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  1. @iffahmm and @elabanana I would love to watch oys with park Seo joon, ji chang wook, lee jong suk, even park bo gum with her. Lol. Oh park hyungshik, Lee Jun ki and Seo Kang Joon as well. All hot actors with OYS.
  2. d @missirina yeah I did miss your guys a lot. You and @ritausma and the others as well. Well now that you all are back the thread will be active again and I'll probably have more pages to catch up on to.
  3. Oh look we finally turned a page and @missirina is the page turner. Yay congrats. Makes me happy to see that you people are so active here all of a sudden.
  4. @kopikosong well since you miss me so much I'll try to be more active now. Man how I wish we had some news from our OTP. I'm a really bad person I still haven't finished writing my last chapter. I should just find a corner and die it'll be better everyone.
  5. Happy 14th anniversary to LSG and isn't it OYS birthday soon or has that passed as well and I'm late to the party as usual.
  6. I haven't seen you here in ages @muishami. @iffahmm and @kopikosong you are girls are doing an amazing job in keeping the thread alive.
  7. While it wasn't a smash hit, it was still a hit and there are many dramas that arent hit at all but still get a second season. In Hwayugi's case this could be a little tough because of the all star cast.
  8. https://www.soompi.com/2018/06/04/lee-seung-gi-suzy-confirmed-reunite-new-spy-drama-alongside-shin-sung-rok/ Well it's now been confirmed that LSG will be in vegabond and will be reunited with Suzy after 5 years. While I'm not jumping in joy after hearing the final confirmation of the cast I'm still exited for LSG's new drama. And the plot sounds interesting. I'm definitely going to watch it. As long as Suzy's acting doesn't turn me off (but hey she did a pretty decent job in wyws)
  9. @iffahmm i hope we do get some sort of confirmation or news that OYS is single again and yes I totally agree that going to the military literally equals to break up.
  10. @digi223 glad to know we have the same opinion on this matter. They both need to collect each other and.... *I'll leave the rest to the other shipper's imagination* lol
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