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[Drama 2019] V.I.P, 브이아이피


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  1. 1. Was there an affair?

    • No, there was no affair. It was one sided on Yoo Ri's part
    • Yes, there was an ongoing affair.
    • It was a one night stand.
  2. 2. The Conspiracy Theory

    • Yoo Ri is not the real daughter but the VP's mistress.
    • Sung Joon is doing this for his own gain ( to advance his career).
    • The VP hired Yoo Ri to destroy the Sung Joon - Jung Sun.
    • This is a high-end escort service.
    • There really is no conspiracy - just a marriage breaking down.

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11 hours ago, 2good2btru said:

Personally,  I think the writer did struggle with this because when there was a response from SJ the excuses were often contradictory and/or didn't make sense.  For example,  he tells JS,  I didn't want to tell you the truth about my family because I didn't want you to know we hurt someone else. But yet he thought it was ok to hurt his wife  instead by cheating on her?!!!

He also says that he couldn't tell her because she would try to defend him and he couldn't do that knowing what she went through with her mother.  Not to sound repetitive but so again that answer doesn't make any sense because he does exactly what her mother did! Also he never tells her I love you in their present time or uses that as a reason as to why he wanted to initially work things out.  Again, we are left to assuming he does based on his actions and you know what they say about assuming.  It makes an A of me and you.:)

All of this! I was actually laughing at his bullcrap excuses which made no sense. I couldn't figure out if it was poor writing or just the writer showing the kind of nonsensical rationalisations liars and cheats make to themselves to justify their lying and cheating. He doesn't show any true regret or remorse for what he did to her or show any real evidence of loving her.


7 hours ago, smhelen said:

The ending is what I expected since no sane person will stay with a person who lied to them from the get go. I wanted to confession he said to his friend to have been directed at his wife. I wanted the river of tears, regret and remorse he exhibited at the end to have been in front of JS. Him telling her, he wanted her to be happy was sort of a slap in the face and condensing as far as I am concerned. 


I am so glad she dumped him in the end and with no revenge. 

All of this too!  How come his mother has the shame to get on her knees and beg for forgiveness for her son's behaviour but he does nothing? Just his blank face, milquetoast words and bland should have-would have-could have comments about the mess he made after 10 years together.  So condescending and insensitive. Not once in this drama did I ever believe he was truly remorseful about his actions or wanted to make an effort to save his marriage. He was lying to her from the start and would have kept going with the lies on lies on lies if he wasn't exposed.  Even after he was exposed he was STILL lying! I believed his tears at the end, but even those tears seemed to be more for what he had lost (just as his mother predicted!) rather than for what he did and what he put his wife through.



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Finally I've done watching both EP 15 and 16. Been out of town the last few days with limited internet and I have been avoiding spoiler.


I cannot believe myself that I am actually glad that Jung Sun dropped her revenge plan and ask for a divorce instead. I was all about revenge before this but going down the revenge route is just so mentally and physically taxing (learnt it enough from Secret Boutique). She respect herself enough, realizing that revenge will hurt herself more than anything. Rather than revenge, she seeks healing by reconnecting with her mother and spend more time with her team members and friends and accepted that things just happened and nothing can erase it. She held herself well not to get involve with any political play and left unscathed, rightfully able to keep her position in the company and her team members. She is not regretting all her time spent with SJ and just keep moving on, leaving all the hurtful memories behind. That is definitely one true winner. :relieved:


SJ got what he deserved. Just like what his mother said, he lost his world by losing JS. I only hope he will get through it and never make the same mistake again. He got the heart only misdirected and made a series of bad choices. I hope he learn enough not to hide or bottling things inside and start expressing himself more.


For YR, I felt nothing for her, not even a shred of sympathy. She was a pivotal character but we got too much of her scenes it felt so redundant. It was expected that she will go overseas eventually but I am disappointed that she does not have the decency to apologize to JS for all the thing she did. Until the end, I can only see her character as selfish and she never truly care about everyone else, not even SJ. Breaking up a non-existent relationship is just funny. She deserve the loneliness she has been feeling all this while. :expressionless:


MN-BH and HA-JH overcame their problems together and starting their new beginning. I am glad that at least they got the happy ending in this drama because they deserve it. :love:


VIP really is an emotional rollercoaster with bittersweet ending. All in all, I am satisfied with how things turn out in the last episode with enough closure given to each character. :relieved:


Lastly, thank you to all soompiers who have been contributing thoughts, predictions, insights, funny gifs, rantings and basically just everything here. It is fun to follow this thread throughout this journey. Hopefully we will meet again in other drama thread if I ever decided to stop lurking. Trying to articulate my thoughts into sentences is just too mentally taxing but it was fun while it last. At least I got to practice my English:blush:


Happy holidays and early Happy New Year everyone. :innocent:




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Because I'm glutton for punishment,  I am rewatching the scene on epi 16 where they are having their last conversation at the dining table.  And as much as he is addressing all the things that he did wrong; not telling her about the truth about his family and that he should of talked to her about the things the VP was asking of him,  he doesn't talk about the affair or how he treated her afterwards. Yes,  they were things he should have definitely given her the opportunity to try and understand but what about the huge elephant in the room that was the biggest catalyst that tore their marriage asunder? What about the fact that he broke his marriage vows and ran into the arms of another woman.  What about the fact that after he got caught and instead of making it up to her like he promised, he ended up abandoning her physically and emotionally then to further degrade her he starts to openly pursue his mistress,  giving her all the attention, comfort,  and support he should've been giving to his wife!


Even at the end of their conversation,  we see JS more emotional and transparent than him?!!! Like she's the one losing out? Ugh no!


Then the man has the audacity to tell her to be well and means it? Had he really meant that,  he wouldn't have hurt her so badly over and over again. No one forced him to,  he did all that on his own,  choosing and prioritizing work and his mistress feelings and well being before his own wife's.  He was the one inflicting her pain.  Not once did he say sorry during the conversation. 


At the end  of their conversation to show just how remorseful he was, he should have been down on his knees saying how sorry he was for hurting her so badly and betraying her trust,  that she deserves better than him,  and that he lost the one thing in this world that he will always love the most!


Now I can start to see where some Soompiers say that the writer has loved on YR's character while constantly putting JS at a disadvantage and constantly kicking her down.  She doesn't even get to witness the few times SJ has broken down or had an honest sad reaction about the dissolution of their marriage. He only tears up when she leaves the room,  and only cries when he is alone. On the other hand she is there before him transparent,  her heart on her sleeve, and bleeding with hurt in front of him.  Even at the funeral during their walk she was getting teary eyed,  looking at him in a way that says I loved you once and maybe still do but I'll be fine.  While he's still looking at her cool and calm thanking her for everything... umm duh! Even though she is on the road to recovery,  I still feel like the writer/PD could of switched their reactions and emotions, SJ should be the one more emotionally affected while she shouldve had the look of ease as though she'd forgotten everything between them,  now that would of lessened the sting of all the unanswered questions and progression that didn't happen at the end of the series. 

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What a great series that ended up exploding the patriarchy and subtly defining a woman's role in it.  Let's begin with the mother's confession and plea to alert JS's heart that she knows her son saw her as his whole world. She knows JS needs to hear it but then also blames herself for the extension of her moral failure that now binds her son...the sins of adultery is never ending unless you change course. 


The mom knowing the pains her son will experience in losing the love of his life; yet, SJ does not. Perhaps his professional life shielded him from confronting his initial pain (child's death) but he sought his role as cheating husband and blindly accepted its fate.  This is why we hear over and over he doesn't know what he's done. He hasn't experienced the emptiness. 


In contrast YR is well aware and becoming more obsessed because she feels the emptiness and the depth of her selfishness leaving her utterly devastated...she has no home.  What makes this series effective is the display of intensity felt through the unknown (who is the other woman, did he ever love me) and once it's exposed there is a silence that is deafening to the chaos. 


This is why it's important to note the distinct differences of their paths....JS can conclude and forgive admiring her happy times with the man that she loved.  While SJ can only remember what he's now broken.  There is also the truth that fragile people can destroy it all by simply dismissing the needs of their partners and not sharing their own pain, failures.  Once SJ is aware of what he's done...we know he's empty and alone.  He dismissively hurt his own world to seek the thrill that was never about love. 

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34 minutes ago, DL Wetherill said:

If you love Lee Sang Yoon like I do....if you haven’t watched About Time it looks really good. I just started to watch it. You will see why those of us who love Lee Sang Yoon do. 

tvN drama 2018 ‘About Time’ is lovely 

drama haha & happy ending for ML & FL



biscuit kiss...

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Lee Sang Yoon Shares Opinion On Ending Of “VIP,” Talks About Juggling The Drama And “Master In The House”

Lee Sang Yoon Shares Opinion On Ending Of “VIP,” Talks About Juggling The Drama And “Master In The House”

Dec 26, 2019
by R. Jun

Lee Sang Yoon, who starred alongside Jang Narain the recently-concluded SBS drama “VIP,” sat down with MyDaily for an interview.

On playing his character Park Sung Joon, he said, “It was difficult to portray emotions with a character who bottles everything up.”

When asked about how it was working with Jang Nara and Pyo Ye Jin, Lee Sang Yoon said, “Jang Nara and Pyo Ye Jin are both excellent at acting, so it was really comfortable. Jang Nara is excellent at acting herself, but she’s also great at adapting to the other actors, so it was easy. And while Pyo Ye Jin doesn’t have as much experience as Jang Nara, she was still able to portray deep emotion, so I was really impressed. I got a lot of help from both of them.”

In the beginning of Lee Sang Yoon’s career, he gained the image of “the perfect boy next door,” having graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in physics. On whether he was concerned that playing someone who cheats on his wife would affect that image, he said, “I wasn’t worried. I think it actually helped. Before Park Sung Joon’s secrets were revealed, I think a lot of people thought, ‘Lee Sang Yoon is the actor, so it won’t turn out to be adultery.’ In the end, the nice image I have threw people off, and the character was disliked even more.”


Lee Sang Yoon is a fixed cast member of the SBS variety show “Master in the House,” and the actor revealed that it was difficult going back and forth between “VIP” and the variety show.

“When filming [‘About Time‘] last year, going to do ‘Master in the House’ after four to five days of straight filming felt like a refresh and a good rest. But with ‘VIP,’ there was a new standard labor contract. For five months, we never [went over the max work hours] and would have days of rest. So whenever I went to film ‘Master in the House,’ it felt different than last year. It felt like I was filming two different projects at once.”

Talking about the ending of “VIP,” Lee Sang Yoon said, “I like the ending. The actors talked about it, and we think the theme of ‘VIP’ is growth. In Sung Joon’s case, when he looks back after losing everything, he realizes what was truly important and regrets [his actions].”



@DL Wetherill sharing is caring, I have been to LeeSangYun fan meeting for 5th time , from what I can see, he is humble, down to earth & respectful.

He has been improving & may not be his best yet LOL

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15 hours ago, maribella said:

I am glad for my fellow chatters who do not like the ending. The break up is welcome, I was rooting for that from the moment he rejected her for YR. But this writer has been crapping on JS from the word go. Her mother two-timed her father and she grew up motherless, she married a man of her dreams and dreaming it would last but she had a miscarriage, two-timed by her husband, found out about it and forgave him but he crapped on her - again and again, be the object of pity when it became known on TV, got pushed off and almost broke her neck... is there anything else that I forgot? All she got was being able to grow and find her true self while taking the high road. Give me a break. People grow in spirit, mental and physical without being kicked in the teeth.

Kudos! I'm all for being a lady, composed, strong, etc., but if every woman was like that we wouldn't have come as far as we have today. A strong woman knows when to fight and when to walk away. What SJ did to JS was abuse, not physical but emotional, and he deserves more than "I wish you well" from his victim. Regret? I didn't see any. Punishment? I saw none. Everyone was able to get away unscathed. Thankfully, JS was able to escape in one piece, but that "one piece" was broken inside, insecure about love & trust, for if you can't trust your supposed better half, who's left?


Yes, it was a drama, but...think about those gullible viewers who watched it. What thoughts are running through their minds? That adultery is OK as long as it remains secret? That the mistress who's taken away your companion and father in a lot of cases, is to be pitied and understood? That we should consider how she feels? No, I'm sorry. I guess I'm not a lady, being from the back of the backwoods. There's no way I will let another woman take away my happiness w/out giving tit-for-tat or more. I'm the only one who can kick him to the curb, which I would definitely do, but I will definitely make the "other woman" wish she'd picked an easier target.


And Merry Christmas from me to you & yours. :)

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1 hour ago, DL Wetherill said:

If you love Lee Sang Yoon like I do....if you haven’t watched About Time it looks really good. I just started to watch it. You will see why those of us who love Lee Sang Yoon do. 

I be seen this show and really enjoyed it.

43 minutes ago, sin hoonsim said:


@DL Wetherill sharing is caring, I have been to LeeSangYun fan meeting for 5th time , from what I can see, he is humble, down to earth & respectful.

Thanks for the article. Where are these fan meets? Ever in the US?

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@Takingthehighroad I am with you. A woman scorned is not just an idiom in real life. This show kept me glued to my monitor, so it is good in the sense of drama ratings but I would not watch it again, like Winter Sonata, Dae Jang Geum, even Damo which broke my heart.


I find it unhealthy to feel that the writer or director or both are putting a human face to two people who cheated and backstabbed while the wife is expected to react on a higher plane.

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Maybe if they didn't call the show VIP, certain people would not be upset with the outcome. I think that is where the show went wrong by adding too many irons to the fire and then letting the ending be a dud. The problem with the show is that it dwelled too much on the affair while still not fleshing things out. That is why I said if they were to continue another two seasons then the point of the show would not be moot because there is a lot of fertile ground to keep this drama going for a minute. If this is the end, the writer should have stuck with one central theme and not name the show VIP. Because she named the show VIP, and it's centered mostly on a broken marriage were either party didn't really know each other, or they did know each other and she came up with this BS as a way to justify Yuri, the show failed.


I can appreciate all the acting in the drama that was good, but the show turned out to be a dud much like The Empress. This show didn't do much to truly flush out the VIP world. It's focused too much on Yuri... Yes, side chicks have feelings and maybe an affair does NOT make you completely the scum of the Earth, but it made light of a show that could have been a great hit had they focused on a general consensus theme and not a marriage. This writer was so focused on girl power that her feminism came over too thick. Even the sister that became the CEO was a shady piece of trash, but because she was a female, her trash was glorified. I have the view that both the CEO and VP was trash. However, the VP was a piece of trash that have been exposed for most of the show, the sister is a piece of trash that you see at the end. She was trying out way too many themes and it failed. People Are People whether they are rich, poor, or middle class, male or female, black, yellow, brown, or Caucasian; she made the show about the war on men in Korea. The writer sees the villains of the show are men, unless they are taking paternity leave to raise children. This show was about attacking gender roles and turning it on its head. It is almost as if the writer is saying that men aren't Shish unless they can form to her idea of what men should be. Think about it, she was hell-bent on making Yuri  pathetic as possible and to highlight that it was the men in her life that gave her misery, not her own actions. I am not saying that they're not some things that need some updating concerning men, but I also believe there's some things that need to be updated concerning women. All things being equal, both men and women can be very trashy people at any given time.


This is just my opinion of the show given the themes that the writer tried to integrate.

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