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  1. 928 Not the biggest Lee Min Ho fan (sue me) but I was actually looking forward to Eternal Monarch. Now I've gotta find another way to watch it since Netflix NL isn't showing it It IS bad!
  2. 930 Apparently Hospital Playlist will be added to the Dutch Netflix at some point (still only a trailer there now) but Eternal Monarch can't be found
  3. 930 Oops I thought that was the name of another KDrama that's been on my watchlist for ages... lol I'll check if HP is on my Netflix too. I'm from the Netherlands so it might not be there, even when I set the language to english. Eternal Monarch isn't there yet, afaik.
  4. I'll probably go out for sushi with my wife, and then continue to stay indoors to watch some drama's
  5. 930 Ah yes, but that would mean spoilers I know @packmule3 and I know her breakdowns. They're very thorough! But she's also inclined to give away spoilers as she assumes that everyone reading her post/blog has seen the episode she's breaking apart I haven't seen it on Netflix yet so I'm hoping it might be added later. Otherwise I'm going to have to watch it somewhere else
  6. 932 So what KDrama is that you're talking about @kokodus and @nrllee? Sounds interesting I've seen the Reply's (as @packmule3 can attest to ) and Wintergarden is still on my to-watch-list. Wondering if this might be something I'd watch after finishing Radio Romance (I'm kinda behind on KDrama's I still need to watch).
  7. 906 Ugh, had to work from work last week so I actually didn't have much time on my hands. Thankfully I'm back at home for the coming week so nobody to check up on me if I'm actually doing something
  8. True and don't get me wrong, I've tried to get them to like it too, but apart from the beautiful ladies, there's not much commenting going on about the music 820
  9. I'm so jealous for multiple reasons! I don't have any cakemix here so can't bake a nice cake, let alone cupcakes! Also I don't have time to binge as I'm still working, just from home now. My work is qualified as essential too as I work at the IT department for a high school and classes still continue, just online. So I'm working from home now, supporting teachers as they try to give classes the essential knowledge they need to get ahead in life :). Thankfully I can now play Kpop without anyone being bothered by the 'weird language' these people are singing in 814
  10. Playing some older playlists with gems like
  11. Nice to hear that! Yeah, we're all missing stuff. And people. And nice things like cake Good on you for finding out before it was too late! I've found out too late in the past, which meant I sat at home with a burnout for a while. Quite annoying and depressing but thankfully I'm okay now I just learned to watch myself better and stop myself when it get's to be too much. I'm glad you managed to stop yourself before you had a burnout too. Just unwind, listen to some KPop and watch some KDrama's 810