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[Drama 2020] Memorist, 메모리스트


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Okay. Done four episodes. Overall this drama is getting on my nerves most of the time. The villains could always get away so easily. I mean how could they lose all the timings and fail to stop the murder in time. I know our detectives and profiler have tried their best to catch the jerk but most of the prosecution system is all rotting away. The heroes seem so powerless and all their efforts were so pointless. I thought DB's specialty could be one effective way to get the psychopath killer but yeah drama has to play its real deal in the long run. So they may prolong this like usual. I expect that they would outsmart all the conspiracy of the corrupt authorities. It would be much enjoyable to watch. 


So they left us with the idea of there two superpowers here. One is good DB who can reads memories of people and the other would be the evil who kills people and has the ability to erase his traces. Quite interesting even it's not that worth gripping. But will give some more try. 

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On 3/12/2020 at 8:31 PM, thistle said:

The last episode of The Game: Towards Midnight aired today.  That series was brilliant, although most people somehow seem to have ignored it.  (The thread for that show only runs to 4 pages total--really a shame as it was worth discussing.)  It's impossible to ignore the similarities between TG:TM and Memorist because the basis for both shows is the same--a guy with psychic abilities works with the cops and gets close to a female cop while trying to solve a series of murders.   It's also impossible (at least for me) to ignore the fact that Memorist seems cartoonish in comparison.  It's busy and noisy, and the male lead acts like a brat.


Maybe TG:TM wrecked me for Memorist.  I've got no patience for a wannabe, and that's what Memorist feels like after TG:TM.  Episode 2 annoyed me just as much as the first ep.  I'm out. 


Glad that the show is getting ratings, etc.  Hope that lots of people find it enjoyable. 

But Memorist is certainly Not my cup of tea and I'm not spending another moment on it. 


Wow, you're the first person I've come across that enjoyed The Game: Towards Midnight. Personally, I thought it was one of the worst dramas I've ever seen but to each his own.


I'm loving The Memorist. Can't think of the last time (if ever) a drama has actually lived up to the thriller moniker and has had my heart racing by the end of an episode.

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Annyeong everyone, 1st time come in here for Memorist. I marathoned Ep1-4 and now its 4:31am at my place so I need to sleep now. Luckily I don't have to go to work so I can sleep in more and wake up late.


Alright back to the drama, my first reason to watch Memorist is Yoo Seung Ho, of course. Have been liking this young actor since he was a teenager. I also like Lee Se Young's acting. Memorist kept me sitting on my seat with excitement what's going to happen next.


Not sure if any of my gang is here but let me give a shout-out to them.

@moodypie @nonski @Ahpheng @bebebisous33 @evie7 @Kasmic @Mau_Cherry @murnii @maplekist @onnififi @plappi @Sarang21 

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@alekaonu Thanks for the tag:heart:  I have missed posting with you I haven't started this one but just love Yoo Sueng Ho and Lee Se Young.  I will definitely start this one either today or tomorrow. 

@Berou Hello, can't wait to squee over YSH with you. 


Ok let me finish up Forrest and Hot Stove league so I can start this one.

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No one is actively following the drama?

Will come back with thoughts after watching the latest episode.


EDIT: WE learn more about what happened 20 years ago and how The Eraser emerged for the first time.

So the man Jin was just the Executioner 20 years ago. But he says he is not the killer now for the current cases.

Doesn't that mean there is a new Executioner ? ( I hope it is not the cutie detective, Dong Baek's 'caretaker')

I am stating it here first. I suspect The Eraser to be The man who is at the highest post (LOL. I can only remember him as the premier (Cha On) who had his daughter marry the Crown Prince in 100 Days Husband.

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@Dramanoona IKR! He's too suspicious! If my memory wasn't erased (lol) there was one time he was in the control room (HSM's basecamp), he went out alone, then the reporter boss was killed, no?


From last night's ep I was intrigued of how DB's expression changed after he gave the caretaker old man a pack of money. He too seemed suspicious. Did I miss out something about the old man background story? :huh:

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