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  1. We got so many fancam, but I felt bad with bogummy. He looks so tired, but fans kept following him everywhere. So kind of him still smiling to his fans no matter what
  2. Lmfao we lucky we have her. Btw why the venue is so big? Its looks like fanmeeting... but this one is free right? I love his smile! Hope we get another super beautiful hd picts from master nims!
  3. Meee!!! waiting his fancam! He has warm aura, and I love how he always looks so simple with his outfit in airport. Tho he know media will be busy talking about his visual, etc. (There's like 120 articles in naver talking about his aiport.) He is arrived in jpn!
  4. Ah as the guest. Suddenly I remember there's this video from awards ceremony, when 1N2D's members approved Bogum as new member, but I cant found it. I thought he will do one for encounter, but when I see him number 1 in buzzworthy list even before his drama aired, I lost hope need more bogummy in reality show...
  5. Thanks again for sharing this, especially the translation lmfao this is so funny. We dont need to worry about other actor. I guess people already know he is a good actor, the problem is he always taking a wrong project. Thats why lets just focus with his next project. A good script with challenging role. YSH still nailed all the characters tho. He just picked the wrong script.
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