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  1. Chemistry between leads receiving so much love from K-netizens and MGY acting as YJ though less than 1 minute has been noticed and they're calling her "Actress we can trust" Overall, the feedback has been pretty good so let's see how it'll be next week
  2. [단독] 문근영X김선호 '유령을 잡아라', 오늘(23일) 촬영 마무리 So, today 23rd of October is the last day for filming They've been filming since June, glad that they're taking their time Also though rating for second ep fell slightly ... the drama still trending on Naver at second rank, this's great and shows koreans interest
  3. I agree, I don’t mind pushing back the drama if it means better safety/quality MGY’s condition also need to be considered
  4. tvN uploaded the script reading again on youtube with "coming soon on October" hmmmmmmm could it be delayed? Edit: they even deleted first teaser ... oh seems like they delayed it
  5. MGY still looks like a baby lol! Happy to see her fine n seems they got well together, fighting!
  6. According to one of staff, they'll start filming after tomorrow I know most of the staff by now lol
  7. I managed to find on of the staff account on instagram, i asked him when they'll stat filming n he said "next month"
  8. @ixxdhx81 We'll see very soon, it's tvN drama after all so we can get punch of updates Welcome, I'll keep this thread updated ... god knows how much i've waited for Moon's comeback lol
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