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  1. HELLO DEER still have some picts of bogum in baeksang I wonder how many master nims Park bogum have right now. its more than 10, I guess. Beauty_bay, the one, hello deer, fallin bogum, golden bogum, carpediem, ribbon in the sky... too many!
  2. Yess if we talking about Kwang jun oppa, how long he worked with bogum and how close they are, I'm sure he really know what bogum want, and what he need. Just see how kwang jun jumping to bogum in the first second he end his conversation. His eyes never left him I felt kinda sad V is the only friend who know about his album. But I think its because their friendship is so precious. Its not like his friendship with other not precious (especially with his actor's friends). I m sure It will be more comfortable for him to tell V who worked in music.
  3. This is what I think when I read the plot. The female lead will be carry this drama. PBY always taking this kind of drama. Thats why I kinda believe that they really want to cast top actress for this. If a top actress really taking it, there's big possibility the drama will doing well, especially if the male lead is YSH. But honestly after know the male lead character, I dont want YSH to take this one. I want a drama that will showing me his acting skill. Honestly this kind of character will get so much hyped, you know fifthy shade of grey? I cant imagine YSH taking this kind of role. He will get a new image but not a new challenge... my opinion
  4. Thank you so much for this. This is what I waiting for. I dont have any problem with the plot, but I hate this kind of character. Now I know about the character, its sound cheesy and more worst it can ruined his reputation. I dont understand why he taking this project (yes he still not confirmed, but there's this high possibility he will accept it) I'm happy His korean fans trying to stop him. Really appreciated their efforts. Other actors get paired with actresses that more older than them but still look good. I guess a really talent actor can build chemistry with everyone. For me YSH even look good with YEH and he has more chemistry with JCW (a man) than the real pairing. I honestly want him to get paired with every actresses, as long she didnt end up ruining his drama But yeah we still didnt get any news about the female lead.
  5. Owaa so kwang jun is the one who asked the driver to open the window, so Bogum can read his letters. But its end up like this. I see that Bogum didnt take any letters when he walked to his car. Usually he take it. Kwang jun is the one who end up taking it. Kwang jun oppa is really kind Btw did PBG's fans really waiting for him in airport? They always ready with letter in their hand. But how they know he will be in airport?
  6. Lets wait for female lead news. I think it will make a big different. Yes korean fans in naver dislike this idea too. Im trying to search it but cant find it. Maybe we need to use hangul? Thats not my blog, dear, I just shared it there's big possibility he will take this project. Yes I will be in the same route like you, give it try and deciding after two episode. I honestly still not sure with this project, even if its have a good script, I dont know YSH will get a spotlight with this kind of drama. I hope we have another choice
  7. Err I guess everyone in here didnt like it. Unpopular opinion for me: http://koalasplayground.com/2019/05/22/yoo-seung-ho-the-male-lead-for-rom-com-k-drama-super-star-ms-lee/ Looks like this is not just pure romcom, its fantasy too. This is a good thing. Honestly, I dont felt the plot is cheesy, it sound interisting for me The female lead will hard carried this drama too, I hope they cast a good one. (Im not sure about this top actreess rumour) the PD from ruler and doctors, so the drama will be more heavy, another a good thing for me. (I dont have any problems with this PD). My problem just YSH's character, tho we still dont know if he will become a cold type or a cute one, I want him in mature character, but the description kinda... Did someone already read the novel? I really want to confirm his character.
  8. This page said he got 4 offers. But this superstar miss lee is the only one got leaked. Okey Im curious if all 4 offers are romcom, then YSH didnt have any choice. If this one got leaked, its mean there's high possibility he will said yes too (except we got another news about drama offer). I tired with romcom, but if he take it I hope his character not typical flower boy anymore. It will be a good thing if good actress taking this drama, this fan page said Top Actress positively reviewing. Any idea? Is there any top actresses who still free? PSH? HHJ? If one of them taking this drama I will totally give it chance.
  9. This one back in kobe, so funny MC : Do you have any questions about fans? BG : well... what do you want to eat after event? The MC think he is so cute And they end up talking about food Cr:eezzm
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