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[Drama 2019] Catch The Ghost, 유령을 잡아라


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HAHAHA that Woo Hyuk dude is so funny :joy: and JS needs to watch out...his feelings are showing and I love it!


I'll just translate one of the shadiest scene from tonight :joy:

When MR sarcastically asked WH what do you call a relationship that involves someone always messing up and another constantly needing to clean up after (referring to YR and JS) he replied that it means that the "the one constantly cleaning the mess up must REALLY  like the troublemaker" :lol: and "There's no other reason to keep someone who always makes trouble" LOL I LAUGHED OUT SO LOUD HE IS THE ULTIMATE KING OF SHADE AND I LOVE HIM.

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[INFO] 191105 Ratings:


tvN #CatchTheGhost: 2.4%
Source: naver
#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchTheGhost #KimSeonHo #김선호




[VID] 191105 SALT Entertainment releases new behind the scene video of Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho for Catch The Ghost 


Credits: Salt Entertainment Youtube





"So play the game of the chance and game for this time. Think about it, believe in your heart. Hold my hand."

Highlight by Roh Tae Hyun <Catch The Ghost OST Part 3> is out!




Catch The Ghost: Episode 6 Recap







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First of....Can I say..This is sooo cute!



I honestly love the team! The chemistry even the two boys are so well done. In no time I feel already connected to this team.(Old punk rock team vs Glow sticks team) hahaha




Anyways...Serious Note..The Subway Ghost is sick. Is a very sick man who keeps YR’s Sister in a luggage..SubG strangle YR for a bit to warn her, if she were to step in the tunnel, she will die..


It leads me to wonder...Why is SubG so attracted to YR & her Sister...At the same time, he went to the phone booth..Who is his next victim! :scream:


Metro Woman I honestly don’t like her personality, trying to rub her ‘knowledge & place’ on YR...Rrr..So annoying. Glad that her mother shut her down..equally on EP 6..Metro Woman is going to try to hit on JS again...Wah...I hate it when it happens...Just leave them alone.. 


But overall, I love EP 5 & 6. i honestly can’t wait fir next week!  

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I initially dropped this as Moon Geun Young's character irritates me with her foolishness & she tend to act on impulse. Not to mention her awful hairstyle:P I decided to give it another try upon reading somewhat favorable reviews eheheh. Damn that Woo Hyuk guy has such broad shoulders:love: The actress who plays Ma Ri, keep playin' these similar ****** roles. Same as in Something in the Rain, Romance is a Bonus Book. Like she always pines after the male lead & it's often one-sided LoL. 

      Ji Suk acts mighty defensive when Geun Young decides they shouldn't be partners;) As Woo Hyuk astutely points out the two have feelings for each other ha-ha!


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17 minutes ago, Latte_Anyday said:

Ma Ri, keep playin' these similar ****** roles

Omggggg. So really she play these kinds of characters?


Omg. I really hate her character tbh. I don’t know why but I feel very unsettling everytime when I watch a drama which involves the Ex trying to start the same relationship again. My eye just twitches every time.


Maybe next week, my left eye lid will grow muscles from all the twitching I will have as I watch Ma Ri trying to talk to JS about reconciliation.:joy:


Plus what kind of relationship goes by “Let’s break up again when we are tired of each other.” This is not love instead this is presenting JS as an object and she is trying to claim it! JS is not a toy!

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@Latte_Anyday Yes, the actress seems to play similar characters in the different drama. For me, MR is really annoying, not because she is still pinning for her ex but because of her lack of sensitivity and empathy. She only started getting closer to him, when she got aware that JS saw her in a positive light and she felt jealousy. She thinks that JS's heart is not cold anymore and she hopes, now they can get together before he falls for YR. MR showed no real interest to JS, as long as he was alone and distant. So MR's longing for JS wasn't that strong. Besides, this really shows that MR has not realized yet why JS broke up with her.


MR has always perceived her job as a mean to have a great career. When JS was confronted with his mother's dementia, he knew that he couldn't keep it up like before, neglecting everything for their advancement. He saw himself as a hindrance for her ambition. That's why he didn't mention his situation to MR, since she never showed any interest for him outside their career and work. MR was not interested in his family situation. So her huge flaw is also visible, when it comes to investigating a case. She neglects the victims, she only views them as tools and objects in order to find a culprit and close the case. She is not interested in getting justice for the victims hence she neglects the families of the victims. As conclusion, she treated JS the same way as the victims. She never showed any deep love and affection for him, everything was related to their work. MR's quick promotion boosted her ego hence she became arrogant in front of JS. For MR, career and promotion are everything and her mistake is to think that JS is similar to her. But JS has always had a different mindset: catching bad guys as many as possible!! Which he kind of does, when he works for Seoul Subway police...

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13 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

JS has always had a different mindset: catching bad guys as many as possible!! Which he kind of does, when he works for Seoul Subway police...

The most lovable note from him is that he loves his mother very much till the point of dressing up to entertain and love her. It must be definitely shocking to JS to see his mother in the middle of the road not sure where she is...Meanwhile I feel MR lose this factor. MR & her mother’s relationship is all about orders & personally to me, there is never actually family love like JS have. Then I Guess because of no love MR will lack the sympathy towards people thus she just mindlessly wants to break cases to have reputation to be loved & known by others. In which it is, in the bad way. 



Side note, JS on the other hand cares for YR very well. Things like asking her if she is okay or not. Even though there are times whereby they have some clashes. But I think they should open to each other sooner, so that JS & YR understand why they have their own thoughts. I feel, have JS knows about why YR did what she did, JS would jolly well go in the tunnel with her. Because it’s very dangerous...& would definitely meet MR heads on as to why she placed YR down.


(Subconsciously wrote JS as JR...Subconscious shipping lol)

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@Sushimi  ,  @bebebisous33

Now..now..you must remember that her character is fictional:P & that she's an actress:lol: However having said that, the actress irl is very different than that of her character! She's actually really shy & soft spoken even. I know, surprising right? She couldn't even make eye contact when spoken to (from her appearance on KBS' Happy Together) so she must be doin' a great job to get both your blood boiling ha-ha:w00t::lol:



I especially didn't like how condescending Ma Ri was toward Yoo Ryung which was really uncalled for. :rolleyes: I'm afraid she's one of those actors/actresses that have been typecast. She just has that snarky look that fits I guess LoL



You should get it checked (your eye twitches) ha-ha I'm kidding:lol: But some see the twitches as an omen? Depends which eye though..

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@Latte_Anyday Yes, I didn't like her especially in this scene too. What bothers me is that her mother is partially to blame for her daughter's flaws, yet the commissioner hasn't reflected on her own behavior. She didn't show any maternal love for her daughter (keeps criticizing her) and prioritized career over love that's why MR is adamant to get promoted as early and far as possible. She believes, the higher she gets, the more she will be recognized by her mother. Yet the opposite is happening from my perspective. The higher she gets, the harsher the mother is. The pressure on MR is increasing. Her mother said that she used to be like YR in her past but she has not realized that what MR has become now is the result of her own career. She mirrors her mother's behavior.  

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