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  1. I thought I'd never get over last season's cast (minus the criminal) but the new cast won my heart in two episodes. They are the sweetest with each other. That small section when the members on the boat yelled "1nigh" and the two of that were on top of the cliff responded "2days!" and they got all excited and touched was really heart warming. You can tell that they already like each other and can't wait to build beautiful memories with each other. I am relieved. This is my fav show and these episodes brought me almost as much laughter as the previous one and I'm sure it can only get better. I already laughed out loud after I watching the preview for next episode (especially that part when one of the members is hyperventilating on a ship bag...probably cuz he is hungry, and that other guy shamelessly but proudly shuwing on chips that he picked from the flour....ahahahahah ) I can't waaaaaaiiiiit! lmao
  2. It's giving me a headache as well! I wonder if Kyung got his own manhwa, a thriller perhaps haha?! and if Juda and DoHwa are the leads of a romcom manhwa as well...flowers for you maybe?! So by only showing Namju, the writer is highlighting that she is done with him. He got his happy ending in Secret so now he is an extra that is semi significant or even insignificant (a bit too noticeable tho?!). So maybe she isn't done yet with the other three and she is keeping them for her future manhwas? As for DanHaru she recycled them ASAP in this new manhwa as nameless extras because she probably got tired of them messing up her stories every time lol so she is giving them full free will to spend time with each other and leave her alone xD Idk the plot of this drama will forever be as interesting as confusing...
  3. I actually don't know how to feel about the last two episodes... maybe even the last four episodes or so. There were really really good moments and very beautiful scenes, heavy with emotions and good acting...but there were also so many filler scenes and especially so many repetitive ones ... This drama should definitely have been longer and balanced by focusing on the other characters without the repetitiveness that I felt watching DanHaru. Don't get me wrong, I SHIP IT! and I get that the writer of the drama wants to highlight the fact that no matter how many times they get separated, they will always find their way to each other again...but...but...at some point everything felt as a deja vu and it had a lesser impact on me. I wish I saw less of Kyung torturing Danoh and more of him being conflicted and growing up...l don't care about Namju but I feel so bad for him being such an uninteresting character, I want to know who he is beyound what the writer of the manhwa made him to be...he should have become selfaware! I wanted more Juda, she was soooo interesting and then how she just chose the easy way out, I felt a bit bitter about it but it still is a very interesting choice .... I wish I saw more Dohwa, I love him the most in this drama because he felt consistant and he was the sweetest bests boy till the end. More SaeMi and Suchul and I wished she would apologize for her behavior..cuz she was quite horrible to Joda no?.. more of the other minor characters ... they had so much potential!!! I keep reading posts here and there written by people that are disappointed or angry and I be like "ouch! nothing but the truth!" Then I read posts written by people that are happy and completely satisfied and I be like "right! that's true!" Maybe I need to watch the episodes again to make a proper opinion but surely I enjoyed the the first half of the drama the most because it was so THRILLING. And because of that this drama remains really good even if I don't know how to feel about its second half.
  4. Did you know that Rowoon initially auditioned for the role of BK but got cast as Haru instead??? I got goosebumps when I read that because I think that Rowoon could have also made a very despicable BK and we would have missed the chance to enjoy Rowoon as Haru (just imagining him yelling at DO and being horrible to her with his face irks me...I think It would actually irk me more to see Rowwon's face be evil than it does with LJW's face... idk why cuz I knew neither of them before the drama) However I think LJW did an amazing job as BK and I think the casting director saw the potential and gave him the role (Not sure if LJW would make a good Haru tho haha even if he is the sweetest in the BTS I think Rowoon was made for the role....but who knows!)
  5. @dairymilks @Jillia About Soo Chul, I have been wondering about him since long ago because the fact that he keeps taking pictures and videos of everything that happens around him made me think that either it's going to play as a plot device later (assuming those videos and pictures don't get erased after the stages).....either it's actually his way of remembering the shadow! I have seen in some school setting drama (I don't remember actually which one) a similar character that always has his phone and records things (can somebody tell me if it's a cultural thing? You know, as in every class there is the trouble makers and the clown and a Hermione granger ... in Korean classes I guess there is at least one liveblogger?) Also, Saemi was surprised when Haru reverted back to his soft-spoken and kind self when he suggested to go and eat teokpokki together with her Soo Chul and DaNoh...and she was like "HUUUH! you didn't sound like yourself!". Basically Saemi seems to still be unaware of being in a manhwa , she only remembers the stage, and in the stage she has been only exposed to cold Haru. Soo Chul however responds to her with something along the lines "what? he totally sounded like himself!"....which means that he remembers shadow Haru. I'm just guessing here but if he turns out being more than what he's been painted as, I'd be more than happy! If not, he's still a cutie patootie and I like him regardless. God I wish this drama was 60 epodes of three seasons long or something!
  6. Okay, finally found some time to spare to talk a lil about the last episode. First of all, I am satisfied with the way the first kiss turned out. Since this is a high school setting, I was afraid it'd be some kind of lifeless emotionless kiss. But it was good. Not too steamy, not tasteless...Just right! and beautifully shot, especially how they lit Danoh's face when she initiated it....ah! I love the fact that she did. BUT OH GOD THE BEHIND THE SCENES ARE SO CUTE! nobody seems to resist HyeYeaon's cuteness not even the staff xD and she and Rowan were so nervous lol I love the side characters in the drama. I love SeMi and her guy friend probably future BF . She is so enjoyable to watch and I really hope that she wakes up and apologizes to Jooda for the bullying. I honestly don't think she in her core is a bully, but rather simple minded, so quite easy to manipulate by the writer. Idk. At least I hope so cuz she is quite cute with Danoh and Haru. I can't say that much about Back kyung who has proven being just as much of a jerk in the shadow >_> he tries yeah but TRY HARDER DAMN IT BOY! also get therapy! The episode was fully of heart fluttery moments and I am so happy we got our FoxHaru back. I can't wait for the future kisses I know he can be more daring The scene that made my heart flutter the most tho is surprisingly not a Haru x Danoh scene but THAT DoHwa x JooDa hug. Ugh! It was so beautiful and the confrontation that lead to it was heartbreaking. Now I kinda want Jooda to be bad in an understandable way. Like, if she is preventing Danoh and Haru from changing the story, I want it be told and shown in a manner that we would be slightly conflicted, you know? Cuz her character is so pitiful!!! She had quite the horrible life. However...she seems to question wether her happy ending is indeed what the writer has set up for her. And those longing and yearning lol stares she gives DoHwa...And for the sake of my baby DoHwa as well...I now kinda don't want her to turn out as her description on that MBC website ugh but I know it's set so I'm kinda sad
  7. Woah! They kinda referenced a really famous scene in manga called Ao Haru Ride with that sweet scene in which Haru and Danoh were facing each other while resting their heads on a desk : Also, somebody mentioned in an other site that the drama director's previous work was the Seaguk The King in Love about a king, a princess and a bodyguard (and the princess apparently falls for the bodyguard?!), and that he might playfully reference it as well in the Seaguk part of Extraordinary You with Kyung, Danoh and Haru.
  8. OH MY GOD When he kisses her back (after she instinctively gives him the lightest peck lmao) her watch starts beeping like crazy so with a cress his hand slides down her arm and covers the watch and muffle the sound while they keep kissing. #PEAKROMANCE
  9. Instead of talking about HaruxDanoh like I always do (y'all already doing a great job with your posts) I'll just drop quickly to confess that I love I love I love DoHwa beyond words. The guy is so precious I want to cry! Also he thicc *chefskiss*
  10. Hi friends. I would really really appreciate if any additional spoilers from the webtoon would be put under the spoiler tag. TT^TT We already know a lot from the webtoon but some us don't know the details and I personally don't want to accidentally be knowing what's coming in the drama even though the writer of the drama said that she changed a lot of things. You see, in The tale of Nokdu there were these amazing plot twists and nobody saw them coming. We were all so shocked and felt like heaven and hell!!! I would love to be surprised by this drama too. Thank you <33 Okay! speculation time haha; This isn't some OCN thriller but this drama is making me both excited and anxious haha I think the fluff will last about two eps and I hope I am wrong. It's just that Haru is an actual character with actual lines now. It would be difficult for us and DO to watch him follow BK like a servant on the stage, also I am afraid that with that ex BK fangirl having a crush on him right now, the writer will make her his love interest on stage (OMG did anybody notice that they changed the actress? I wonder why?!) The dynamic of the transition between the stage and shadow tho for Haru would be interesting to see. On another note I am excited to discover the new Haru. A mixture of the floofy/sweet/smooth and quite Haru, and the hot damn/deadly gaze that actually can talk Haru. What a combination it would be!
  11. So I keep playing the drama as a background noise lmao while multitasking and every time Haru and DO are at that waterfall scene at night I get this uneasy feeling when DO's shoes touch the water and that creepy soundtrack plays in the background. The scene is beautiful obviously and the cinematography is gorgeous and that intimate moment they shared laying in the grass and being all gorgeous when she names him Haru makes you forget what happened before, but that momentary shot with a close up on DO's shoes and how startled she was when she got too close to the water is weiiiird! So, like... what if in Flower... Just a guess. But anyway, I am loving the fact that a teen romance drama is making all of us theorize so much...That's quality entertainment!
  12. I might be overthinking but there is this thing that bothered me a little bit: In the hug scene DanOh didn't hug Haru back. She only slightly clutched her fingers around his... It might be simply because of the directing (you know, those directors asking for fish eye kisses and emotionless hugs in kdramaland...I hate them!) but I doubt it, because til now the director seems good and not the kind that would refrain the actors from showing proper skinship when it's due. It could also be because DanOh it too overwhelmed at the moment, which made her....numb... But, remember that forest hug? I know she was scared and probably also thought that he wouldn't remember the shadow so she went for it and just hugged him veeeeeery very tightly (God! that hug was the cutest and most beautiful thing ever due to their hight difference... I am truly not over it yet! She hurried her head in his chest and MY HEART!) So...I expected DanOh to hug him as tightly as she could, now that he is back!!! You know!!!!! But she didn't and that makes me a little anxious because I think that she is currently conflicted. She is obviously happy he is back, but also afraid of the consequences. She already made up her mind, she won't rebel against the writer in order not to lose her Haru again, and even if the Haru that was in front of her wasn't her Haru, she didn't want him to disappear again. Now it's even worse, HER Haru is back (YAY!) but he is telling her that he will change her story (NAY!) I think that at that particular moment she was both relieved and anxious, and that in the next episodes her mindset would be "I am willing to die anyway so I better die happy! = Spend as much time in the shadow as possible with Haru all while preventing him from meddling with the story because if he does it might hurt HIM!"
  13. Oh my! Oh my! I am LOVING the Juda development. I had goosebumps when she smiled like that Mwahahahahahaha Right now she's sweet but plain, and that's not entertaining. However if she becomes BAAAD in the future, when she becomes aware, THAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING EVER. Imagine her plotting in the shadow...imagine her cursing at the writer internally while acting all sweet on stage, that would be so good to see omg!!! She would probably hate the fact that she is a damsel in destress, poor, being bullied all the time, having her life revolve around a romance with a rich guy who's mother belittles her... but then, she also would become aware of the fact that she is the heroine and that she is bound to have a happy ending...which will maybe make her BAD but in another way. As JessicaNguyen pointed out, Juda will start te develop an ego and it show when she got bothered in the shadow when DoHwa didn't paying as much attention to her as before. Also and more importantly, she would not tolerate anybody meddling with the plot as it might ruin her chances of getting her happy ending. That could make her a threat to DanOh and Haru's well being...and given how man episodes we have left, there is definitely room for more angst. This is a rare case of a truly unpredictable drama. I love it!
  14. OF COURSE MY STREAM LAGGED WHEN HE WAS ABOUT TO HUG HER!!!! I MEAN OF COURSE!!!! WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR? But he remembers... I was afraid they will drag his memory loss another two episodes but nope. Thank you writer of the drama xD You're not as cruel as the writer of the drama's webtoon (I mean the fake webtoon not the real webtoon omg why is this thing so complicated lmao, although apparently the real writer of the real webtoon is also cruel...)
  15. Unlurking because OH MY GOD My fav Korean Band Day6 has just dropped a BOP as always called Sweet Chaos and and....THE LYRICS!!!!!! I can't believe they match so well with the drama and DanoxHaru ship!!!!!!! Like, listen! "The world that I've been living in Because of you it has been reversed and overturned ... It's a sweet chaos ... Since you've entered THE STAGE My life, dream and future and everything have been changed ... But I am looking forward to tomorrow And the DAYS that are changing ... I like it It makes me go crazy It's a sweet chaos ... Chaos but FLOWERS BLOOM IN IT! It's a sweet chaos" LIKE...? did YoungK who wrote the lyrics watch the drama? lMAO! I'm so happy right now! The drama is my fav right now and my fav band has just dropped yet another amazing song. I hope somebody makes a FMV of the song with clips of the drama <3 <3 <3
  16. Unlurking because of Yulmu's PLOT TWIST! Like OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING AND I FOUND MYSELF ACTUALLY GRINNING LIKE CRAZY THE ENTIRE SCENE! I got played so hard and I love it! I love it that he isn't just some second male lead! boy has an agenda! hell yeah! Also OH MY GOD THE ACTOR IS SO GOOD??!?! I spent the previous episodes feeling sorry for him for having a one sided crush on the female lead and finding him kinda cute and gentle... when he went up those stares in slow mo smiling LIKE SOME KIND OF PSYCHOPATH I WA SHOOKETH! The way he cold-bloodedly killed that man, his gracious sword movements, his creepy confident smile, and his eyes! HE WAS HOT OKAY! Totally unpredictable which made it 200% more effective! I am actually still not over that his epic kiss with Nok Du and he pull out a twist like this one?! But I'm all about it! Scared for my babies but hella excited!
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