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  1. i can somehow understand why KI is trying to hold on, it is but recently he knew the whole truth about his whole being, i find him pitiful really, a father like CTJ who influence and dictate him to do bad things , at first he will be swayed, but i hope his true nature will come out and he will repent, until it will be too late.
  2. i have an idea after watching Ep 95, YW and DS will leave together with JM to start a family somewhere and the son of Chairman Jang which is the son of the secretary will become the new chairman of Yanggi
  3. even when she wants to kill herself , she still wants to implicate people buy jumping at a bus ( it looks like it ), why not just jump on her own or whatever lol
  4. At last , justice is on the way ! getting tired of the good guys always on the losing end
  5. show is now giving us a runaround, i hope justice will be swift , if not , after investing so much time watching this drama, i might bail on this
  6. i can't understand the conversations, but i hope the recording would save the day
  7. Hi everyone, a little refresher would help, does CTJ and KI know that SW knew OTY is the real heir ? I can't remember all of a sudden. Thank you
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