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  1. Super excited about this drama!! Loved this couple's previous project and I've watched it multiple times by now, which btw is rare for me as I usually don't repeat the same kdrama. Their acting & chemistry are that brilliant so obviously I was ecstatic when I read about their upcoming project
  2. Started watching the drama for JCW but ended up loving the story & the characters. Glad I gave it a try as the drama is exactly what I needed right now. It's interesting, quirky, extremely fun to watch and totally up my alley. Love the lead couple and FL is super cute! She's like a little fire cracker lol Ps. shout out to ML's mom. She's hilarious especially when she loses her temper and turns into a raging hulk lmao
  3. I'm having a panic attack because my bae looks hot in black *yikes* can he look more handsome? *swoon mode on* Seriously by the time this show ends, I might end up as some sorta sociopath. Lee min ho is giving me sleepless nights and endless heart palpitations..... I no longer own my life as he had dibs on mine. If only I could control myself and stop gushing so much lol Ps. the writer better not kill off my lee gon. I swear Imma bring back iron man from the dead and destroy this planet
  4. Well I've never watched a drama/movie based on ratings. Not trying to belittle other dramas but I've tried watching sky castle & descendants of the sun which were supposed to be highest rated dramas but I found them boring and eventually dropped them. Most of the marvel movies are hammered by critics but they're loved by the audience like me. Hence, it depends on the viewer and his/her choice of entertainment so let's ignore the negativity Coming back to the episode, I'm baffled with evil uncle's shameless confidence. He's finally rising and I'm glad his character is slowly making some sense. I'm digging this whole time travelling thingy. I've always been a huge fan of that concept thanks to hermione & harry potter stuff lol. Last few episodes of this drama are gonna be so cool y'all see *excited* Side note: I'm impressed with the acting talents of lee min ho & the guy who plays the body guard. They're really something else *clap clap*
  5. So many pages woahhh!!! *shocked* you guys are express fast and I've literally stopped keeping up with y'all lol Well I'm still lost with certain scenes and characters as usual but lee min ho is totally worth the confusion. He's the single most awesome thing in my life right now.... apart from mcflurry & coffee of course Me:
  6. Oh man this thread is moving so fast I can barely keep up with it anyways I dropped by to appreciate my handsome king yet again. He's such a darling that falling in love with him is a piece of cake *swoon* Him: Me:
  7. Aww he kissed her... not sure about the detective girl but I was busy having palpitations lee gon is such a cutie!! I've a weak heart your highness, don't kill me just yet lol Grandma nanny is scary as hell isn't she? I'm glad she's on the king's side and she better not betray his trust. I shouldn't fret over nonsense but last night for the time I felt uneasy about her equation with the king. Love her possessive nature towards lee gon but she's the perfect person to plot something against lee gon at the same time. Suddenly I feel suspicious and uneasy about almost everyone around lee gon. I wanna protect my boy so badly
  8. Kingsday is here again yay!! The best time of the week baby *happy dance* I can never get tired of mumbling how amazing and charming LMH is. Plus his acting is so darn good too, those subtle expressions and dialogue delivery.... jeez I sound like a broken record. Sorry about that lol
  9. Those still cuts I'm so dead and reached nirvana if that's possible. OTP looks lovely!! Black & white mesh well together. Man our detective girl looks smitten already lol. She's not gonna escape his heart *blush blush* Look at my man.... could he be more irresistible? Ahhh my heart hurts.... He makes me fall in love with him everyday Dearest LMH, for love of god please don't give me a heart attack *swoon*
  10. Man our boy LMH is yet to have a decent onscreen dad. Most of his onscreen dads are either too mean to care, divorced or dead. Our boy is definitely harry potter lol Btw I don't wanna sound pessimistic but I've a feeling that this drama will have a sad ending. Lee gon's sad eyes.... I just hope he doesn't die. Given a chance to choose a world, I hope the detective girl stays back with lee gon. Otherwise I'll work something out with doctor banner & doctor strange and teleport to be with lee gon *day dreaming* @KRISHNENDU M I too was confused with the whole parallel world transitions and still am sometimes So I don't think it's fair to blame the viewers for being confused. Simple muggles like me do exist Off topic, thank god russo brothers mentioned which planet the avengers were in each scene in Infinity War & Endgame. Otherwise I would have died with frustration wondering what was going on lol @mrsj3n ditto!! Me too gonna end up repeating the 6 epis once this week ends. Jeez we've totally lost it
  11. Wow you guys have a knack for analyzing and observing which makes me feel so stupid and ignorant. Y'all are amazing! *clap clap*. Ughh why is it still Tuesday?! I can't be the only one obsessing over the king and watching the 4 epis back to back right? I hope not lol This lad is so pretty I wanna cry *sobs*
  12. Exactly! The character lacks intuition and consistency. For instance she wants to fool the general public that there's something brewing between her and the king and yet contradicts her intentions by trying to provoke the king with her sarcasm. Like you said, she doesn't come across as a real politician or a strong leader. I simply don't understand the character As for the evil uncle, his motive is clear but the intention is not. I don't buy the whole brotherly war for the crown because that's too cliche for a grand drama like this. Even loki had better intentions and backstory as a villain in thor. But then again execution matters too. Not everyone can pull off a villain/grey character with empathy and charisma. I empathized with loki more than thor lol
  13. I'm likely to be in the minority because I found that drama boring so kinda dropped it. I did like the bromance but loved the grim reaper more. He was unique, intriguing and interesting to watch. That actor did a wonderful job and I still refer to him as grim reaper
  14. Not gonna lie but I do feel the same way. Even now I'm lost with the transitions between the two worlds and some characters. Hope it gets better and less confusing in future episodes. Thankfully this forum and the lovely members are there to clarify things otherwise I'd be a complete loser lol
  15. @mrsj3n lead couple is doing great but hey I'm all in for some good bromance!! Lee gon & his body guard are my fav things about the show. Last time I was this psyched for bromance was for tony & cap lol 3 cheers for awesome bromance *clap clap*