAR. IANAR really was on a different level for me, both for on screen and off screen OTP moments. Which is why I also hope one day YSH and CSB can reunite in a project It is becoming more common (ex. Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na, Lee Seung Gi & Suzy will have reunion projects this year) and as @ChunSungIm pointed out, CSB has worked with previous costars in different projects before. So it’s not completely impossible to hope that she & YSH can reunite someday And another comment for @kirahoshi & @ChunSungIm, I know this is really late but welcome aboard! I’m happy that you both somehow found your way here I really enjoyed reading the posts you’ve made so far. If you have more to share, please do so. I’ll be around for discussion
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