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  1. The owner of that pict said its from yesterday. I wonder will we get airport picts when he is comeback? Miss him so much @gumtaek eider's jacket created a big buzz, thanks to park bogum. he still in the top even without drama.
  2. I hope he say yes! Its thriller supernatural drama, no romcom and in tvn! Yess, Its totally better than ssml!!!
  3. Yes please. I think all park bogum fans who started to like him since beginning will be so proud of him now. In his YT's live he said he worked very hard to get his five minutes cameo in movie blind. And now famous PD willingly change his script to get him in his movie My fav will be this I kept replaying the last part He was in shock seeing yoona didn't wear slippers and even grabbed her leg to help her wear it .
  4. This one is so funny! @gumtaek I enjoyed reading your testimonial. I just start to love him in 2018, so I don't know much about him. But for me, I love how he treated his fans and tried to understand them. Whenever he did YT-live I know he trying his best to make his fans happy. He is so mature but so pure at the same time.
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