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[Drama 2019] Catch The Ghost, 유령을 잡아라


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:joy: told you guys it’s gonna be an awkward kiss... better one than none. I was so anxious looking at the remaining minutes, are they gonna kiss or not?? Then the fail, I am like argh!! But good thing our lady cop is initiative :D 


I like that they keep the comedic tone for the closing scene. Gonna miss the subway team (not talking about the sandwich store ya)


Tbh, there are some things in the finale that really irked me in terms of the writing/directing/production. But I will overlook those because overall it is a satisfactory finale, I don’t want to ruin the mood with my rants. 


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[VID] 191211 Catch the Ghost Final Episode - Behind the Scenes


#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchTheGhost #KimSeonHo #김선호









[SNS] 191210 Ahn Seung Gyun Instagram Update:



Thank you for loving Catch the Ghost all this time. Once again, you've worked hard!!!! The affectionate Ghost Team.
#CatchTheGhost #FinalEpisode



Trans by: mgyifc

#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchTheGhost #KimSeonHo #김선호







[SNS] 191210 Jo Jae Yoon Instagram Update:

Thank you..
Thank you so much for your love..
My dongsaengs, staffs, everyone you've worked hard♡♡♡

Trans by: mgyifc

#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchTheGhost #KimSeonHo #김선호



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Let me tell you..This two are like the fish sauce to the kimchi jigae. With the OTP being the main highlight as the kimchi soup. These two members made this story hilarious :joy: this sub team is awesome! 



Since this thread had told me that there will be a kiss...CHAMPAGNE PARTY TIME YAY!

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[SNS] 191211 Moon Geun Young Instagram Update:



1,2. Yoo Jin's make up is hard.
I had a blood makeup and a burn makeup-
But what's really exciting is the trap ㅋ
Makeup team, you've done a great job. Really!



3,4. My bangs are covered with sweat in the heat.ㅠ


Hyojoo really you've suffered a lot. In addition to my bangsㅋ

5,6. Wow.. I didn't know it would rain on this day. Isn't it?

7,8. I'm taking a selfie, but suddenly Hyo Joo is here. What is it? Why? Ah! It was because of my bangs!

9,10. You only look at the makeup. I see you.

#CatchTheGhost #Ends #ButItsNotYetOver ##Day1545


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2 hours ago, ktcjdrama said:

I like that they keep the comedic tone for the closing scene. Gonna miss the subway team (not talking about the sandwich store ya)






@ktcjdrama the way he say don’t hold back newbie then she dive out of dangerous hand & his hair been pulled it’s hilarious :joy:







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As I am writing this, I’m finishing the last episode of CTG, here are my final thoughts for this series. This series did well in terms of trying to find the subway ghost, the character’s growth and feelings. They are very attractive and well written, realistically in terms of the duration to how they first met to how they became ‘lovers’ . Very typical to see the characters reaching lovers stage at like ep 8. So to me, having the, ‘officially be a couple in episode 16’ is new and refreshing. It gives us as fans to think about the possibility of when this series ends, how their lives will be as an official couple. Very refreshing and inspiring to think about it.


For subway G and the mother. Mother uses Jin as an excuse to take care of her, but at the same time, she is repenting on her own errors of what she have done to sae reom which is not taking care of her. Sub G took the excuse of Sae Reom to murder people, which is wrong. But what made me feel for Sub G is Sae Reom herself, which lead me to think about how the world is quite cruel in some sort of ways, in which just because we are not close, we are just willing to watch someone die and not do something about it. Sub G being mad about it, is normal, just that his ways are very wrong. Things could have made a difference if someone where to step in and help..maybe Sub G could have still believe in humanity.


For JS and his mother, when I first noticed that she got back to her senses I was really happy for JS only to have her going back to her ‘normal’ self again. It was very saddening, that it’s just that one time wonders. :( I was pretty bumped about it.

Ma ri and gang. I must say, episode 15 & 16 shows me the real side of her, the good side and it also shows her the consequences of her actions from the previous episodes. Does it count as her being forgiven? Maybe. But it’s good that her mother came and clean what Ma Ri had done, as a reminder that she shouldn’t use relationship and feelings towards a case that she is going to do ever again.

The two sub team members, even though they aren’t really shown in the spotlight, but there are equally as important as the leads are, because in a way, it helps to ease the tension. They provide us with funny moments which I can’t help but to laugh. Hahaha. *thumbs up*


As I am Still watching, I have seen the train scene where the windows reflects their memorable moments of how it all start. I feel that it is also to indicate the growth and the challenges that they had to go through. It a rather sweet moment actually and I enjoy it...

The final scene pwahaha haha. How they are still fighting with each other to see who gets the thief. Hilarious! I will definitely miss this team which gave me, happiness, laughter, sadness and anger hahaha. Thank you to the production and this thread. See ya!



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For me personally, this drama have been such a worth long awaited drama. I’ve been into KSH since his Strongest Delivery Man era…not only because of the good look, but also his consistency in giving every detail on his acting skill (well, apart from those pretty fingers he had, of course). So, it was making me curious about how it will end this time.

And, the moment I knew he’s going to be partnered with MGY, I’ve been joyfully jumping, coz, what can I say?? I’ve been had a feeling since the beginning that their chemistry will be such a BOMB!! Those PAIRING were the BEST right??? They were quite good in balancing everything…I mean EVERYTHING.

 Let’s say, If we’re talking about experiences, MGY is not a nuggu…she’s one of high profile actress in Korea with lots of acting experiences (even used to be marked as one nation’s favorite). Classy & well proven. And, here we had KSH, a not your so ordinary-actor (in terms of dramaland) with a killing acting skill and cute look, despite having lower experience than her. Both of them, able to work in harmony to tear down those gap-barrier in a humble & fun way. C’mon, who’s agree with me here?


The story line itself, well, might be not the best…but, good enough for us the viewer having a rollercoaster ride every single episode, rite? I won’t lie that CTG been one of K-drama (that after many years) I watched it and repeated many times…even during working times. LOL.


So, in summary. I’m GLAD with all the package…and NO REGRET at all for riding the journey.

Expecting both of them in one drama might be too much, but, I still hope…there will be another journey like this in the future.


P.S: I still wondering, if their chemistry was this good, why there were no promotion such as lead cast being photo-shoots in a magazine together, just like another drama promotions? I think it will turned out well and be such a good benefit for the production (and us).  Right? :wub::wub:

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I just finished Catch The Ghost. Reading through the comments here , I have nothing to add really , agreeing with most I read.

Most important for me was seeing Moon Geun Young finally in a drama again that had some quality.

She was able to show her full range of acting in both roles.

Hope to see her back in the next drama !



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I know I'm late. I missed the train to catch yoo ryung.. :)

Irregardless I am here in this thread to share a shout out and appreciation to such a good and perfect drama.

Love both MGY and KSH to bits. Both are an awesome actors. How I wish TVN could have their own year end drama awards ceremonies, so that these two talented actor/actress can be rewarded for their awesome performance.


Koo Ji Seok banjangnim is one of the best drama hero character out of many kdramas I've watched so far.. :wub:


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