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[Drama 2019] V.I.P, 브이아이피


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  1. 1. Was there an affair?

    • No, there was no affair. It was one sided on Yoo Ri's part
    • Yes, there was an ongoing affair.
    • It was a one night stand.
  2. 2. The Conspiracy Theory

    • Yoo Ri is not the real daughter but the VP's mistress.
    • Sung Joon is doing this for his own gain ( to advance his career).
    • The VP hired Yoo Ri to destroy the Sung Joon - Jung Sun.
    • This is a high-end escort service.
    • There really is no conspiracy - just a marriage breaking down.

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Again, salute to the writer! It was such a beautiful ending.

If I was the writer, I would crucify everyone (who cheated), glad I wasn’t the writer.


It was a journey of finding oneself, be true to oneself and be better in return. It wasn’t about revenge. Though, at first, I caught the red herring when the writer put Jung Sun being so hurt and humiliated that she wanted to burn and dragged all to hell.


She came out better than before. She didn’t choose the easy way to avenge, to publish her husband infidelity, nor took office politics and got herself as the right hand of the CEO (believe me, it soooo tempting and all the ‘side’ power + you’ll get all the perks. But, believe me also, it’s not worth it). She could do that and she could crush who ever weren’t in her side and her favour.


She chose to forgive. Long way, girl, but it all is worth it. You wouldn’t come out bitter. The saddest life you could live is when you live in bitterness. Go, do the job you love and doing it right. You get all much more by doing that, being respected, have true friends (not just colleagues), obtain your freedom and you know you done well. Might be lonely now and then, but when you ready, you might find true love, respect and trust again.


This drama just won my heart!

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Hating takes up too much energy.. - wise words to live by indeed..


Jung Sun's the very definition of grace under pressure, she'd do just fine. She's also a class act & the true winner of this whole mess ha-ha. I think Sung Jun's in serious need of much therapy as he obviously bears a lot of past trauma. He definitely need to learn to express himself more that's for sure LoL! 

     Then 'gain Sung Jun sort of fall into the stereotypical male that's bound by tradition. Of wanting to be the protector, provider, etc. As a nation, South Korea need to learn to accept difference & imperfections. It's just crazy how they keep internalizing for fear of judgment. This past year, with recent suicides of 2 K-Pop idols is testament to this..

     Mi Na's husband is adorable but poor Mi Na for putting up with yet another guy in her family, she's in her own reverse harem LMFAo.:P I'm still holding out for a possible noona romance between Sang Woo & Jung Sun eheheh well, anything's possible~

As always despite its flaws (kind of like life ain't it?!) I'd enjoyed this drama..

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas to everyone!    

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IMHO, the ending is just right.


I still don't understand how some people still want SJ and JS to reconcile :blink:... Considering JS's and SJ's personalities, I think it is obvious that won't happen.


For JS, she will always wonder why SJ went astray. Was she not enough for him? Why was he unable to tell the truth about himself? Did he not trust her to accept his backstory? But things have already happened and after finally knowing the truth about SJ, she did said maybe she only wanted to see things that she wanted to see - meaning she played a part in the disfunctionality of their marriage. I bet JS is also wondering had she not been so hateful about her mom, maybe SJ would be able to speak more openly?


For SJ, he is a guy with a lot of baggage. Deep down he is ashamed of being the product of an affair. He silently carried the burden of guilt of having a background that his wife hates. Because he kept things close to his chest, he was unable to confess things to JS. When they lost their baby, he was unable to comfort JS well and committed the inevitable in a moment of weakness. As things came into revelation,  SJ made more mistakes as he was unable to break his connection to YR and ended hurting JS more. So if JS were to forgive and accept him back, their relationship would be an overly cautious one because he will continue to wonder if JS is able to get pass his faults.


So any hope for an immediate reconciliation would be impossible.


Actually the meeting after time skip is a brilliant one. Despite meeting at a funeral, both are at peace. Almost like friends.They did not avoid each other and had an amicable conversation. JS turning away after their farewells signify she is not ready to give him more at that particular time, but who knows what will happen as time passes by? Since the cat is outside the bag, as long as SJ doesn't repeat the same mistakes it is not impossible for them to start over 0-0.


I pity YR (and the actress), because both are being bashed overly. I thought PYJ did a great job although I do expect her character to be much younger. 28??:blink: Personally I can't really understand what was so tough about her life before the VP picked her up. Not much was shown about that aspect. I just thought she got greedy. SJ showed her kindness and I suppose when she learnt that JS-SJ was a golden couple, got jealous. I don't think YR purposely trapped SJ though. Unlike other homewreckers in k-drama, I find her somewhat boring. She doesn't really have much ambition (except snapping SJ) and for someone who claims to have been raised in difficulties was oddly dependent on others. She even asked for permission to pick up her phone which annoyed me to hell! I definitely understand when JS told YR point blank that being the VP's daughter IS her qualification. But YR's character is also inconsistent. One day she was this mousie newbie with dishelved ponytail and suddenly the next day she had a total makeover with permed hair and super short skirt (yes I find her skirts too short for officewear compared to the other ladies).


Like I said before, I generally liked how this show portrayed the career women. Confident as HA was, she was also scarred by Director Bae's assault. MA is the typical office lady, striving to make her mark while managing her young ones. JY is also a remarkable sassy consultant with a head for gossips. It's also fun to see CEO Ha having the capability of playing dirty but also respecting JS's boundaries.


SW and JH definitely provided a glimmer of hope after witnessing the disgusting behaviours of VP gang. Though I am glad that SW wasn't used to be a potential romantic alternative for JS.


You know what? Some other things that made this drama different from other k-dramas? There is no wist grabbing scene (except that part when YR coyly grabbed SJ's jacket of course), no male character shouting at female character out of concern, no backhugs, etc). I just wished they had more believable hospital scenes though!


What a way to close the year!




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A lots of people, especially in twitter, don’t really like the ending.

There are no justice, no punishment, no revenge.


Well, if it was written realistically, let’s say, 5 years ago, when there was no #MeToo movement.

The VP might still hold his position and just stayed low from the media, unless he really committed a crime. Present day? The VP may lose his position only in Sung Un, but he most probable has other companies where he will carry on with his lifestyle and has more than one mistress. Power and money still talk.


Yu Ri

Real life: she goes abroad, gets a better education, opens her eyes on the new possibilities that she can have. If she is smart, she will go back to Korea and be successful and be happy. That’s harsh, right? But, that’s life. She is young, time will heal. And hopefully, she learns her lesson well. If she is not learn her lesson, she’ll be forever be this empty shell, feels inadequate in many ways.  


Sung Joon

He would be the one who is the most miserable. He learnt in the hardest way. I want to cheer, but, I can’t. Your colleagues know your story; you won’t be respected by them. People will always talk behind your back. You’ll get THAT look. You lost the one who cherished you the most and your mother would forever blamed or pity you, or both. That’s sad, boy.


As I grow older, I understand that sometimes, it better to leave it to the world.

You all might not believe me. But, I’ve seen karma really worked its way through thick and thin. No matter how powerful and rich you were before. And also, sometimes, it best to move on. Heal your broken heart and be the wonderful you.


This drama reminds us to be a better us, and yes, we can!

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At Last!!


I loved the ending. It was satisfactory, especially since KDramas have a way of screwing up a good story at the last minute. The cast had made it clear that SJ would be a bad guy, so I was okay with his behaviour. It was expected. If I didn't know this, I may have had a serious problem with the drama. I was also not bothered by LSYs acting because I have watched lots of his dramas, so I know he's a great actor. The director wanted him to emote as he did, and I can live with that. SJ was living under the weight of his actions, and even if he continued digging himself in a whole, his body reacted to his anguish by emoting that way.


Most importantly, I loved their ending with the symbol of the funeral, in winter. Their marriage is dead. May it RIP. They walk off in dressed in black, under individual black umbrellas into their new lives as people who have moved on from one another in peace.


Thankfully the drama didn't descend into makjang revenge territory. This was one of the dramas where taking the moral high road and walking away from office politics and revenge was the most satisfying. In other dramas, I need blood, guts and revenge!! in this case, JS was the winner in her graceful exit. I remember one of the most interesting phrases I ever heard when I started watching dramas almost 12 years ago.


"The most beautiful sight is the back of the person who knows when it is time to leave."


JS leaving is the best example of this quote. 


It was also emotionally gratifying to see SJ crying as he looked at their past photos. For a moment there I wasn't paying attention so I thought they'd gotten back together, OMO!!:rage:, but on rewatching, I realised it was a flashback. Phew!!!! But what is it with dramas nowadays filming scenes at railway crossings? I notice it in dramas since I watched Ahjussi. This must be the fourth drama I have seen doing that scene!!





Did the writer love YuRi? Yeah... lol.... that crying in the taxi scene.... not necessary. SJ should have dumped YR, not the other way round. He should have told her, "I may not be with JS, but I cannot be with you." I think that would have been punishment enough for us. Yes, she does get exiled and she is on the powerless side because of her father, but her ultimate crime was having an affair which she should have been punished for by being rejected by the person she wanted.


I was not a fan of the guy who like Hyun Ah.:ph34r::D I think the judgmental and stalker-ish way he was introduced made me dislike him. I wanted her to get a better man, a sweet chaebol. Feelings aside, her story concluded well too.


Hindsight is always 20/20, so we will have opinions about what we would have wanted to see in a proper finale, but regardless of what happened, we can at least be glad that the drama wrapped up all the loose ends. There's lots of bad endings we have suffered from in the last few years, and this wasn't one of them.


Jang Na Ra for the Daesang this year!!!!!!


edit: Let's meet at the Black Dog and Diary of a Prosecutor forum. I'm loving those two drama ATM... Workplace based but very real and engaging. 

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I am glad for my fellow chatters who do not like the ending. The break up is welcome, I was rooting for that from the moment he rejected her for YR. But this writer has been crapping on JS from the word go. Her mother two-timed her father and she grew up motherless, she married a man of her dreams and dreaming it would last but she had a miscarriage, two-timed by her husband, found out about it and forgave him but he crapped on her - again and again, be the object of pity when it became known on TV, got pushed off and almost broke her neck... is there anything else that I forgot? All she got was being able to grow and find her true self while taking the high road. Give me a break. People grow in spirit, mental and physical without being kicked in the teeth.

The mistress gets a rap on her knuckles and the possibility of being alone and ostracised in clover. She who deliberately sent the message that started the failed marriage. Without that message, it would be the cleaning job that SJ had being doing, unethical but not heart breaking punch in the stomache. She got her just desserts? 

SJ the most important person in her life for 10 years did not even fight for her love. The tears of regret and the confession, did she see it? Did she get her answer when she asked the creep if it was worth it? He did not confide in her because his mother was a mistress and he did not want to burden her. Well,  now we know it's her fault... ptui.

Someone said the writer is a mistress... I wonder. Let's not make stories on real people shall we? :) 

The least they could do is get Jo In Sung or So Ji Sub to text her for a wonderful match for his niece or nephew. Ok ok... Gong Yoo a far third.  We are all entitled to our opinions, so people find this show realistic, but I doubt it very much in real life a woman scorned would pass over a chance to scratch out the mistress' eyes. Maybe if there were children involved, not in this case.

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Unpopular opinion incoming: I loved this drama for not making the "mistress" into your typical evil and cunning succubus. I really admired how they managed to show the different facets of women in a non judgemental way.  Yuri was the product of a toxic culture her father and the likes of him brought to life. The misogyny that the corrupt VP represents is the true villain of this show I think. He used women, left a trail of broken souls behind him and only turned to his daughter when he needed her as an asset. She's just a game piece for him, and deep inside she knows it, and has to live with it. Yuri never knew her worth growing up and desperately clung to that first person she received fatherly/brotherly care from. She's nearly 30 years old, but acts as if her emotional growth was frozen during childhood. This is not to justify how and why she helped destroy a marriage, but to look deeply into her character. I think she's a very broken and sad character, and is already paying for what she did. She's rich yes, but will never fit in and be miserable doubting her self-worth all her life. That's a horrific punishment.


Need I say that I also loved the ending? Jung-sun decided to live and let live, because that's who she is and I love her for it. 

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Noticed that when YR wants to call SJ.  There is always a scene where they showed YR's contacts and when i looked in detailed, all of the contacts is her colleagues,  like SW,  JS,  and other departments colleagues. Maybe they want us to pity her again,  that she got no friend to talk,  except SJ. And she is lonely. :expressionless:


And one more thing,  after JS becoming director,  all of them call JS director. But only YR that still called her Deputy Na. 

I wonder why. I think i only remember 1 times that she called her Director Na. 

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5 hours ago, lovescenario said:

Just want to express my thoughts on this drama, VIP.


I'm really hoping for a happy ending for JS and SJ. Like love is sweeter the second time around 'coz they been through heartaches and they know what went wrong in their relationship so they can work on it to avoid it. I'm thirsty for their sweet moments as a couple.


I'm hoping for season 2, where JS and SJ will get back as a couple. :)


Me too hope there is season 2 when they reconcile their relationship after the several months or years breakup. 

and the other woman may appear again, but this time, Sung Jun is not interest in other woman as he really regret about the past affair. 


But actually when I remember Sung Jun's affair still make me feel hate him. LOL


Dear Writernim and Director, please arrange and realize season 2

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2 hours ago, maribella said:

SJ the most important person in her life for 10 years did not even fight for her love. The tears of regret and the confession, did she see it? Did she get her answer when she asked the creep if it was worth it? He did not confide in her because his mother was a mistress and he did not want to burden her. Well,  now we know it's her fault... ptui.

@maribella I have the exact same sentiments and questions!


Like someone else commented,  call me old fashioned but I prefer to hear things said out loud rather than insinuated. He was never really verbal with JS from beginning to the end of the series.  You can't determine what a person is thinking by their facial expressions and body language alone which is why I struggled with the writers vision of having SJ so unresponsive or maybe uncommunicative, is a better word to describe him during his conversations with JS. She has asked so many questions that I too was dying to hear his responses to but his usual responses was either saying I'm sorry or say nothing at all.  At times it's great to have viewers draw their own conclusion on how the other person felt or thought but usually it's clarified later with a scene to confirm whether or not what you thought was right.  The writer often left the most crucial conversations between SJ and JS up to our imaginations which got very frustrating after awhile.  I'm not sure what the writer's intent was or if just he/she/they couldn't come up with a good enough response for SJ so no response was given. 


Personally,  I think the writer did struggle with this because when there was a response from SJ the excuses were often contradictory and/or didn't make sense.  For example,  he tells JS,  I didn't want to tell you the truth about my family because I didn't want you to know we hurt someone else. But yet he thought it was ok to hurt his wife  instead by cheating on her?!!!

He also says that he couldn't tell her because she would try to defend him and he couldn't do that knowing what she went through with her mother.  Not to sound repetitive but so again that answer doesn't make any sense because he does exactly what her mother did! Also he never tells her I love you in their present time or uses that as a reason as to why he wanted to initially work things out.  Again, we are left to assuming he does based on his actions and you know what they say about assuming.  It makes an A of me and you.:)


In the end,  I was ok with them going their separate ways because there wasn't material that would have justified them getting back together. But there was way too many questions left unanswered so it didn't feel like a natural flow/progression.  This was in part the drastic character change from SJ who initially wanted to keep the affair a secret as to not hurt his wife,  to trying to making his marriage work to then jumping ship two seconds later, and decides to go back to mistress who couldn't hold a candle against his wife and outright just publicly humiliate and hurt JS, the person that meant the world to him.  I couldn't understand how he ended up being that way to JS after she found out about the affair. That could be the result of, my biggest gripe with this series which was, there wasn't enough scenes/ time between ML and FL. I often felt like their story became a backstory which doesn't make sense since the show was about how his affair unraveled their marriage.  It wasn't really even the dirty deeds he was doing for the VP since she was unaware of it until near the very end. I really appreciated all the other stories but had they cut other scenes to include more time with SJ and JS maybe we wouldn't be left in a state of confusion about so many things. Especially scenes of YR crying..ugh


Anyways,  it's late so I apologize for the lengthiness of the post and some incoherency, it's 3:00 am on Christmas day.

On that note, Merry Christmas to all of you!  I thank you for the camraderie, support, and free "therapy sessions". I don't think I could've survived this series without y'all!! 



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“VIP” Actors Thank Viewers And Share Final Thoughts As Drama Concludes

“VIP” Actors Thank Viewers And Share Final Thoughts As Drama Concludes

Dec 25, 2019
by S. Park

SBS’s “VIP” has come to an end.

On December 24, the thrilling office melodrama aired its highly-anticipated finale after recording a personal best in viewership ratings the day before.

The cast shared their final thoughts and thanked viewers and staff members who joined them on the journey.

Jang Nara portrayed Na Jung Sun, who lived an ordinary life as an office worker and wife before being dragged into a scandal because of her husband and his mistress. “I was happy and had fun throughout the entire time filming thanks to our really kind director, writer, and all of the staff’s generosity,” she said. “Even as we’re ending now, it’ll be a project that I won’t be able to forget in the future. I won’t forget this precious time and our friendships.”


Lee Sang Yoon appeared as Na Jung Sun’s husband Park Sung Joon who was at the center of this intense office scandal.

He said, “The amount that I was criticized is proof that this drama received lots of love, so I believe that all of you loved our drama. I think that I gained all of these people through this project because the teamwork was good between the actors who acted together, the director who led the set, all of the staff members who always tried their best, and the writer who wrote great words. More than anything, it was the biggest gift for me. I hope you’ll end this year well and I wish you a happy new year in 2020.”


Lee Chung Ah was loved by viewers for her refreshing “girl crush” character Lee Hyun Ah.

She commented, “The set was enjoyable every day while I lived as Lee Hyun Ah for the past five months due to the trust and love between the actors and the staff’s passion. I thank the director and staff members who are working hard until the day of the finale today, and I will consistently work harder in my position. I will remember 2019 with more meaning thanks to many people who watched and loved ‘VIP.'”


Kwak Sun Young told the realistic story of a working mom struggling between building a successful career and taking care of her family. “‘VIP’ flew by,” she said. “Each and every day of filming and broadcasting that went by was sad and precious. Thank you for loving ‘VIP’ until now. I’m going to miss it a lot.”


Pyo Ye Jin was at the center of the storm that brought plot twists and surprises to the drama, as she played Park Sung Joon’s mistress Ha Yoo Ri. She said, “I spent 2019 with ‘VIP’ and I feel sad and can’t believe it’s the end. The time I lived as Yoo Ri was heartbreaking and difficult, but it was the happiest time of my life because I was with valuable people. I will cherish Yoo Ri and ‘VIP’ for a long time.”


Shin Jae Ha transformed into the VIP task force’s lovable troublemaker and mascot Ma Sang Woo. “It was a time that seemed both long and short, but it was a really joyful time for me,” said the actor. “I think that the teamwork between actors and staff and consideration for others is always important on set, and the set of ‘VIP’ was particularly special. I was really happy while filming and even happier that the viewers enjoyed it.”


A source from the drama concluded, “‘VIP’ was able to run from the beginning of filming in May to now because of the actors’ special love and viewers’ support. Please tune in until the end to see how the couple Na Jung Sun and Park Sung Joon who announced a breakup and the private office melodrama will end.”



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that was a heartbreaking yet satisfying ending for VIP.


I'm still sad over their divorce but now I think it was necessary for them to be apart. It wasn't because they do not love each other but it was because they have to address their issues apart. 


What I love about this kdrama, is that it teaches us to be honest with our selves and our partners. We have to tell them secrets that will affect them in the long run. Marriage is about partnership and we must talk to our partners first all the major decisions. My take on this, we have to be honest from the very beginning of the relationship. We have to take the risk that they may or may not accept those things we think they should know. Down the line, all secrets will come out and blow out of our faces if not addressed head on.


I feel bad for the characters but this things happen in real life. I'm glad they showed us the reality of some marriages/partnerships. Some can be talked out but some are better not together when it becomes too painful. 

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I also was left wanting some answers to those same questions. I wanted to hear SJ say to JS “I love you.” I wanted him to have the same type of conversation with her that he had with his buddy. I just wanted to reach into the TV and shake him!


Oh well, as I said earlier It ended the only way it could and overall I enjoyed the show. And everyone “ played the cards that were dealt them.” Great cast; great job by all.

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2 hours ago, 2good2btru said:

she was unaware of it until near the very end. I really appreciated all the other stories but had they cut other scenes to include more time with SJ and JS maybe we wouldn't be left in a state of confusion about so many things. Especially scenes of YR crying..ugh

:lol: Now I can laugh but it was puzzling why we were getting so much of her while watching the last 3 episodes. Some people think it's a good idea to delve into a mistress' thoughts and feelings. If they want to make it into a Chekov play, then it's fine with me, but the neither here no there is annoying. If there is a part 2, I can safely say, I shan't be watching. I do agree that it is a mystery why SJ decided to abandon his wife from whom he was  hiding his adulterous night just because YR's mother died and she had no one. Then I thought he loved and cared for her which was very obvious, even to their last activity when he taught her how to drive. But the writer had started to show signs that SJ still loved his wife from 13 onwards, noticing her stomach ache till the fall. But he did not refuse to end it with JS nor break up with YR. What a shallow creep!  Even till the end, he just said I am grateful. I am happy for the split but as I have said before, the writer was really crapping on JS. 

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I finally watched ep 15 and 16, and I have to say:

I'm so disappointed that this whole drama was just about an affair....   :(

So many red herrings, so many wasted opportunities to make this drama into a real mystery and in the end I watched episode after episode of JS being humiliated and YR crying. For a mere affair?!?! Are you kidding me? :angry:

This was more of a melodrama (with some elements of makjang) than  a mystery thriller. I must have read the wrong description of the drama before I started watching it.  lol :D 


Anyway, putting aside my feelings of disappointment. I guess the writer wanted to show a realistic(?) collapse of a marriage. Communication and trust were major issues in the marriage, but I would argue that the biggest reason for this whole mess was that neither JS nor SJ had dealt with their own issues when entering the marriage. You can't fix your problems though another person and/or a relationship - you need to fix them yourself to be able to be in a stable relationship. I think it was good that both parties realized this, and a separation where each person worked on their own problems, communication styles, self-esteem etc. was needed.

I guess the writer wanted the breakup to be final by showing them walking off in separate directions in the end. It was evident, though, that neither person was happy or had forgiven themselves fully yet. I would have loved for the writer to include a little hope of reconciliation in the future, as I think there was still love between the couple left.


Anyway, if they ever make a season 2, I really hope they don't include YuRi. She cried way too much in this drama. At some point, I thought I would go back and count the number of scenes she cried in, but I couldn't stand to watch any more of her crying... :D


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone who contributed to this thread. See you around. :)

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Finally I finished watching Ep 16 too !

For a Kdrama, the ending is complete and covered most of the loose threads. No big surprises too. I agree with some earlier comments the only not-so-logical part is SJ's feelings for YuRi...he so wanted to be with her around that few episodes where her mother died. But later episodes, there doesn't seem much love at all between the two and he accepted readily when YuRi wanted to break up. The whole series, there is not a single intimate scene between these 2, just verbal admittance of the affair.

For me, this drama is about Jung Sung. The final episode had her let go of her hate for her mother and took the initiative to reconcile with her.  She also initiated the divorce with SJ. She wants to take time to be happy by herself before considering another relationship. Ja Nang Ra fleshed out the character really well.

Happy Holidays everyone ! 

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8 hours ago, pixiebelle said:

The whole series, there is not a single intimate scene between these 2, just verbal admittance of the affair.

I think the intimacy was implied by the time they spent together, their visits to her home and hotel rooms, the touches, the hand/arm holding and hugs, the nut allergy slip-up.  They weren't just sitting around together eating nut-free desserts behind Sung Jun's wife's back:lol:


I do think if the actors had some chemistry it might have been a bit more obvious but Lee Sang Yoon and PYJ had , like, negative amounts of chemistry so it was probably even more subtle than even the production team expected:lol: 


I think the production were just being careful and probably trying to protect the actors.  The affair is already very distasteful, Sung Jun and Yu Ri the most hated characters on TV right now and the actors have received a lot of backlash. Imagine if there were scenes of them making out and getting hot and heavy behind Jang Nara's back on top of everything else:vicx: They would probably have to shut down their social media and go into hiding to be honest!

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18 minutes ago, raziela said:

I think the production were just being careful and probably trying to protect the actors. The affair is already very distasteful, Sung Jun and Yu Ri the most hated characters on TV right now and the actors have received a lot of backlash. Imagine if there were scenes of them making out and getting hot and heavy behind Jang Nara's back on top of everything else:vicx: They would probably have to shut down their social media and go into hiding to be honest

How right you are. So sad people can’t separate role from actor. As much as I disliked “that girl”, I really feel for the actress. I don’t want a season 2 because I don’t want to see LSY in another role like this.


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The ending is what I expected since no sane person will stay with a person who lied to them from the get go. I wanted to confession he said to his friend to have been directed at his wife. I wanted the river of tears, regret and remorse he exhibited at the end to have been in front of JS. Him telling her, he wanted her to be happy was sort of a slap in the face and condensing as far as I am concerned. 


I am so glad she dumped him in the end and with no revenge. 

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