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Add and Subtract Game

Random December poll  

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  1. 1. Which of these dramas that start airing in December are you planning to watch ?

    • Cheat On Me If You Can (Jo Yeo Jeong, Go Joon)
    • True Beauty (Moon Ga Young, Cha Eun Woo)
    • Hush (Hwang Jung Min, YoonA)
    • Mr. Queen (Shin Hye Sun, Kim Jung Hyun)
    • Run On (Im Siwan - idol actor, Shin Se Kyung)
    • Secret Royal Inspector (Kim Myung Soo, Kwon Nara)
    • Lovestruck in the City (Ji Chang Wook, Kim Ji Won)
    • Marriage Lyrics, Divorce Composition (Sung Hoon, Lee Tae Gon)
    • None of the above
  2. 2. Are there any decent idol actresses out there who actually CAN act?

    • Yes, please specify who
    • Haven't seen one yet
  3. 3. Main reason why you're on Soompi? (choose as many as you like)

    • Oppa
    • I'm bored
    • Talk about dramas
    • Exchange food and/or coffee pictures
    • Hate on idol actresses
    • Laugh
    • To ship
    • Abs
    • I have nothing better to do
    • Gossip
    • Do math

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  • Poll closes on 12/05/2020 at 02:31 PM

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Re-watch party: Season 1 (sageuks)   All our chingus, come and join us for a special sageuk re-watch party event!   We have chosen three sageuks: 1) Faith (with Lee Min Ho)

This is a rare event, but we put up a k-pop poll (tagging @Lmangla). BTS released their first English language song ever yesterday. Check out the video! The song is pretty catchy!  

@partyon I generally am not that much attracted to sageuks. Faith was my first costume drama, I remember being very confused on what was going on in that drama and I actually dropped it initially, the

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Really? Do they look similiar? Mhm, well, guess I have a type then. But Mini also looks a bit like LBY.

No, most of them are around my age, just a few months or years younger. 

It's never wrong to have a type. My type is the one with abs. :D



@Sarang21She knows, she doesn't need to guess


8 hours ago, Sarang21 said:

Ah verdammt! I wanted to play this guessing fame with her,+...I guess I shouldn´t have mentioned you :joy:

Schade! :D Are you from the same city too? :DHave you guys ever met IRL?

5 hours ago, snowlou said:

Oh..so @Dhakra and @Sarang21 are from Germany. @TiNaDo from bulgaria? And @larus is where vlad the impaler was and the dracula castle. Still have no idea where @partyon is from. Hello European friends


Yup, and @Ameera Ali is in the UK I believe. Not sure where @jeijei is residing atm.


Hello to our Australian friend! :kiss_wink:




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8 minutes ago, phikyl said:

I'd like to thank @stroppyse and @Lynne for going back through all the posts... so many that I have 95 notifications right now and that's AFTER I opened up sets of 60+ more than once. :lol: 




Hahaha... my pleasure............. congratssssssss....  






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@PeVe Have you tried the evolution theme? It changes based on the time of day to make it a little easier to read, in theory. If that one doesn't work for you either, I know @Hanyeoun is working on getting one set up that's similar to the old one but it's going to take a few weeks. 





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1 minute ago, phikyl said:

Have you tried the evolution theme?

It doesn't work - but thank you for the answer :)



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1 hour ago, Alice Wonderland said:

then will you still go for the torture?? stop it sis, save yourself!  based on your saying that it's worse than TLE, omg, TLE is the worse one and it's even worse than this,


But some people like the torture.... :joy:




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Actually I kinda like this Dark theme.... its easy to the eye.... but maybe because I dimmed the brightness on my laptop too.. haha... 

Evolution theme is still a bit laggy in my end.... so I much prefer Dark theme. 





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