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  1. Thank you @gumtaek Bogummy did it again! OMG I Miss him so much bogummy comeback, please! Bogum won the best cameo! Lol the woman comment tho
  2. Park bogum is really amazing as a villain Monday please come faster!
  3. Buzzworthy actors and drama Drama : #1 Record of Youth Actors : #1 Park Bogum, #4 Park Sodam
  4. She's so pretty I really love ahn jungha character, she's actually not positive person but she using her love to her bias to spread positivity to her own life. I want to be a fangirl like her.
  5. Update Record of youth on netflix Cr flixpatrol Finally Its tonight!
  6. BWS and PSD treated PBG like a baby Because bogum's great acting in record of youth, I forget he's actually the youngest
  7. Park Bo-gum's Youth Record, 190,000 viewers in one day...Toward 2 million viewers 좋아요 응원해요 좋아요 Since tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama "Youth Records," starring Park Bo-gum, started its first broadcast successfully on September 7, it has been gaining popularity with 190,000 more viewers in just one day on its second episode on September 8. tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Youth Record" (directed by Ahn Kil-ho, scripted by Ha Myung-hee, produced by Fan Entertainment, and Studio Dragon) was first aired on the 7th amid keen interes
  8. Today is Park sodam's birthday! Hope the rating of ep 2 continue to increase! So it can be a great birthday present for her.
  9. http://koalasplayground.com/2020/09/07/park-bo-gum-and-park-so-dams-mon-tues-tvn-drama-record-of-youth-records-premiere-ratings-of-6-362/ So Park bogum kept winning every single tvN drama time slot. Daebak!
  10. [Single]"Youth Records" CP "Park Bo-gum, More Than Satisfied!" [Direct Interview] [스타뉴스 이경호 기자] "Park Bo-gum, more than satisfied! High levels of immersion, even on a provisional screen." CP Kim Sun-tae (responsible producer) of "Youth Records" expressed high satisfaction with Park Bo-gum, who starred in the drama. Kim Sun-tae, CP of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama "Youth Record" (written by Ha Myung-hee, directed by Ahn Gil-ho, produced by Fan Entertainment and Studio Dragon), said on Star News on the morning of the 8th that he "thank you" fo
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