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  1. Although it's hard to accept I'm trying to come to terms on how this series will end and like many have said, I'm not sure it can all be wrapped up in one episode to allow all the characters closure with their own happy ending. It's hard to predict what will happen but if there was ever a statement that was a prediction, that made my heart fall to the floor, was when YR's mom told MJ... "Your biggest fear will never come true. I know my daughter best and she will never do it." And with that statement, dashed any little bit of hope I had left for my own personal wish of a "happy ending" and am trying to prepare myself for YR's departure At least I got to see a glimpse of what my version of a happy ending would've been. And oh boy was it beautiful! Regardless of how this ends, kudos to this show for being beautiful with an amazing cast and portrayal of love in all its different dimensions, depths, and complexities. Hi bye mama fans, staff, cast, writers, and director fighting!
  2. If the intent of the ending is to have YR die but give closure for everyone, wouldn't it be opposite for GH cause this time he could really change YR's fate? If she dies and he had the power to actually change that and she died because he didn't give her place back as his wife, wouldn't he really blame himself even more than the first time she died? He really couldn't do anything the first time she died but now he actually can. Knowing his character that could really drive him over with guilt.
  3. I am going to apologize ahead of time but here i go ranting again after watching episode 13... lol It's great that this story doesn't really have any villains, everyone is so nice maybe sometimes a little too nice! For everybody that is supposed to be on Yuri' side because it is her family or friends, it's boggling that they have no expectation to what Yuri should be entitled to. I understand that MJ stepped up to be the mom while she was not around. Not trying to take that away from her. However it was never Yuri's choice not to be there. She died so it wasn't exactly her choice not to raise her daughter. She now is alive and has the opportunity to be a mother something that was taken away from her. I understand that her daughter now thinks MJ is her mother but that shouldn't take away from the fact that Yuri is her real mother and should be able to be that for her. She shouldn't have to die just so that everybody can live comfortably in their original life before she came back. More than anyone she deserves some time with her daughter and some happiness. She's so busy worrying about everyone and their happiness but never thinks of her own. She put in the sacrifice before and after she died and is so understanding of how they had to move on without her. She chose not to go up just so she can watch her daughter grow up even if it meant watching from a distance and not to be able to be physically there. I am not saying that Yuri should take SW away from MJ but she has as much if not more right to be her mother. Yes, it may be confusing and it may create chaos in the beginning but isn't the end result worth it? Who wouldn't give anything at another shot at life if it was taken from us. Maybe I am a little selfish for thinking this but why should have to die just so everyone can be back to where they were but she's owed something too. Why is she the one that always has to make a sacrifice? Everyone may have dealt with grief but she's the one who experienced the most loss. She didn't choose to die or be brought back to life. Is it selfish for her to want to be a mother? Wouldn't SW benefit so much from reuniting with the mother that was ripped away from her before she was born? It's not as though we don't have these kind of relationships work out right now where the mom, stepmom, and dad raise a child together. It's not uncommon, typical arrangement when mom and dad are no longer together. Also these scenes where YR and/or KW are together and one is crying out or in distraught kill me! Why can't they comfort each other? It's not cheating to reach out and comfort someone you care about or love. It's natural for one empathetic human to another to want to reach out and give comfort to someone who is in anguish. It's more awkward and a testimony to feelings involved when you cant reach out and comfort someone that you care about because it might come off as though it's more than just comforting.
  4. Oooh this series is going to either make me so happy or leave me cynical!! Lol I like many, am a silent viewer. I've only joined one other forum (VIP) and we all know how that went . Sooo here's my two cents, and please forgive my rantings because I'm afraid like many, there isn't a happy ending, at least not in the sense like those in a fairytale. I envy those that can reconcile with the fact that this series will most likely end with a sad ending where YR goes up again because such is real life, harsh and logical. For me, I find this logic sometimes very difficult and hard to accept. First of all, if we're talking logical, wouldn't it be more logical if she stayed alive at the end? After all, this is a series is based on an altervative reality where the living coexist with the non- living and where you can come back to life. Second, if I wanted harsh reality that'd be easy to find, all I'd have to do is turn off the t.v. I'm not saying that dramas shouldn't have them. Often it is essential so that the happy ending is so much sweeter because of all the trials and hardship before then. But it seems this series like many in the last year is going to follow the common trend, to end on a sad note when it didn't have to just because it was a logical and a realistic ending?!! But isn't a big reason for many who watch drama, to escape from that reality?? Cause I know I do. Growing up I hardly watched tv, now as a mother and in light of things that are going on, kdrama is an escape from that harsh reality, even if for just an hour and sometimes a nice reminder that life is good, that you can hope for the best, and love often conquers all. Sorry I digress, but this series has been so beautiful with superb acting and amazing characters that continue to show different depths as more of history and flashbacks are shared but can't fully enjoy and immerse because at the back of my mind, Im going to be very disappointed and devastated by the ending. As I watch every episode and especially the latest (episode 12) I am convinced, that like too many series in 2019, the ending will not live up to the journey and break so many of our hearts!!!
  5. @KDramaLogic great ideas and feedback for the writer on post 1 and 2! Like I said before the Soompiers on this thread have great imagination, read on characters, and great possible storylines. The writer could've really benefited from the input from this forum. Hehe On a side note, I had my money on YR being the mistress from the get go. The way they set up SJ's character, my first thought was, I bet you the mistress is someone "innocent" like and has the "damsel in distress" syndrome. I also watched "I had a lover" and many other cheater/affair dramas and unfortunately, there is a mistress "type", especially when the cheater is originally portrayed, prior to the affair, as a stand up guy and not a degenerate. When they confirmed YR as the mistress, I called my cousin to tell her, ugh of course I'm right. Why couldn't this have been one of the times I was dead wrong! Lol Edit: Just read the LSY article, sooo sad. Like everyone here, I never got confused between character and actor. Like many, I was frustrated with the writer's obstinate stance on keeping SJ mute in conversations with JS where we really wanted to hear a response or his point of view. On the other hand, I really liked reading LSY's take on what SJ should have said or done. I know kdrama almost never has a season 2 and not that any of our hearts could take another season of VIP but feeling so bad for LSY, thinking maybe they should do a season 2 to help LSY redeem himself for those viewers who are hating on him. Btw everyone, I finally found the emojis! Embarrassing on how long it took to the find them. Lol
  6. Because I'm glutton for punishment, I am rewatching the scene on epi 16 where they are having their last conversation at the dining table. And as much as he is addressing all the things that he did wrong; not telling her about the truth about his family and that he should of talked to her about the things the VP was asking of him, he doesn't talk about the affair or how he treated her afterwards. Yes, they were things he should have definitely given her the opportunity to try and understand but what about the huge elephant in the room that was the biggest catalyst that tore their marriage asunder? What about the fact that he broke his marriage vows and ran into the arms of another woman. What about the fact that after he got caught and instead of making it up to her like he promised, he ended up abandoning her physically and emotionally then to further degrade her he starts to openly pursue his mistress, giving her all the attention, comfort, and support he should've been giving to his wife! Even at the end of their conversation, we see JS more emotional and transparent than him?!!! Like she's the one losing out? Ugh no! Then the man has the audacity to tell her to be well and means it? Had he really meant that, he wouldn't have hurt her so badly over and over again. No one forced him to, he did all that on his own, choosing and prioritizing work and his mistress feelings and well being before his own wife's. He was the one inflicting her pain. Not once did he say sorry during the conversation. At the end of their conversation to show just how remorseful he was, he should have been down on his knees saying how sorry he was for hurting her so badly and betraying her trust, that she deserves better than him, and that he lost the one thing in this world that he will always love the most! Now I can start to see where some Soompiers say that the writer has loved on YR's character while constantly putting JS at a disadvantage and constantly kicking her down. She doesn't even get to witness the few times SJ has broken down or had an honest sad reaction about the dissolution of their marriage. He only tears up when she leaves the room, and only cries when he is alone. On the other hand she is there before him transparent, her heart on her sleeve, and bleeding with hurt in front of him. Even at the funeral during their walk she was getting teary eyed, looking at him in a way that says I loved you once and maybe still do but I'll be fine. While he's still looking at her cool and calm thanking her for everything... umm duh! Even though she is on the road to recovery, I still feel like the writer/PD could of switched their reactions and emotions, SJ should be the one more emotionally affected while she shouldve had the look of ease as though she'd forgotten everything between them, now that would of lessened the sting of all the unanswered questions and progression that didn't happen at the end of the series.
  7. @maribella I have the exact same sentiments and questions! Like someone else commented, call me old fashioned but I prefer to hear things said out loud rather than insinuated. He was never really verbal with JS from beginning to the end of the series. You can't determine what a person is thinking by their facial expressions and body language alone which is why I struggled with the writers vision of having SJ so unresponsive or maybe uncommunicative, is a better word to describe him during his conversations with JS. She has asked so many questions that I too was dying to hear his responses to but his usual responses was either saying I'm sorry or say nothing at all. At times it's great to have viewers draw their own conclusion on how the other person felt or thought but usually it's clarified later with a scene to confirm whether or not what you thought was right. The writer often left the most crucial conversations between SJ and JS up to our imaginations which got very frustrating after awhile. I'm not sure what the writer's intent was or if just he/she/they couldn't come up with a good enough response for SJ so no response was given. Personally, I think the writer did struggle with this because when there was a response from SJ the excuses were often contradictory and/or didn't make sense. For example, he tells JS, I didn't want to tell you the truth about my family because I didn't want you to know we hurt someone else. But yet he thought it was ok to hurt his wife instead by cheating on her?!!! He also says that he couldn't tell her because she would try to defend him and he couldn't do that knowing what she went through with her mother. Not to sound repetitive but so again that answer doesn't make any sense because he does exactly what her mother did! Also he never tells her I love you in their present time or uses that as a reason as to why he wanted to initially work things out. Again, we are left to assuming he does based on his actions and you know what they say about assuming. It makes an A of me and you.:) In the end, I was ok with them going their separate ways because there wasn't material that would have justified them getting back together. But there was way too many questions left unanswered so it didn't feel like a natural flow/progression. This was in part the drastic character change from SJ who initially wanted to keep the affair a secret as to not hurt his wife, to trying to making his marriage work to then jumping ship two seconds later, and decides to go back to mistress who couldn't hold a candle against his wife and outright just publicly humiliate and hurt JS, the person that meant the world to him. I couldn't understand how he ended up being that way to JS after she found out about the affair. That could be the result of, my biggest gripe with this series which was, there wasn't enough scenes/ time between ML and FL. I often felt like their story became a backstory which doesn't make sense since the show was about how his affair unraveled their marriage. It wasn't really even the dirty deeds he was doing for the VP since she was unaware of it until near the very end. I really appreciated all the other stories but had they cut other scenes to include more time with SJ and JS maybe we wouldn't be left in a state of confusion about so many things. Especially scenes of YR crying..ugh Anyways, it's late so I apologize for the lengthiness of the post and some incoherency, it's 3:00 am on Christmas day. On that note, Merry Christmas to all of you! I thank you for the camraderie, support, and free "therapy sessions". I don't think I could've survived this series without y'all!!
  8. Reaction to reading the recap of 16 and reactions of those that watched it? I think two words would best describe that for me and it is, deflated and disillusioned. I think my expectations of how the drama unfolded and what really happened just clashed. I think so many viewers had better read on the characters and way better possible endings! All the hype, intensity, and angst after the mistress reveal just started to crumble as though the writer/PD ran out of substantial material. I feel like they based so much of the series off the mystery of "who is the mistress" that they were not as prepared on how to match the tone for the aftermath. It didn't have to be as intense but handled right they could've had hands down the #1 drama of 2019! Not to take away from the acting, which was superb but as many kdramas do they can lose steam on the second half of the series after delivering the climactic and "heart" of the drama. I really wish the last four episodes weren't so full of SJ and YR interactions/ scenes. It really didn't develop the storyline other than compound facts of what we already knew,..yes he had an affair. Yes he left his wife and continued the affair with the mistress and continues to be more affectionate and considerate to her than he has been to JS since she found out about the affair. But one of the biggest problem to that is, like another viewer mentioned, is just didn't fit his personality. At least not with the material they gave us. Instead of showing us all those scenes, some could have been cut to show us instead when he was on the precipice. What he was thinking to himself that justified why he kept crossing the line from right to wrong. Did he think of him and JS relationship as he progressed deeper into the dark side? Yes, he kept his birth origins from her but was he always planning on living a life of continuous lies to the very end? Why did he go back to YR? Why did he continue to hurt and humiliate JS when he initially didn't want her scarred? How does he feel about her right now? I felt like even to the end, the writer/PD never allowed him to be honest with JS. After their 10 years together and all that transpired after her finding out the he had an affair, there is still not much explanation from SJ and not enough showing of his remorse to her. Like a live comment was made, at one point he should've been on his knees asking for forgiveness instead of his mother. Again, even to the end, all we get are a couple sentences from him that aren't very revealing and a tone that is not as emotionally charged as one would expect given that he is about to permanently separate from a wife that he so loved at one point. We see more angst on his face and intensity in his eyes with his conversation with YR which is again, an injustice to JS and the relationship they once shared. Ok, we get it. It's better for them to separate but couldn't they have allowed him to fully unmask himself to JS at the end. To give her better closure by seeing the real him, with wounds, and true regret seeping from his very soul/ being? I'm sure I'll have much more to say after actually watching the final episode but still again, I'm left wanting. I may be saying it too early since I haven't actually watched the final episode but @MrsSoJiSub @TXviewer @Maureen Mckay @NAB is now the time to bring out the pitchforks and torches? Lol
  9. Based on epi 15 recap and other comments, it seems the twist is related to other characters and not the FL or ML? Omg, my heart is pounding and my brain is in shock and denial that this series really was just about an affair with a side story of work politics. The red herrings, misdirecrion, and mystery was all about revealing who the mistress was??!! That can't be the climax to this story. Please tell me it's not so!!! With only one episode left, it just doesn't seem that we'll get many answers to our overwhelming list of questions and satisfying closure.... I'm so sad and in desperate need of a tub of ice cream right about now..lol Is VIP based on a novel? I would love to read his thoughts as he makes his decisions, to have an insight as to why and what could have possibly triggered someone who looked so upstanding to have made such a 180, and to hear the thoughts that run thru his head whenever he sees JS. If anything at least give us a moment of stark visualization of SJ in utter breakdown and misery as it fully sinks in how much and what he lost. And to finally admit out loud, that even if he's not worthy that he is still so in love with JS.
  10. Oh my fellow Soompiers, we are so close to the end and it is soo bittersweet. I am happy that this emotional roller is coming to an end because my heart can't take anymore of this angst and realized I may need to take anger management classes after how worked up I've gotten everytime JS is put in a hurtful or humiliating circumstance. Lol But at the same time I'm sad that this drama is ending because I'm left wanting. There's so many things I wanted to see, journeys that seem incomplete, and too many holes in the storyline, so Im here at 11 o'clock at night trying to prepare myself because regardless of the outcome/ ending that I'm going to either be disappointed or unbelievably pissed off! I just feel as though JS hasn't been given enough time to rise from the pit that SJ and circumstances put her in. We've seen 14 episodes of non-stop hurt, humiliation, and emotional beatdown to our heroine JS. And even though she has started to come up swinging since episode 10, these scenes are few and far between compared to scenes that we see between SJ and YR that just make you want to barf, and scenes that are emotionally charged/ painful and so much so that it has even taken its toll on me as as a viewer. I would have loved to see steady progression of redemption by SJ and JS winning and her journey back to happiness. Two episodes isn't enough to show us that..*big sad sigh* Even if the writer wasn't planning to have SJ redeem himself then we really should've been given more time to see how time and what journey JS had to go through to achieve the happiness that she sooo deserves with or without SJ. Even if this wasn't meant to be the typical kdrama, I wish there would've been more romantic scenes between SJ and JS, the few flashback scenes showed such great potential chemistry between them two. I'd love to see them in a series about actually falling in love. I'd ship them in a heartbeat as long as there was no cheating involved. Lol
  11. Ok so I'm going to sound really naive but here I go..lol I recall someone here posted that Gong Yoo was going to make a cameo in VIP, was that wishful thinking or truth?:)
  12. @liltash85 I can normally separate character from real life person playing the part but I was thinking the exact same thing! Lol I felt like her demeanor was very similar to her character YR. I was like, youre kinda friendly to LSY and a bit handsy. Umm no. Lol I also felt like she was trying too hard to make it look like off camera that she's close to JNR. As though theyre friends off screen and was constantly hanging on to her. She's trying not to get hated on by JNR/JS fans but for me made it feel like she was doing what YR did. She used JS to help her and put on that innocent act. I was like oooh you're too much like YR and not feeling you. Lol
  13. I am rewatching the matchmaker scene, because I love seeing someone being attentive towards JS and it's just icing on the cake that her not so attentive husband is there to witness it. Ha! Lo l One thing that I noticed and not sure the significance or meaning yet but when the matchmaker asked YR what she wanted in a husband and she replied with, someone warm and kind. The matchmaker says, that is something Oh Yoo Ri would want. But what would Ha Yoo Ri want and wouldn't she want something different? She is emphasizing that change in YRs last/ family name. I'm not sure if matchmaker is calling YR out that she's still thinking like her old self and not the VPs daughter, someone wealthy because she's hinting that she knows that she's not really the VPs daughter. Or is the matchmaker telling her to have a different frame of mind for considering her future spouse because she is the VPs daughter and should be thinking of alliances instead.
  14. How many watched "go back couple"? The ML was doing exactly what SJ is doing, managing the mistress(es) for his boss. Same despicable act but for some reason, it feels more despicable and dirty with SJ. Things that make you go hmmm. Lol I hate the character but can't help to root for the man behind him, LSY, so I go back and forth between wishing for a reconciliation and burning him on a stake! This drama's giving me multiple personality syndrome! Rotfl One day I'm a woman craving vengeance, then another day I'm a hopeless romantic wishing for a happily ever after, and other days I'm both!! My damn personalities are "like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're going to get!" Lmao
  15. So as always, I'm late to the party. Hehe I'm finally watching episode 14 and I'm at the scene where SJ is talking to mommy. And I looooove her! She had me bawling like a baby and I love her! Lol I was yelling.. tell him momma.. tell him! If her words didn't have any impact on him he's dead inside. Shoot I even felt sorry for him too, after what she said sunk in. I was like you poor fellow, you royally $%^! yourself. After confronting him about seeing someone else and getting the same answer as JS, head bowed and looking guilty she has a little emotional breakdown, in disbelief that he would do such a thing. Then she calms down and in a resigned tone, lays down some Yoda wisdom and fortelling of what's to come! She tells him, "you don't know what you've done, otherwise you wouldn't have done it. You think this moment of passion is love right now. That even though you know it's fire you jump in anyways. But in that moment, you lost a whole world, because of what you felt at that moment. Right now, you don't know what you've lost. " When she says you lost your world, she's talking about SJ. She said that when he first brought her home, she was relieved. Not only because she was kind and gentle, but she looked like she meant the world to him! I whole heartedly agree with his mama's words. He got caught up in the moment, in the heat of passion, regardless of what he was doing for VP, this was outside of that. He stumbled and wavered from his wife on his own. Their troubles and hardships were too much to bear and YR redirected his thoughts, and also gave him the attention and affection he was not currently getting from his wife. What a cop out and worst mistake he will ever make!!! But whatever he and YR had was just that.. a moment. He will realize this soon enough, and just what he's lost because when it hits him, we will know because, it will bring him to his knees!!!
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