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[Drama 2019] Catch The Ghost, 유령을 잡아라


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@nateko you know that day when i was watching episode 2...I was so happy after see this...




Then at the end, It turns out that he was dreaming :expressionless: I got cheated. :expressionless::expressionless:But TBH. For a sec i was living that he could fight...Until he gets punched once and falls to the ground. :joy:




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4 hours ago, Sushimi said:

Then at the end, It turns out that he was dreaming :expressionless: I got cheated. :expressionless::expressionless:But TBH. For a sec i was living that he could fight...Until he gets punched once and falls to the ground. :joy:

It's even funnier when you know that the dude has black belts in different types of martial arts. :joy: Dude, like what? Where did it all go? :lol: He's supposed to be on par with that boxer, so hopefully he'll come to his senses after what happens to YR.

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[SNS] 191104 Jo Jae Yoon Instagram Update:




Today is..
#DoYouEat (A variety show where Jo Jae Yoon is one of the cast)
on the same day by chance...
Also tomorrow...



The (Catch the) Ghost will continue♡♡♡ But!!
I'm at #Latvia #Riga (for)
#Musical #Movie #Hero #Fiming
I can't #TuneIn...ㅠㅠㅠ

Promotion in detail..ㅋㅋㅋ

Trans by: mgyifc
#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라 #CatchTheGhost #KimSeonHo #김선호





[SNS] 191104 Moon Geun Young Instagram Update:



Today is Ghost Day #tvNMonTueDrama #CatchTheGhost #9:30pm #Day1508


Trans by: mgyifc

#MoonGeunYoung #문근영 #유령을잡아라



[#CatchTheGhost Episode 3-4 Ratings + Roundup] #MoonGeunYoung and #KimSunHo arrest #OhDaeHwan for domestic violence + viewers really enjoy that the drama has a perfect mix of thriller and comedy but wish for the ratings get higher http://bit.ly/2oI3HRj#유령을잡아라


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@Damsauce Karats Thanks for the videos:).


In the preview, YR gets targeted by the serial killer or is it someone else. Dude really knows his way in and out of the station to cut the electricity. I hope JS saves her or at least she runs before she gets choked by the guy. 


PS.. I love the song that is playing in the previewB).

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Super brief summary of this episode: 


The boxer guy had killed his ex girlfriend but they said it was a robbery. YR goes to their house to try and convince the gf to leave Him. She shares that she knows the girl has no family, so she must have been lonely. That the boxer guy was her only family. But she said that she has a little sister and she doesn’t know if she’s dead or alive, but she’s gonna find the guy who did it. She then offers the gf to come and live with her. We can eat together, hang out etc. 

YR gets a call from chief to come to the station and it’s on the train she gets attacked by boxer guy. During this scene seems like subway ghost comes out and was holding some sort of string? But left cause there was people who came on the train. 

Chief finds her on the subway and calls 911. He then goes to find Boxer dood and says “I should have been there. We’re partners and we’re always supposed to travel together so I should have been there to get hit too. So hit me.” He then says it hurts and boxer guy says I told you it would hurt and chief yells. “‘My heart! My heart hurts!” And proceeds to beat the tar out of boxer. (At the upper cut I was scared he actually killed the guy!)


gf visits YR and says you seem like you do have family, shows YR the clip of the two men fighting. YR hears chief saying his heart hurts and she says her heart hurts too. 


If there’s any particular scene that needs to be translated, post a video clip and I’ll translate it! I love that chief is drawing YR out of her shell,  specially in that ending scene. It’s interesting to me that he’s the one initiating like that, because he would have been someone that would have avoided doing something like that. (Dancing and having fun) I wonder if he realizes his feelings for her? If he’s aware of it yet. Cause he def does, I just don’t know if he knows it.  

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AWWW tonight's episode was so good :bawling::love:


Like the best one so far! It was intense, emotional, sad, funny it was amazing.

And the preview!! I for one was not expecting any romance but I guess we're gonna get some :wub:


Also shout out to the extremely REALISTIC assault scene on the subway. It was so uneasy to watch but I'm glad they were not afraid to go there.

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Saw the ballon attached to their headphones and instantly reminded me of...



HUMAN TELETUBBIES :joy: especially the green one 

Ah...I honestly love this episode. It’s heroic, hilarious and so romantic in a way :joy: but I find that they are slowly but surely opening up to each other! Yayyyy we have spark spark!

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Catch The Ghost: Episode 5 Recap







[ARTICLE] 191105 tvN releases new still cuts of Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho




A representative said, "Moon Geun Young and Kim Seon Ho will start to express their feelings to each other on the Episode 6. In the process of investigating the subway accident together, The clumsy but fresh romance of the two who will began to fall into each other will bring excitement to the viewers. As the romance and investigation between Moon Geun-young and Kim Seon-ho is getting more radical, the story will become even more intense, so please check it out."

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Eps 5 was by far my favourite. It ticked all  the boxes for me because the leads have finally come to some sort of understanding. I  found myself tearing up when Ji Seok went to "avenge" Yoo Ryung , and when Yoo Ryung was watching that vid of him getting beaten up. It was particularly moving when he handed her the baton because he was finally acknowledging her as his partner rather than as a burden.


I know sometimes YR can come across a little frustrating because she seems overzealous , not knowing when to draw the line, breaking protocol ( which of course is important)  but her instincts are always spot on. And more importantly YR acted on those instincts and saved that girl's life. I think we all need more cops like YR - someone who would care and would go beyond the call of duty. JS is falling for her already ( even if he is not aware of it)  because he realises that YR is not doing this for promotion or for a recognition , but because she has a heart. That people's lives matter.  What YR has is compassion and empathy  which I'm sorry to say his ex, Ma Ri , clearly lacks. 


Lest the story went into mellow zone , it decides to cue in the comedy that got me laughing my head off. Honestly, who dresses like these subway cops to blend in :lol:? They clearly stick out....I was tickled by how there was a turf war on who could catch the perverts...


That dance scene at the end was a nice touch for the OTP. It has been a rough few weeks ever since YR joined them. Not only because they have been getting all bruised but also because it has been emotionally challenging for JS who had to struggle with his finances and for YR who is desperately trying to find out more about her sister's disappearance. So seeing them have fun and letting go was most necessary for the two of them . And notice it is Mr Careful who threw caution to wind and drag her to dance with him :).


It is  no secret that I am a big fan of Kim Seon Ho  a.k.a Mr Dimples. And this drama continues to reaffirm my love for him - I do think that his cross over from stage to TV a few years back was the best thing ever . He is great doing comedy but he nails all the emotional scenes . He looks hot too in the actions scenes. And of course that dimpled smile , melts my heart each time. :love:



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Sorry but she's doing my bloody nut in. Her silence is endangering everyone. The dude literally had his hands around her neck it was the perfect opportunity to tell  the chief. I'm finding her a bit annoying.  I need some growth dam it cause at the mo a lot of the time I really not liking her (MGY is play a blinder with this character).  Maybe this partner switch will do it. She start explaining what she thinking so they can act together. :-)

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