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  1. What if I add blinking white lights in evolution mode to reflect thundershowers/storms? It's gonna be like a rave! 658
  2. Actually, it is better to work in light mode in daytime and dark mode in nightfall due to the repercussions of blue light from the color spectrum on the eyes. If you are struggling with dark mode in daytime, then that's normal because it also has an impact on your Circadian rhythm. I'm pretty sure people should "stretch" their eyes every so often 15 minutes away from electronic devices - but people don't do that because we can't count on personal responsibility. To remedy that, I created Evolution Mode. Also, I have f.lux installed on my computer to help me adjust automatically the brightness of my screen according to geographical location and timezone. I work often overtime behind a computer screen and dark mode is preferable to most web developers. It takes at least a week of eye adaptation and it's not easy. Soompi Default Mode has been actually the center of heavy criticism when we switched from Vanilla Forums because it was way too bright (#FFFFFF color). Actually, we were anticipating complaints due to theme changes. Our forum provider has officially dropped support for outdated themes. Currently, our software version is v.4.4. The classic Soompi theme hasn't been upgraded for 3 years and its version is v.4.3. Over the past years, we have encountered many compatibility issues to crashing ones. The forum provider is about to transition to v.4.5 and many design options will dramatically change whether we want the change or not. The original team behind the classic Soompi theme is long gone and has left me a theme impossible to fix. That's why Soompi Light Mode project is in the works for the current development roadmap. Considering I'm the only one left spearheading Soompi Forum web development, creating a new theme might take some weeks. It is actually surprising I have managed to release Dark Mode, Night Mode (now decommissioned) & Evolution Mode in the span of 3 weeks of development time altogether. As part of the roadmap, we have @ebullient bringing some new emojis to the editor, also manage cosmetic titles, supervise staff training. @Lmangla is taking charge of the events and brings interesting ways to work around the new changes. @endeavor @Rebby @Godotology are part of the administration circle to vote in/out community motives in a quarterly basis. Global Moderators @LavelyShai @angelangie @LyraYoo are in charge of providing staff training, supervising moderated content and are actually the highest Soompi authorities to reach out for community-related issues. As for me, I make sure the platform doesn't crash while the Soompi News Team provides the budget for its upkeep. All of that to make this community possible. Soompi Light Mode is expected to enter closed beta with the staff trying out the redesigned classic theme next week. Open beta should be available for everyone the week after that. So give it at least 2 weeks for us to iron things out.
  3. Soompi Unicorn Mode (Beta) 4.4 or Soompi Fabulous Mode (Beta) 4.4 or Soompi No Homo Mode (Beta) 4.4 or Soompi Self-Trolling Mode (Beta) 4.4 + 2
  4. Lesson learned: don't ever drink while you are developing a new theme + 2
  5. ^ To every web developer who has to work back-to-back hours + 2
  6. People seeing their theme unexpectedly changed to Dark Mode + 2
  7. Hmm We do have some available preset backgrounds for Evolution. Although we don't let members upload content in our database due to storage limits and that will probably kill the budget of our parent company. Although, we can certainly organize an event which members can present their own personal background for the whole community to use in Evolution Mode. So that's a possibility we can work on. + 2
  8. Update #8 - Themes & Season 1 Themes Soompi Evolution Mode 4.4 (Beta) A new theme is available for everyone. Evolution Mode brings a new flavor to the Soompi community. It inspires from the Soompi Default Theme with a twist on its own. The background color will gradually change by mimicking the color of the sky based on the time of day and local weather. The theme adopts a strong vibrant blue color in the light of day, turns into a punchy orange background reflecting sunset/dawn, and goes into pleasant darker colors when night approaches. No more eye strains! The user interface has slightly changed and members can freely choose their own background image from available presets. Day Sunset/Dawn Night Soompi Night Mode 4.4 (Beta) Night Mode is permanently decommissioned due to poor performance on the forum platform and further development has ceased. Soompi Evolution Mode 4.4 (Beta) replaces Night Mode with an adaptive response to screen brightness and time of day. Soompi Default Mode The beloved Soompi default theme that everyone knows has been temporarily removed from the platform due to several crash reports and abysmal performance. Invision forums have dropped official support on v.4.3 themes and the default mode hasn't been updated for over 3 years. Further development on upgrading this theme in preparation for v.4.5 will prove difficult as it was previously programmed by dedicated web developers from Soompi News Team. These resources have shifted into the support of a subsidiary partner, Viki, under the patronage of our parent company, Rakuten. As I'm the only remaining available web developer into supporting this community, advisement has been sought to other administrators and moderators of Soompi Forum Staff in order to bring the default mode back or even revamp it into a modern design. This project will be rebranded as Soompi Light Mode. Until this project will see the light of day (pun not intended), Soompi Dark Mode will be the standard theme for everyone. Season 1 Our first season of content within the Members Shop has known a successful launch with mostly positive reception from our community. More medals will be available throughout the season until September 21st, 2020. Medals before the launch were vaulted and will be sold individually at a discounted price at a later date. This season will see the rise of handsome oppas (no homo), cute animals, trending kdrama actors/actresses, miscellaneous foreign celebrities like Keanu Reeves, memes like the legendary Rickroll, and more! We acknowledge the pictures from available medals are not as flattering as we expected them to be but we will gradually change them if needed to improve community reception. Just send us a request through Chatbox or through PM and we will see into the matter. The Members Shop also brings community events by @Lmangla whom will bring contribution with customized medals designed from our own community. We will shape our own store with personalized content that the members want so they can customize their profile displaying their well-deserved reputation. This season also brings an opportunity to become Soompi Forum Staff members with their own perks. We are seeking new candidates for helping us shape our platform into welcoming a massive peaceful family where we can freely and passionately share our laughs and quality-rich content. More news and updates to come this week. Stay tuned!