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  1. I have question where i can download meteor garden 2018 without subtitles for free?

  2. +2 Oh I'm dissappointed to be honest. I loved it up to S8 but the way they're writing things is just... ugh... Final episode tomorrow (well, tonight but can't watch until tomorrow) and I think that's a good thing. Though I'm curious as to how it will end, I think they made a bunch of mistakes in this season. I don't see any possibility for redemption but who knows. They might surprise me.
  3. Here's a blast from the past 538
  4. I must say it's heartwarming to see you guys still think of me eventhough I haven't been here for months oh, +2
  5. Unfortunately it seems they have/are disbanding
  6. About your hidden content: if you don't follow simple rules, you get a warning. As I understand it, you've been asked to follow the rules multiple times now. Had I still been a mod, you would've received a ban by now. I don't deal with people like you, I end them. Of course mods band together. They all follow the same rules so the outcome is always the same: you break them, each mod will judge in the same manner. Those same rules apply to you so start adhering to them or be ready for my temporary comeback. As a small side note: I am a fan of Song Hye Kyo.
  7. @babygirrll is this the same dude? Anyway, do whatever you want girl. It's your life Just be careful! Make sure he's only there for you. For the rest I'd say, good for you and hope you live happily with him for a long time!
  8. False but I'm a man. I wear whatever is in my closet The next person just came back from a holiday
  9. Sorry for the late reply! It's a shame when things don't work out, but it happens. You don't always find the right person immediately. Most of us don't. Sometimes people just stick with it though, eventhough they're not happy. I wouldn't recommend that at all. It's better to have loved and lost than to not have loved at all, is a famous quote. It's very true too. In this case things didn't work out. It's a shame, but it does give you a more clear view of what you're looking for in a partner. You grow from each person you meet, they teach you things. Things about life, but also things about yourself. You might not even know it while it's happening, but in the end when things didn't work out, you'll be the one who says "okay, so THAT is something I'm not looking for anymore in a wo-/man". And remember, there's plenty of fish in the sea! But if you're looking for men, your safest bet is on dry land
  10. @Dhakra oh lord... that MV is just horrible. The song is okay though. I like this one!
  11. I can't speak for other men, but when I say I'm there when you need me, I am indeed there when you need me. I made that promise, I will stick to it. Most men don't find that problematic as far as I know since it's normally the easy chores you need us for. It'll show you we still care and it only costs time, most times.
  12. That is totally dependent on the guy. I would go for love, others would go for career and money. There is no one answer.
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