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Just now, TRaNz said:



@triplem Vacation? sorry, all i read was, food expedition. HAHAHAHA

That sounds sooooo good, you're going to love it!!

Thanks ! Looking forward to a break.


By the way guys check this new event out...The  Amazing Hunt...lots of fun , reputation points and prizes up for grabs. You can go solo or work in pairs. 


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13 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:





@triplem I'm having a short preview of LJH of the web-drama you ever suggest me. Wow, he looks so young and quite different style in there. Ahahaha. It's pretty okay for a glance. I"ll go back watching it again later. 

Yes. He’s so cute . His character there is also a real sweetheart 


am at a work event . Waiting for the vip zzzzzz


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6 minutes ago, LSGLMH_88 said:



@cenching wang kai is HOTTTTTTTTTTT


Now we are talking....WangKai is smoldering sizzling smokinng HOT!!!




Wait till the scene where he is kissing Joe Chan up to the wall, the one with the chocolate and some more....:rolleyes:



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21 hours ago, 2handsintertwined said:

You're welcome, everyone! :)  I feel so embarrassed! :wub:


@Dhakra Hey friend. I'm excited for Game of Thrones too! So how are you? I was just thinking about you! I am worried about you. It looks like you are going through a hard time. I read about your family. I'm sorry about your family. I hope all is well with your family. I will pray for your family. Can I tell you something personal? So my mother passed away. I believe we were really close. I still can't believe that she is gone. I believe that she isn't suffering anymore. If you ever want to talk I'm here! I tried to send you a private message. But it says, "Dhakra isn't accepting any messages."  Hey, that's your choice. And I also miss when you would be here. I believe you were one of the things that made this thread fun for me. And I don't think you like us anymore! I'm sad that you don't like us anymore! I'm sorry if I'm bullying you. So I have asked you to be more active here like 1000000000000000000 times! Why are you so stubborn? I said, "Come out and play!" I guess that didn't work! I guess you like being mysterious! :D. So I was thinking. "How to get him to be here more?" (And I like your dp. I think she is pretty!)


I am going to think of more things. So how does this sound? Can you do this?! :wub:

To everyone else: I'm sorry but I think this guy Dhakra is really frustrating! :bawling: I think he's always running away! I promise I'm not bullying him. Please don't come after me mods! :wub: (I'm just teasing him! When I first got here I always had fun teasing him! :) )


Oh boy, that's one long post. 


No need to worry about me, there is nothing to worry about. I actually never had a hard time, even during my families losses. The death of my father, uncle and grandpa are already more than five years ago (wow, how fast time passes) and my aunt and grandmother are alive. 

Death is something that comes along with life. I'm sorry that you have lost your mother, but I'm really not good at this stuff.

When I was at the funeral of my fathers and uncle (I couldn't be attending the one of my grandpa) I also didn't know how to...act. Did I look sad enough? I just quickly adapted to the situation and well, moved forward. 

I never had the wish to talk to somebody in this regard, my dad & I had a special kind of relationship, which wasn't the best, in fact it was quite bad and I admit that I cursed him more than once. But in the end I understand him more than I could ever imagine before, I learned more about him while he was dead than during his time being alive. I wished I talked more to him.

But anyway, I have my peace.


Why you couldn't send me a message is a mystery, I've never had problems receiving one so far. @triplem @stroppyse and for old times sake @Ais1ing. Is there anything I probably deactivated by accident?


Well I never said that I don't like the people here, I just didn't watch as much dramas anymore, somehow lost the interest in the thread and the old feeling here wasn't the same anymore. But I guess I was also a little bit tired on how things turned out here. I was so active here that I needed a break. 


Well, pretty much everyone here, that is from the old days, know how frustrating I can be. @kokodusprobably is the tip when it comes down on knowing how frustrating I can be.  


Well, most mods here tease me all the time. @CamelKnightand I can't really talk with each other normally, each sentence has a teasing character. And to proof that I will randomly include that he's a bold guy who has absolutely no taste when it comes down to music. Love you buddy. Bromance. One day we will see each other at a concert. 


Oh and I will tag @USAFarmgirlbecause I know she likes to read these kind of messages and when she reads me teasing CamelKnight she will smile, not necessarily because she likes reading me teasing others, but because I guess she misses these kind of deep human-like conversations that make everyone feel like they are part of one big family. I also think lil sis @kokodus mentioned it before. But I guess this is what life is all about. Making people smile.


^_^ That's one good final sentence! I will stop here and repeat it, so it really is the last sentence. Also a good way to end my tagging party.


Life is all about making other people smile. 

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