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Add and Subtract Game

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I think the number is 650.




@phikyl I didn’t get to read your full post. I did look at it. I’m sorry if I got anyone in trouble. I still remember when I would tease you when I first got here! Then I don’t know what happened...Any thoughts?


@dotonly and @Dhakra I read your posts I will respond soon.


@ mods and everyone I googled “What time is it in Indonesia?” I believe it’s 8AM! So good morning to ever there! It’s 9PM here!


Edit: I forgot! 650!! :)

Edit2: Oh I said 650. I’m sorry if I confused anyone:tears:

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Hi :)
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Hello @2handsintertwined I'm over here in Indonesia but different time zone. We have three timezones here, GMT+7, +8 and +9. I'm on the last one. Good night for you.


@USAFarmgirl feel the love from you and all here. Haha. Cheesy. But want to spit out this good news because all of your prayer too, I got that new job! Will start it in next month. Last weeks on this company..

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@2handsintertwined You crack me up. You got nobody in trouble, no worries, and I don't mind the teasing at all. I am a very sarcastic person by nature so I take almost everything with a grain of salt. What happened is I got super real life busy and basically only popped in to post a number every once in a while. I was around but not participating in the conversations. 

idk the number so....



Edit: @abnoch Congrats on the new job! Hope everything goes well with your transition from your current company to the new one!


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9 hours ago, USAFarmgirl said:

@Lmangla 3 in a row?  Now that's a BLUE BLUE WEEKEND!!!:bawling: I said I wanted to be sad not dead.... LOL:lol:

Like Father, Like Son already have a sad feeling in just the title alone:scream:  -2

hahahha... don't watch them all in go! just to add to your list thats all... :D


@abnoch ~ congrats on your new job. so is this also site based? do you have to go to forest?

@dotonly ~ just out of curiousity, if there are 3 time zones, how is tv program time announced? do they just say jakarta time? and everyone adds or minuses depending on the time zone? is that how it works?



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@Lmangla I dont know the correct words in English so i hope you can understand my explanation.


Indonesia have 3 time zones :

WIB: West Indonesia Time

WITA: Central Indonesia Time

WIT: East Indonesia Time


Jakarta is in WIB zone, so the national tv would write 20.00 WIB or 07.00 WIB, just like that. So people from the other time zone  must follow the schedule and they have to watch the program a bit late at night if it was at night. They didnt adds or minuses the time.


You can ask @abnoch for clearer explanation.



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18 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

ah I see @dotonly; so some programs might air really late for some folks and they may not be able to watch it? wonder how advertisers then make money and programmes are scheduled...



I dont know about ads but as far as i know yes they may not be able to watch some night programs.



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ah I see.. @dotonly @abnoch ~ so you don't have different versions of national broadcaster for each of the time zones then.

@abnoch ~ do you ever get attached to the jungle? when I was growing up, I used to live in the mountains and even now, years later, I sometimes miss them. it is almost like missing a person. of course, the conveniences of city life cannot be beat but there are times when I miss having a tree outside my window. I miss the sounds of birds, the sound of early morning dawn and sunset, the dance of the wind on my face... I miss walking and feeling completely surrounded by a sea of green and that symphony... I miss the feeling of a slower time...



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