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  1. Yes I actually wondering what the difference between this sneak preview and the one that will air in 15 apr. I'm happy seobok get alot of positive review, at least until now. Bogum get a lot of prize for his acting. And they love the chemistry between gongyoo and bogum too. I cant wait to watch it Thank you @gumtaek and @Sakurafairyhappy to see you here. feeling down because Park bogum is not there with other seobok cast, but now is perfect
  2. Hello guys long time no see So can someone give me a review about seobok sneak preview? Is it just a preview before we watch the full movie? Like spoiler?
  3. Thank you @gumtaek Bogummy did it again! OMG I Miss him so much bogummy comeback, please! Bogum won the best cameo! Lol the woman comment tho
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