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  1. I told you guys that SH's mom must've had a dark past and it would not have been rosy at all. But I've this feeling that SH's mom isn't her biological mom. Next two episodes will be wild and there are so many secrets to spill. Oh yeah baby I'm game!! I'm still waiting for the revelation of lady Voldemort's past. What if she's like Snape and not Voldemort? An unsung hero in disguise.... her story better be interesting and not some cliched jazz
  2. Ditto! That's what I thought too. None of the family members killed her but they made it look like she was killed by someone as in staged her death SH's mom seemed like an alcoholic and I bet she had some sort of secret which nobody knew. Wonder if it's related to SH and that's why her so called father is being cold to her from the beginning. Somehow the secret must've gotten revealed or SH's mom confessed that day. I've this crazy feeling that SH's mom's side of the story ain't so rosy either. Just thinking out loud here lol
  3. @Lmangla you're making it a lot more interesting ha ha... now I'm extra psyched to see what actually happened. Only few more epis left Btw in certain flashback moments lady Voldemort gave money to YD's uncle (I think) just before YD's mom's final verdict during the murder case. Wonder what happened to that man I like the concept of story telling in this drama. Every week is dedicated to one character and their back story is shown in flashback mode which is quite interesting. Hopefully next week will be lady Voldemort's *fingers crossed* . I've always been intrigued by her motive more than anyone else from the beginning. That actress is doing a pretty damn good job
  4. It was only last week I questioned lady Voldemort's capabilities on keeping up with Bonnie & Clyde and this week she squashed off my doubts with a banger lol. Woman is indeed 2 steps ahead of the rest & I like it. This time her stakes will be high since everyone's plotting her exit and that's the only common ground between SH & her so called dad I could be out of my wits but kinda feel none of the family members killed SH's mom that day. What if her death was staged? I also wonder why lady Voldemort is hell bent on saving mc group so much. I'm intrigued about her story and hope they give an epi based on her past This drama is so good I just hope it doesn't meet a bizarre & lukewarm ending. Misty & Memories of the Alhambra scarred me for life with meaningless & stupid endings lol
  5. For someone who's always 2 steps ahead, TOP's lady Voldermort looks awfully stupid for not knowing what SH & YD are up to behind her back. It's rather unconvincing how she's not bothered to keep a tab of SH's whereabouts especially around YD. That's the only loophole in the drama and everything else is on point Anyways this drama is so lit! It's my fav so far this year after Search www and Doctor John
  6. Tbh I didn't like the first episode, it was all over the place and kinda boring. Hence, I skipped most scenes but I hope the show gets better. I just don't wanna ditch it cuz it has JCW. He looks so good!
  7. I can't find English subs for 10th episode anywhere. Bummer
  8. Loved this week's episodes. Man I thought the eldest son had some what dignity but he threw my assumption to trashcan. That whole family is so messed up in a chaotic manner. I don't even understand them and ain't trying to either lol. I don't like the weird journalist ahjussi. Whenever he pops up on screen I feel like throwing things at him lol Female lead is damn cool & badass. I love her!!
  9. I miss this drama already Nevertheless relieved that we got a happy ending cuz otherwise I'd be bummed for the longest time Everyone was amazing in the show & a special note to Ji Sung, for he's such a great actor. I've watched only 3 of his dramas; Kill me heal me, Secret and this one. All 3 characters are completely different to the other and this man delivered stellar performances each time. I've so much respect for his acting abilities *clap clap*
  10. Man that fish lived a better life than me lol. I love the spunk in FL, she's just so damn cool plus that red dress looks gorgeous on her. Next episode will be fun to watch. I'm excited!
  11. Doctor C didn't die woohoo!! Can't wait to watch the raw version although I won't understand most of it lol *happy dance*
  12. Imma bring Thanos back if doctor C dies in the finale epi *kill mode activated*
  13. Doctor C better not ditch his lady love and sprint off after kissing her lol
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