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  1. Yes Eider is super expensive But I cant wear eider in here. And I'm more into tngt. I like this And this one too Really want to buy it but dont know where.
  2. His name gets mentioned Not sure about the translation, I think he talking about Park bogum shower order. But how he knew that? Did he shower together with bogum? Another one So in this part they checking celebrities profile pic. Park bogum's name gets mentioned with super handsome actors like wonbin, jung woo sung, etc. (He is an icon of visual)
  3. I know I kinda late for this, but bogum fans posted this fancam everywhere, and this is the first time I see it. So I really want to share it in here. Humble Park bogum (24 Y.O) kept bowing his head to all seniors. Slowly move to the side, but everyone asking him to the center. he looks so confused. This one too. He move to the back for MC SDY but end up getting push to the front again.
  4. Hello dear I remember in his interview bogum said if he was in the same situation with Kim jinhyuk (if he need to choose between his girl and his mother) he will choose his mother. Because he think parent always want the best for their son. I think this is what make Park bogum's different with Kim jinhyuk
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