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[Drama 2019] Catch The Ghost, 유령을 잡아라


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[단독] 문근영X김선호 '유령을 잡아라', 오늘(23일) 촬영 마무리

So, today 23rd of October is the last day for filming

They've been filming since June, glad that they're taking their time

Also though rating for second ep fell slightly ... the drama still trending on Naver at second rank, this's great and shows koreans interest 

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Second eps was just as fun .. I love the action comedy and also the more heart tugging moments. I was particularly touched by Ji Seok dressing up as his father to visit mum ( who has Alzheimer’s ) . It seems this is a procedural of sorts with a specific case they would solve every episode , and of course the ongoing mystery of YR’s missing sister and the Subway Ghost . So is the Subway Ghost the same person as the Grasshopper? 

In spite of their clashing personalities where work is concerned, I like that Ji  Seok  was not so rigid and went along with some of her more impulsive moments . He balances her as well , because sometimes bravado alone won’t solve the cases - so his  calmer , psychological  approach to dealing With the criminals is sometimes necessary. At the same time , she pushes him out of his comfort zone to look beyond protocol when the situation calls for it.  It’s surprising that they are already showing hints of mutual attraction - he was definitely having some wild thoughts that during the shower scene  :lol:.  And she was moved at his kindness to the old man and clearly upset when he thought he was bleeding . I’m not in a rush where the romance is concerned as I think quite often the best parts are the bickering, getting to know you bits . Plus the episodes are so packed , I enjoy watching them catch the baddies & log heads along the way . 

So while police work & criminal catching often involves evidence, procedures  and some sort of scientific approach to it , the drama to tries to highlight the need at times to use one’s heart over one’s head where it comes to cracking the cases . After all , a detective’s hunch & instincts are just as important. That was emphasised when the commissioner told Mari to use her heart as she’s not been able to solve that Subway Ghost case for 3 years . YR pretty much echoed the same message to JS when he was at first reluctant to solve the old man’s case and she told him off that saving the old man was more important then all the protocol about who was responsible for the case . 

Anyway , I can’t wait for next week . Mondays are looking fun again :D 

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Two mere episode I am hooked with these two :) Chaotic romantically, chaotic comedically and chaotic emotionally as these two can really cry heartbreakingly! Waaaaah! 

I like how they put the two episodes building the foundation of their passion to catch criminals. I cried buckets that MGY can do romantic, comedy and hardcore emotions. OMG this child now grown-up never fails to amazed me and Kim Sun Ho — our smiling face boy! Finally, you have a good break! I am so much loving you here! 

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I feel like I have being watching  movies the last two day 

Like ep 1 was the first part of movie and ep 2 is the second  part !!! 

It only two eps but so much happen  you know the old acting , romance and comedy movie  if it wasn't for the open story of the killer and YR sister I was going to say that I had a enjoying a full movie  story 


I like it , they use every seconds on the episode  they  gave so much to the main and side stories that feel so much joyfully to mess , I missed  this kind of korean drama or movie :heart:


The leads so well matched as characters, I was touched  today too by JS  hard work for his mother and for being keep taking the responsibility even when it Yr  act , he need someone like her to make him on fire again and she need him to stop burning  the world before herself  

I get from where both of them  come they both doing the best for there  loving one, YR  has lost everything  she dont have anything  also to lost she too think her sister was killed by the killer she only living to find  the true and make sure no one suffer the pain of being victim family that the police has ignored  or take it light ( that her bigger pain and  driver  the pain of not trusting the police or the law force to care for her sister case as they think it was not so important since they don't think she part of the subway killing) 


Js from other side has only his mother and she only has him , as Yr felt for her sister responsibility  he feel the same for his sick mother he cant do whatever he really want or feel right all the time since he has family to protect, but it not like he like the way he living now it obviously he has a big  mind and leading  ability and he doesn't  lack courage and taking acting so he must was suffering from inside too , that why it doesn't take Yr more than few words to make him go with her way since he know it what he want from the inside 



I like to see this two grown  more , Yr start to respect  and trust JS so it will take no time to start to slow down and think with him before taking acting since she trust he really care an will not have up , ans JS I think the man will fall in love first but more then romance he start to really care for her . 

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28 minutes ago, ixxdhx81 said:

Ehhhhhhhh... It's back trending no.1??? On Naver.. The power of the drama!


Screen cap 2019.10.24 (02:30 - 05:30) KST



I was  about  to post this, I mean I'm totally shocked!

There're very popular dramas airing on wed-thru sill CTG trending above them since three days ago

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[SNS] 191024 Moon Geun Young Instagram Update:

2019.10.23 Wednesday




Last day of filming, last coffee truck.

Gomshongkie's (korean fans of Moons at DCBH) last coffee truck support.
All the staff, all the actors, received the strong support-




And we have strongly continued to film our last scene!
Once again, sincerely thank you very much #tvNMonTueDrama #CatchTheGhost #9:30pm #BahwaGom(DCBH) #Gomshongskies #Sarigomtanghae (Moons says Sarigomtanghae for Saranghae which also means I Love You because she's shy)



Trans by: mgyifc



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