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  1. I've no clue what this drama means or the concept of the story but I'm here for my man; LMH. He's the reason I started watching kdramas so when he starts a project, I'm always there rooting for him from far Not gonna lie, his previous project didn't live up to my expectations although I watched the entire drama for his sake. I could be in the minority but this man deserves better screenplay & a good story. Anyways I'm hoping for something better this time around *fingers crossed*
  2. This drama has been painfully beautiful if that makes any sense lol. Lead couple and the entire cast have done a superb job as they're all equally good in the acting department. Love the flow of the story as well. 3 cheers to the director and the writer! I don't have a fav character or an actor as such but the best thing about this drama is its characters; they're flawed. Besides imperfection is beautiful itself...
  3. Finally watched the two episodes and loved both. I was initially interested in the show because of the grim reaper.. I mean the sexy fox lol but now I'm pleasantly impressed by the female lead. She's strong, brave and nonchalant, totally my kinda girl. The story may seem a little predictable but I love the lead couple and their banter Bromance between ML & his side kick/veterinarian is awesome! The actor who plays the veterinarian is so natural and whenever he's on screen it's quite interesting to watch. Apart from the lead couple, I loved watching his scenes. That guy deserve
  4. Teasers look super cool and I'm super excited for this show. Hope the storyline is worth the wait
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